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5 Hunting Gear For Beginners: Essential Items for Every Hunt

Hunting Gear For Beginners

Hunting is an enthralling activity that isn’t just about having the most accurate hunting bow and gun and firing away. You’ll need specific qualifications, preparations, and gear to make it through the trip.

People often overlook the importance of other equipment and only load up on weapons. This can result in a distressing situation that any hunter would prefer to avoid.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced hunter, we listed down 5 essential hunting gear for beginners you should always have with you in every hunt.

Keep in mind that we’re not including any weapons and knives that you use for the actual hunting. This list is all about the on-the-side equipment you’ll need to help you survive in a hunting environment.

Pre-Hunting Requirements

In many countries and states, hunting requires a special permit. You might have to undertake a hunting safety course. Furthermore, a hunting license might have to be required to indulge in this activity.

Apart from legal documentation, you also might need the landowner’s permission to engage in hunting activities in the area.

Make sure to conduct diligent research regarding rules, regulations, and protocols of hunting in the area you’re planning to visit. This will save you a lot of trouble and ease up the experience.

The Gear Checklist

#1 A Bag

Rockland Duffel Hunting Bag

At the top of this list would have to be a bag, specifically, a hunting bag made of strong fabric. These types of bags will help conceal any scent from items inside the bag. This is perfect for hunting to avoid giving your position away to wild animals.

A bag is also essential to store various tools, food, and of course, your weapons and ammo too. You have to invest in a durable, spacious, and large bag that can accommodate all of these items.

Many hunters prefer bringing a bag that’s suitable for a day’s worth of hunting, but if you’re going to have hunting trips that will take more than one day, a multi-day backpack is necessary.

A general rule of thumb is to take a multi-day backpack with you anyway, even if your hunt will only be for a day. This is to ensure that you’ll be as prepared as possible and have all the survival gear you’ll need in case of emergencies.

#2 GPS Device

Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS Device

When hunting in unfamiliar terrains, it’s not surprising to end up getting lost eventually. GPS devices are an indispensable requirement in the modern world.

These devices connect straight to satellites and provide you with clear routes and directions. You’ll know where you are at all times, which is perfect for your hunting trips.

A mobile phone won’t always be reliable compared to GPS devices because they may require internet connectivity or a good signal. A GPS will function correctly in most instances because it catches a satellite’s signal and will bring you real-time updates on a map.

It can help you explore the region better, help you plan a round trip properly, and help you find your way back if ever you get lost. You can’t overlook the importance of a GPS, regardless of where you are.

If you can’t get a GPS, then a compass can be a great alternative. Just make sure you know how to use one too.

#3 Protective Layers

Man in a hunting suit shooting a bow

Your clothes are vital if you want to have a safe hunting trip — especially when going into the wild full of various types of plants and trees. There will be different bugs, insects, and animals you’ll encounter.

Thus, it would be best to have durable clothing made of high-quality material. There are hunting clothes available like HECS Hunting Suits that offer decent breathability and comfort while also protecting you from any hazards.

Additionally, you will require a similar layer for your camping tent if you plan to camp out in the wild. These clothes can help you survive sudden cuts, scrapes, or bites from different creatures.

A pro-tip to get the most comfort as possible is to get clothes that are region-specific.

Generally, you’ll be needing a jacket, overalls, gloves, socks, and a hat. Additional rain gear would be ideal in a rain-prone area.

#4 A Survival Kit

KOSIN Survival Gear Survival Kit

A survival kit is paramount if you want to have a safe hunting trip. This kit usually comprises a hunting knife and other forms of essential tools you’ll need in the wild. Toiletries should be an integral part of maintaining hygiene.

A basic first aid kit should also be a part of this survival kit. Band-aids, ointments, and a water purification system are also essential, especially if you plan on going for a multiple-day hunting trip.

Bug repellent and sunscreen are other essentials you can consider adding to your survival kit.

#5 Equipment Gear

Black rifle scope

Your equipment gear comprises essential parts that go hand-in-hand with your weapon. Primarily, it would have different types of scopes and sights. However, you can also add binoculars or night vision goggles to the list.

Additionally, if you can invest further, a hunting camera or surveillance unit would be great for you to have in the wild.


As mentioned above, we didn’t include weapons, food, and water as part of the essential gear because those are self-explanatory.

As a bonus for your water bottle, though, you can take a look at our guide on how to make a water bottle silencer in case the situation calls for it.

These five gears are something people often overlook., and the best way to prepare these items is to consider the region and carry region-specific tools with you.

For example, a mountain range would require hiking tools as a part of essential gear, and so on. Besides having weapons and ammo for actual hunting, you should never forget about these five essential hunting gear.



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