Best Bipod for AR 15 Review 2019 to Get Deadly Shot

The AR -15 rifle is one of the most popular in the US market and all over the world. With the AR 15, you can use it for plinking, practicing to shoot the target and catching advanced tactical operations. Experience shooters usually use one of the best bipod for their AR – 15 rifles because it will help them stabilize the rifle, dispersing part of the recoil, and boosting their accuracy.

Some of the bipods are the best for AR rifle, while others are suitable for different kind of railing systems. You totally know how a bipod support for shooting in the rifle; however, you are not sure which one is the best. In the article, you will know some best features of selling bipods, their benefits, and their drawbacks to choose the best bipod for AR 15 this 2017.

Best bipods for the AR 15 rifle Review

UTG Tactical OP 7.9”-12.7”13.3-ounce****$
Harris engineering S 6" to 99.8 oz*****$$$
Caldwell XLA Pivot model6 to 1313 ounces****$$
Accushot Atlas4.75 - 9.0"12.7 ounces*****$$$$
Harris engineering6-1315.2 ounces****$$$

1. UTG Tactical OP – Best cheap AR 15 bipod under $100

UTG tactical OP bipod is one of the best bipod for AR 15 rifle, and it also one of the most popular groups in the world. There are two core bipods in this group: UTG Tactical OP Bipod center height 8.3 – 12.7 inches and UTG Shooter”s Swat Bipod 6.2 – 6.7 inches. It comes to 8.0 – 12.4 inches and 5.9 – 7.3 inches. If you want to use a bipod for the AR – 15 that performs well and having an available price, do not forget this group bipod. Shooters said that UTG tactical is a dual mounting capability bipod.

The UTG also is a solid bipod and it is made from heavy duty metals, so it could be a durable bipod for you. You will use it easily, and you also control your AR rifle smoothly to target your points. Furthermore, the UTG Tactical is an accuracy and stability bipods for most of the rifles.

When observing a bipod, you could not ignore their legs, what materials they have, and their structures. With the UTG, the legs are made out of high – quality durable and the platform is made out of stainless steel. The UTG’s platform is constructed to work well in Picatinny mounts and swivel stud. You can fold the arms and the bipod has one spring tension control. It also has one Posi – Lock wheel, and one button to retract the arms quickly. You can extend the arms between 7.9 to 12.7 inches, and raise the center platform to heights from 8.1 to 12.7 inches.

In a first way, you can choose the way of extending and locking the arms in position. You pull the arms, engage the quick – release latch and snap the arms into. You just need to use the quick – release button when you want to move the UTG. Then, the arms will snap back in the old place. In a second way, you twist a knob and the arms will stay in the place. It allows your bipod to create a level platform on the uneven surface. It takes the time to extend the arms, but it is much careful.


  • The UTG is an available bipod for pricing in the market.
  • Rubber endings protect the arms and boost their stability.
  • It is durable thanks to making heavy duty metals.


  • The UTG has inner legs, so you need to be  alittle bit careful to put a lot of weight on them. But with AR 15, you can feel free to take your shot.
  • Some hunters get small difficult with the UTG when attaching in swivel lug and using the arms.

2. Harris engineering S – Best harris bipod for AR15

Another lightweight bipod for the AR 15 rifle is Harris engineering S – BRM 6 – 9 inches. It also is suitable for other rifles for hunters, thanks to the Picatinny rail compatibility mount. The legs extend from six to nine inches, so you can extend the legs to one – inch increments, and getting the target in crosshairs without sacrificing a comfortable shooting position. You also extend the spring for quicker target acquisition.

Moreover, this Harris has swivel abilities to account for uneven terrain. It also the best possible for long range hunting AR’s. It could not be built for extreme abuse or the war, but it is the best bipod for both the AR – 15 and AR -10 when having distance shooting. General speaking, this one is a best ar 15 bipod under $100 budget for you to consider.


  • The Harris is suitable for low shooting to get the target.
  • The Harris also has known as a high – quality bipod.
  • Hunters are able to open and change the AR-15 rifle position so fast, thanks to the arms depend on a spring for retraction and extension.


  • The Harris do not attach a adapter, so you will need an adapter when using your AR – 15 rifles.

3. Caldwell XLA Pivot model – Lightweight bipod for ar15

The Caldwell is one of the best bipods for the AR – 15 as well as the latest models of other rifles. Normally, a rifle requires a sling stud to mount a bipod. In the current generation of one rifle have a simple sling stud and feature a rail option. And with the Caldwell bipod, you attach it to a rail directly. It puts quickly to the weapon. It also provides both pivot and cant. You can change the height of this bipod, and it does not have wobble feature which locks the legs into place. The legs have rubber feet for outstanding grip.

The legs of the Caldwell are notched for easy indexing to a specific height. Sling attachment and multi section legs have a connection to collapse for convenient carry of the firearm. The Caldwell has softer feet to provide enhanced stability and the padded bipod base protects the firearm’s forend.

Hunters agree that the Caldwell XLA provides a stable shooting support which attaches to most of the firearms with a sling swivel stud. The Caldwell bipod clamp to the swivel stud of the firearm and remain in place without swiveling or twisting when shooting. This bipod also designed with a lightweight aluminum that adds minimal weight and moves so fast, this one is truly a best bipod for ar 15.


  • Hunters can put the Caldwell XLA quickly.
  • The Caldwell XLA is a lightweight bipod for most of the rifles.
  • A beginning hunters also use this bipod because it is not difficult.


  • Because this bipod is made a lightweight aluminum, so it may moves that hunters pay attention when putting it into a big rifle, but with the AR – 15 there is no problem with it.

4. Accushot Atlas bipod with ADM 170 – S Lever BT10LW17

This Atlas group bipod has the free moving legs which have five lockable positions from folding all the way back to fold all the way forward. With the Atlas bipod, the freedom of mobility is greater when taking into account the extendable feet. It can move from 4.75 to 9 inches.

The height makes the Atlas bipod ideal in every environment, and every shooter can use it. The Atlas bipod does not have exposed springs or wires which allow the legs change. This is a great choice if you want to traverse through thick forest.

Atlas bipod also produced with high – grade metals and high standards, so it is one of the best shooting bipods around the world. However, it is a little bit expensive bipod for those who do not have strong finance.

Moreover, the Atlas bipod uses a mounting system which changes a Picatinny rail directly by using the provided ADM – 170 S – Lever. It is made from T6061 Aluminum and it has a difficult anodized finish for giving a tough exterior.

The legs of this bipod could be positioned from one to four settings. Therefore, it can straight back, straight down, straight forward, and straight 45 degrees. On the one hand, the legs can be extended between 4.75 to 9 inches. Hence, the Atlas is one of the best bipods for your AR – 15 rifle.


  • The height of Atlas can be reached in every environment.
  • Hunters can change the legs for flexible using in the ground.
  • The Atlas is also lightweight bipod.


  • The Atlas is high price bipod for some hunters, but if you can achive this, you  will see that Atlas deserves every penny you spent.

5. Harris engineering hinged base 9 – 13 inches bipod

This Harris is based on “S” series – it means that this bipod can swivel. It seems to be an ultra – light weight bipod that is lighten quick, and quality manufactured with heat treated steel and hard alloys. Harris is also one of the best bipods for AR – 15 rifle as well as other rifles. They are not expensive, and they are quick detachable. They also clamp to the sling to swivel the stud that has already been installed on rifle stocks.

When you do not have a sling stud, you have some choices. Firstly, you take your rifle to a gunsmith and install them. Secondly, you install the stud by yourself. Finally, you buy a special adapter to increase your bipod gradually. These adapters have different sizes and shapes, so it depends on the rifle you want to boost. The legs of this bipod are spring loaded, so when the release button is depressed, you need to kick out it to get the maximum height. With the height is from 9 to 13 inches, you adjust and extend the legs smoothly. This is a good lightweight bipod for ar15 in this year.


  • This Harris bipod is also a lightweight one (with 14 ounces).
  • Cheap price.


  • Hunters need to use an adapter for rails
  • Someone  prefer using the 6 – 9 inches than this Harris bipod. But with many hunters, this is their lovely gear.

How to choose the best bipod for AR 15

The type of bipods

Choosing main types of bipod will affect how fast you can put the bipod into your file, change the firearm and how well you adjust the bipod and the rifle while hunting. Normally, there are three main kinds of the best bipod for the AR-15 rifle as following.

Spring power arms

this is one of the most popular bipods. Manufactures usually change to springs when they develop their designs. When choosing a spring powered bipod, you open it quickly because most of the bipods have notched arms. You will extend the arms to several heights and lock them into a notched hole.

To do this way, you save the time to set up your gear and change your firearm. It also allows you to fold the bipod quickly. You could use this type of bipod to change the positions when you want to. On the one hand, you could not change the arms smoothly all the time. When you want to open your bipod on an uneven terrain, you do not establish the bipod easily until you find the right spot. The arm needs to be set at certain increments.

Twist knob control:

With this type of bipod, you do not need to use springs for locking the position. When you choose to extend an arm, you take hold of that arm and pull it until you reach the desired length. Then, you lock it in place by changing the knob. You will set the bipod exactly as you want it in any kind of environment and terrain. This is a popular version that every hunter vote this one is the best bipod for AR 15.

If you stand on a rock and one of the arms needs to be shorter by ¾ of one inch, you would make it shorter and turn the knob. The arm will lock into the place. One disappointed thing of using this type is that you will take more time to open it, especially you stand on the uneven ground.

​Spring or twist knob combination:

Hunters agree that this kind of bipod is one of the best combination types in the world. You can use the springs for a faster set up on an even ground or the knobs for a slower, and it could be able to open on an uneven surface. You also use this kind of bipod more than one way to make them smoothly. You will be able to use this type of bipod reliably in more scenarios and increasing its value in the long term.

The height

Every bipod has different models. And different bipod designs will rise your firearm at different heights. It is crucial to know which height of a best bipod for AR 15 before making a purchase. Normally, there are two main heights of bipod in the AR -15 rifles that you can find as following.

6 – 9 inches: This is the lowest height you will see in the market for one AR rifle. With this height, you will increase your accuracy to use when shooting the prone distance. However, when you do not hold a perfect shooting distance when you lock in the lowest position, you will make the bipod useless in 30 – round magazine, and touch the surface.

9 – 13 inches: This is one of the most popular heights for the AR rifles. When you want to shoot from the supported prone position, this height could be your choice. On the one hand, you will get the amazing result when shooting on car hoods, walls, roofs or other support places. You also shoot it from a crouching stance.


Before making a purchase of a bipod for your AR – 15, you need to consider some factors of those bipods as well as your needs and your budget. Then, you discover the reviews of those bipods. Finding the best bipod for AR 15 rifle is not too easy at all the time. There are various bipods that introducing in the market. Therefore, you can get some advice from experienced hunters, your family members, and your friends. After that, you get your own experience in the AR-15 rifle.