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Aimpoint H2 vs. T2: Which Red Dot is Better For You?

1_Aimpoint H2 vs. T2- Which Red Dot is Better For You-

After using both the H2 and T2, I can understand you are trying to figure out their differences and which one is best.

I have a head-to-head comparison and review of both red dot sights where I look at both products and their features.

At the end of this review, I’ll also recommend which one of these Aimpoint products is best for you.

Aimpoint Micro H2 Overview

Aimpoint Micro H2

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In my experience with the Aimpoint Micro H2, I can definitely feel it is catered to hunters.

It’s waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof – being made of a hard anodized aluminum alloy sight housing.

Being made of the high-quality aluminum alloy makes the Aimpoint H2 weigh only 4-6 ounces with the mount included.

The waterproofing makes this durable reflex sight submersible in up to 15 feet of water, meaning it will still work in almost any weather condition.

I’ve crossed rivers and endured rainy weather with this thing, and I was able to use it again the next day!

That same sight housing also covers the windage and elevation turrets to ensure they don’t get accidentally chipped or moved.

The Aimpoint H2 comes with an Aimpoint Micro mount but is slightly low.

If you want to mount it on a rifle, I recommend either a Weaver mount or a Picatinny standard mount.

The Aimpoint Micro H2 has 12 brightness settings to choose from to make the reticle shine brighter or dimmer.

At its lowest setting, the Aimpoint H2 boasts an impressive 500,000 hours of ultra-long battery life, while it has 50,000 hours of battery life on its medium brightness settings.

The Aimpoint Micro H2 has UNLIMITED eye relief and field of view and is parallax free, which is common on micro red dot sights.

With these features, I can keep my shooting eye or both eyes open when aiming at a target point.

One aspect where the Aimpoint Micro H2 falls short is the lack of night vision settings. I will go into detail about this feature when discussing the T2.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rugged - waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof
  • Accurate and holds zero well
  • Long battery life
  • No night vision setting
  • A bit pricey compared to alternatives

Aimpoint Micro T2 Overview

Aimpoint Micro T2

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The Aimpoint Micro T2 is the close relative of the H2.

The two sights share a rugged, high-quality, and lightweight anodized aluminum build.

It’s good enough to withstand recoil from my shotgun, high-powered rifle, or pistol-caliber carbine weapon.

The Aimpoint T2 also has an additional protective layer atop the windage and elevation turrets to prevent accidental adjustments.

The waterproofing on the Aimpoint Micro T2 is much improved!

It boasts an 82 feet waterproofing rating, meaning I can theoretically go scuba diving with it!

The only difference between the Aimpoint T2 vs. H2 regarding brightness is the night vision mode.

The Aimpoint T2 has 8 brightness settings and four settings for night vision.

The inclusion of night vision settings allows me to broaden my shooting experiences, so I’m not just limited to daytime shooting! 

The Aimpoint Micro T2 can therefore be paired with almost ANY night vision scope on the market!

  • Rugged and durable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Night vision modes
  • Night sight compatibility
  • Accurate and holds zero well
  • Long battery life
  • On the pricier side

Aimpoint H2 vs. T2: Performance Breakdown

H2 vs T2

Despite the two being closely similar, there are still some differences worth noting.

I’ll pit both the Aimpoint T2 and H2 against each other in battery longevity, lens clarity, image sharpness, and durability.

Afterward, I’ll give my recommendation on which is the winner between Aimpoint T2 vs. H2.

Battery Life

Battery icon

Both the T2 and H2 have long battery life, with 500,000 hours at the lowest brightness settings and 50,000 at medium brightness settings.

However, the T2 pulls ahead with the ability to use that battery for extended periods in night vision optics compatibility.

Meanwhile, the H2 only has daylight settings.

With both optics, you won’t need to swap the batteries regularly.

Even when using them on medium brightness settings, you’ll probably change them after FIVE years!

You also don’t need to worry about them conking out when on standby because if you set them to the lowest setting, they’ll last for half a million hours.

Both have great battery longevity, but the Aimpoint Micro T2 pulls ahead slightly.

Winner: Aimpoint Micro T2

Lens Clarity

Lens icon

When it comes to having clear lenses on an optic, I’ve NEVER been disappointed in Aimpoint products!

The Micro series has always performed great, allowing anyone to accurately shoot a target.

Both the T2 and H2 Micro red dots have the same multi-layered coatings and flip-up lens covers (both back and front cover).

This coating protects from moisture, fogging, and reflections, which is important for situational awareness and keeping the reticle on the target.

The dot reticle on both is rated at 2 MOA and is clear in all conditions. This category is a draw for both Micro sights.

Winner: Both

Image Quality

Picture icon

The image quality on both Aimpoint Micro sights is impressive!

As I mentioned before, the special anti-reflective coating on both Micro red dots helps with reducing moisture.

Once again, the one area where the T2 pulls ahead is the night vision settings.

It can have 4 NV settings and 8 brightness settings, while the H2 only has 12 daylight settings.

While the H2 has more granular control over how bright the reticle gets during the day, the T2 lets me see clearer at night.

It’s also compatible with any night vision scope available on the market due to its small and short profile.

Even though the Aimpoint H2 vs. T2 red dot sight comparison is close to daylight shooting, the Aimpoint Micro T2 pulls ahead regarding low light.

Winner: Aimpoint Micro T2


Durability icon

Aimpoint Micro series red dots have a reputation for being some of the most rugged and durable optics out there.

Both red dot sights from this micro-series have been used in many shooting applications, like civilian tactical, military, and law enforcement.

The lens coatings and lens covers on both the Aimpoint Micro T2 and H2 allow the sight to last LONG without getting blurry or fogged up.

One difference between the two red dots is the waterproof rating.

The H2 is only rated to 15 feet of waterproofing while the T2 can go up to a whopping 82 feet, making the T2 the winner regarding durability.

For some, I don’t think this rating would mean anything as it’s not like you’re going deep sea diving with these red dots.

But if you accidentally drop them in a shallow river, at least you’ll know they will still work when you get them out!

Winner: Aimpoint Micro T2


Price tag icon


The price difference between these two optics is not huge, but if you are looking to SAVE AS MUCH as possible, consider the H2.

The lack of night vision compatibility makes this red dot more affordable than its upgraded counterpart.

Meanwhile, the fact the T2 is an upgrade altogether means that it is more expensive.

The H2 is already a good option with everything you need for a solid, daytime shooting experience.

Winner: Aimpoint Micro H2

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading my review and comparison between the Aimpoint T2 vs. H2, you might still have additional questions.

I’ve answered the most commonly asked ones below.

What is the Difference Between H2 and T2?

The main difference between the two red dot sights is the night vision setting.

Only the T2 optic offers this, while the H2 optic only has daylight brightness settings.

Another smaller difference is the waterproofing, where the T2 sight has 82 feet of waterproofing while the H2 sight only has 15 feet.

Does Aimpoint T2 Have Night Vision?

Yes, the Aimpoint Micro T2 red dot optic has night vision. It has four settings and is compatible with any night vision optic.

What is the Difference Between Aimpoint T1 and T2?

The first difference between the two dot sights is the reticle. While the T1 optics have a 4 MOA reticle, the T2 optics have a 2 MOA reticle.

Additionally, the T2 optics have extended lens covers over the T1, making taking them on and off easier.

The biggest change between the T1 and T2 is the bluish hue on the T1. The T2 doesn’t have it, and the optical quality is sharper and clearer.

Overall, the T2 is an UPGRADE over the T1.

How Do You Mount the Aimpoint T2 and H2?

Both the T2 and H2 come with a mount. They’re both compatible with Picatinny or Weaver rails.

However, I recommend getting a Picatinny rail mount as it has more compatible accessories.

You can mount these two on any weapon!

However, for a small close-range firearm like a pistol, try getting something even smaller, as the weight becomes more noticeable.

Final Verdict: Which Red Dot Sight is Better?

Two armed solders looking through optics

If it were up to my personal preference, I would pick the T2, simply because it’s better to have night vision and not need it than to need and not have it.

The H2 has a $70-$100 price difference over the T2.

If money and budget aren’t a constraint for you, the T2 is the winner. It has great night vision and better waterproofing for all conditions.

After all, it IS an upgrade from its predecessor, which is why it would be worth the money!

However, if you don’t want to spend as much and won’t use the night vision capabilities, the reticle brightness adjustments on the H2 will work just fine.

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