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6 Best Custom Knife Makers in the USA: Authentic, Reliable

Best Custom Knife Makers

You are disappointed with the knives because tons of knives are sold in the market but you’re not sure which one is the best. The knife world doesn’t exactly make it easy to find the right knives to pick for your needs. Therefore, it could be time to have custom knives made.

Benchmade, Mora, Emerson, Spyderco, and Buck are some of the most popular brands of custom knifemakers and knife stock. (We personally love Spyderco.)

But are they the best ones out there, and could you take others in your pockets? This guide will break down these points, and you will find your best knifemaker.

Folding Knife
Knife King Baby Blue
Best Handmade
Custom-Made Damascus Blade
Most Popular
MC A030 Spring Assist

6 Best Custom Knife Makers 

1. Custom-Made Damascus Blade



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A glance at the custom made Damascus:

  • The total weight: 15.02 ounces
  • The size of the handle: 5 inches
  • The size of the blade: 4 inches
  • The overall of the product: 9 inches

The custom-made Damascus weapon is very sharp. In fact, it’ll let you cut everything you want to chop (even someone’s beard or hair). Therefore, this product could become one of the best self-defense weapons for most users in an emergency.

With its unique and luxurious model, this is a tremendous addition for collecting art knives for their hobbies. It is also sturdy enough to carry in your pocket on a trip so it’s great if you’re a fan of folding knives.

Nonetheless, the blade does not have the streamline and the opening – assistance to support you open and close quickly. It resembles a folding knife, and you might use it as one of your skinner tools when hunting.

Indeed, Damascus is one of the most suitable makers you can choose to complete your knife arsenal. Their knives are always of the highest quality and efficiency.

  • Beautiful blade design
  • Sturdy and sharp
  • Best knifemaker for self–defense knives or multipurpose tools
  • Users have issues with the rest thumb after using it for two weeks (it tends to loosen from the blade)
  • Inaccurate locking mechanism

2. Knife King Baby Blue Custom Damascus


Damascus 2

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A quick overview of the Knife King Baby Blue:

  • The length of the blade: 3.5 inches
  • The length of the handle: 4.75 inches
  • The overall weight: 7.8 oz.

The Knife King Baby Blue has a sheath to help you get on and get out of the blade easily. The product also has a sharp edge even after rough and hard use. Right from those descriptions, you can see it’s one of the best tools already.

The product is made from 15N25 & 1075 steel with over 200 Damascus steel, so it is also called Damascus Knife with a little heavy for users to take on hand (7.8oz.). On the one hand, the product does not have a locking structure. You need to be careful when using it.

When you miss out on your razor, you can take this weapon to shave your beard. It will smoothly work as a sharp and sturdy razor (because the solidity has between 58 and 60 HRC on the Rockwell scale).

Because of the points above, we now know that Knife King is one of the most competent makers you can get to create a knife for you. If you need a folding knife, then they’re the first knife makers to contact.

  • Has a sheath to protect the inside blade 
  • Best knifemaker for everyday knives in your knife set
  • Has great models for use as art knives
  • Solid and sturdy edges
  • Blade has no opening lock
  • Lock is not secure enough 
  • Not lightweight 
  • Most users doubt that it's made from pure Damascus steel and think that the material is carbon steel

3. Masters Collection MC – A030 Spring Assist Folding Knife



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A glance at the Masters Collection MC – A030 Spring Assist Folding Knife:

  • The material of the blade: the thick stainless steel
  • The length of the blade: 3.5 inches (with the liner lock)
  • The total length: 4.5 inches

You will fall in love with this folding knife if you’re always searching for tools for a hunting journey.

Do not be surprising because the platform comes from a sheath and a locking structure to withstand the multipurpose. Furthermore, the blade’s spring could easily fold with one hand in the liner lock (the lock’s length is about 3.5 inches).

How about the material of this product? It is made from rainbow stainless steel, which you might find at this point in the handle.

For the blade, it has thick stainless steel (about 3mm) with acid etching. On the flip side, the stainless steel also is inbuilt 3D-print technology with the sculpted ninja in detail.

With the sheath, you could open and close the pocket slip without much hassle. Even though you have a painful hand (or a weak hand), you will still be able to do this job.

And that’s why MC is one of the most popular knife makers to reach out to when you need a personalized knife. People who love to go hunting love their knives because they’re durable and thick.

  • Best knifemaker for beautiful designs, if you're a knives collector
  • Has a covering to fold and open smoothly
  • Perfect for gifting
  • Sharp enough to cut paper and other materials
  • Some users think the material is slight and made with frail metal
  • Looks like a dagger because it doesn't have two sharp edges
  • Blade is not sturdy to withstand outside force

4. Custom Right Hand Cross Draw Leather Knife


Right Hand


The Custom Right Hand Cross Draw Leather Knife is a handmade knife designed by Carl Thomas.

The knife has a cross sheath, but you need to pay attention to the blade’s size and the sheath to match.

When you wear a belt, you can take the belt tools and ensure the dimensions between them meet the size.

Cowboys, cowgirls, sportsmen, hunters usually like and use this best knife maker because they can get the knife on the cross sheath in their bodies, and they can take it out faster than a pocket knife in case of an urgent situation.

If you have a dynamic lifestyle and you also sometimes want to hunt, you would consider buying it in the forthcoming time for security reasons.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cross sheath is placed on your right hand, so it is quite hard to use for left-hand persons.

  • Outstanding sheath quality
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Quick shipping time
  • Sheath allows you to carry buck 110 knives
  • Loose blade could slip out of the sheath
  • Generic packaging

5. KUBEY Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Mini Gentle Man Pocket Knife

Damascus 3


A quick overview of the KUBEY custom handmade Damascus steel:

  • The overall length: 5 -1/3 inches
  • The length of the blade: 2 -1/5 inches
  • The length of thickness: 2mm
  • The overall weight: 85g (3 oz.)
  • The material of the blade: a VG-10 steel

KUBEY custom handmade Damascus steel is made from hand-forged Damascus steel with the core layer steel. This is high-quality steel (VG-10, 61HRC Hardness) with corrosion assistance, and it is also very sharp and reliable.

The handle is inbuilt in the Classical Natural Rosewood with a lanyard hole to make the users feel comfortable when using it. It’s one of the most convenient tools on this list.

Due to the liner lock, the blade is safe and secure, and it also has a flannel bag. Therefore, you could take it on your keyring with this lanyard hole. Bring it on your hunting journey or camping trip since it’s made by one great knifemaker.

  • Convenient and high-quality pocket knife
  • Sharp and secure blade with a sheath
  • Size is perfect for EDC
  • Fancy Damascus blade and wood handle
  • Not sharp enough to be used as a razor
  • Uncomfortable for those with big hands

6. Columbia River Knife 2388 Folts S.P.E.W Fixed Blade


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A glance at the Columbia River Knife 2388:

  • The overall length: 6.25 inches
  • The weight of the sheath: 3 ounces
  • The material of the blade: 5Cr15MoV stainless steel

What is S.P.E.W? The S.P.E.W stands for Small Pocket Everyday Wharncliffe, and it is made by Alan Folts, who has 20 years of experience as a knife instructor.

The S.P.E.W blade has a flexible sheath to protect the blade and stay secure, but you could take it out of the covering easily when you want to use it.

Columbia River Knife 2388 is a fixed blade with Wharncliffe’s style, and the handle is made from G – 10 steel.

You could take your first two fingers in the G10 handle and cover the last point around the cord fob to have the grip. By doing this, you will know how well-made the product is. As almost all users, without a doubt, this is truly one of the top custom makers in the USA.

  • Slim design but still strong to withstand force
  • Excellent concealing capabilities
  • Made from strong stainless steel
  • Users could combine EDC with this S.P.E.W.
  • Scabbard is not tightly closed at the top so the point of the knife could fall out
  • Sheath could bend and get out of the lockup 

Points to Consider When Choosing Knives

Communication with Knife Designers

Although this is common sense, it is still an important reminder. Make sure you communicate well with the knife designers. It might end up being worth an extended work period but it’ll also be worth it.

And if you’re a designer, you need to understand the patrons’ feelings, requirements, and hobbies to ensure quality work. You should be familiar with material made from stainless steel or other materials in the handle, the blade, and the sheath for the customer.

A clear description given to the craftsman will guarantee you high-quality output and work.

Quality and Type of Custom Knife

Keep in mind that a custom knife does not mean a new one. Sometimes, these products have been updated from the original version (e.g., the Fox Karambit 479 vs. 599). This is another crucial point you need to check and take into account when selecting a knife.

On the one hand, an old knife does not always mean a bad knife. It depends on the materials of one product and its standard quality.

Thus, it would be best to discuss what you want with the creator clearly from the demo. This is to make sure that you get good results when even before launching the product. Do not forget to keep the safety standard in your product as well.

Popularity of the Maker

You might be surprised to find out that a high–quality knifemaker does not really exist in popular culture. Knife-making isn’t really a famous mainstream craft even though there is such a thing as a guild in a lot of places.

Similarly, just because someone is called a standard maker does not mean that he’s already an expert in this cutting-edge field. In this situation, you should compare their products once you see the knives.

Where to Buy a Customized Knife

Before looking to shop for knives, you should realize your needs and wants. Do you need a sophisticated design or standard model knives?

If you want to take an enlightened version, you could order a knives maker directly. It will help if you convey your ideas and everything you need to appear in the creator’s knife.

If you do not need to have complicated knives, you will look up the product in an auction or lottery, a store, a market, or buying the product on an E-commerce website such as

We have a list of the best knives from Spyderco if that piques your interest.


This article might not display every creator in the market, but you will have a general overview of the knife market.

The answer to “What makes up the best knife maker?” will easily come to you once you recognize a lot of excellent points regarding making knives. It is not a daunting task indeed on your mind anymore.

We hope that you now have an idea of which knives you want to purchase and which knifemaker is best for your preferences.



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