Best flipper knives 2018 for your budget

Best flipper knives 2018 for your budget
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For those who are looking for an EDC knife which is quick and easy in an opening, a flipper knife is also a perfect option in this situation. The flipper knives are made with a small part of the blade which you need to push them by the index finger to snap the knife open. By doing this, you do not have to use both hands to open it. Thus, you will save your time and improve the safety when using.

To boost the smooth journey, you need to pick a great flipper knife to support you, but it is not easy to select the best flipper knives in the competitive market nowadays. Keep on reading the article and you will find out your own answer clearly.

Best flipper pocket knives list

1.  Spyderco Southard Folder G – 10

A glance of the Spyderco Southard Folder G – 10:

  • The length of the blade: 3.46 inches
  • The overall length: 7.96 inches
  • The overall weight: 4.1 ounces

The Spyderco Southard Folder G – 10 is a famous brand of the knives, and it is rated one of the best flipper knives in the market today.

The knife is made from the high – quality materials (the G – 10 stainless, the titanium materials) with the flipper blade could be an opening device with the essential locking platform.

With the hollow-ground blade, the product could grip the target quite well and strongly tight to prevent the potential accident when closed.

The opposite flake is inbuilt from the G-10 stainless with the Earth-brown structure to have a positive clutch. On the one hand, the knife also has a pocket clip to offer you could bring the knife smoothly.


  • The tool has an ideal size for the pocket.
  • The knife is lightweight.
  • It is razor – sharp enough for self – defense purpose.
  • It has an ergonomic in design.
  • It has a comfortable handle to carry.


  • The knife has the lock structure, so beginner will get stuffed to adjust.
  • Some buyers complain that the blade is not easy to open.
  • The full tang could be more grinding than other knives.

2. Benchmade – AXIS Flipper 300

A quick overview of the Benchmade:

  • The overall weight: 4.85 ounces (= 137.50g)
  • The overall length: 3.18 inches (= 8.08cm)

The knife is made from the American made (154CM material) as this is a high – quality material for durable industrial implementations such as the corrosion resistance, the sturdiness quality, and the edge. Thus, the Benchmade is rated one of the best flipper knives in the latest market.

The handle is made from the G – 10 stainless steel which pointed out the best durable materials in the automotive industry because it is lightweight and strong enough to support the users, it could not absorb the wet environment as well.

The knife also has the deep-carry capricious platform to help you get the goal in different way. On the flip side, the ambidextrous form (in design) might get the double Omega – style springs in each of the liner to catch the knife tang smoothly.


  • The blade is sturdy and ideal for the flipper knife.
  • The pocket clip is low in the pocket and it is suitable for the left pocket carry.
  • The blade is razor – sharp to cut your target easily.
  • It has a sharp edge.


  • The flipper point of the knife is not good at all.
  • The blade has not fixed in one place when closed.
  • The axis lock in the flipper is too cling and it is not easy to control the flipper tab.

3. Columbia River Knife and Tool M21

A quick overview of the Columbia River Knife and Tool M21:

  • The overall weight: 5.7 ounces
  • The overall length: 25 inches
  • The length of the blade: 3.75 inches
  • The open length: 9.25 inches
  • The closed length: 5.375 inches
  • The blade length: 3.99 inches

The Columbia River Knife and Tool M21 has the LAWKS structure which is safe and automatic to the users to take them every day and increase the comfort.

With the best flolding flipper knives like the Columbia River Knife and Tool M2, you could open and fold the blade easily as the platform also has the locking safety.

The blade is an alternation drop – point model with high flat travails and ideal edges as well as the sharp tip to make a strong traction in your cutting target. On the other hand, the belly of the blade is suitable for usefulness work in general.

The handle is made from the aluminum material with the deep – bellied and triple point serrations in the spear point to support the users could tight the handle significantly and adjust the position without much hassle.


  • The price is affordable for most of the users.
  • The knife is well – balanced and lightweight to carry.
  • The blade is sharp and strong when it comes out of the box.
  • It is easy to open the blade.


  • The tool does not have an extra clip.
  • The knife is quite big to be suited on every pocket.
  • The handle does not grip well.

4. Zero Tolerance ZT0560 Hinderer

A quick overview of the Zero Tolerance ZT0560:

  • The length of the blade: 75 inches
  • The overall weight: 5.8 ounces
  • The overall length: 8.8 inches

The Zero Tolerance ZT0560 is made from the aluminum material with the blade is inbuilt from ELMAX – a kind of strong steel in the construction, so the edge of the blade is sharp, sturdy and tough.

The blade also could roll in and roll out easily so that you might adjust it instantly and meet your requirements.

With the handle, it is 3D design and combines the G – 10 in front of the handle and the titanium material in the back.

Because of the locking in the structure, the knife could lock the blade automatically when closed and prevent the possible accidents.


  • The blade could lock and hold tightly in a great edge.
  • The blade is sharp to aim the right target and easily cut.
  • The knife could stay well in the pocket.
  • The shipping time is so fast.
  • The new locking structure reduces the stuck state and replaces the new one easily.


  • The knife is a little heavy.
  • The tool is hard to fold and control.
  • The blade tip is not recessed when closed.

5. SOG Twitch II Assisted Folding Knife

A quick overview of the SOG Twitch II:

  • The length of the blade: 2.65 inches
  • The overall weight: 2.4 ounces
  • The overall dimensions: 2 x 1.1 x 0.6 inches

The blade of the SOG Twitch II is made from the AUS – 8 steel which is strong, endurable and flexible when taking. Furthermore, it has a straight edge with a drop point form and a folding appearance.

The handle has a well – balanced contour due to the graphite and the aluminum, so you will much more comfortable and fit on your hand perfectly when holding in a few hours.

The SOG Twitch II also has an opening blade which you could control it by hand so that you do not concern about the safety in the blade as well.

On the flip side, you are able to open the knife with the thumb stud easily instead of taking the kick in general.

With full of tremendous features, we could not be surprised that the SOG Twitch II is also the best pocket flipper knives in many stores right now.


  • The tool has a limited lifetime guaranty.
  • The knife has an acceptable price for most of the users.
  • The blade is sharp.
  • The blade is covered in oil.
  • The belt clip could easily remove.


  • The spring is not have a great design.
  • Some buyers complain that they have the slipper comes out the blade.
  • The spring assistance has been broken for one month.

Before making an ideal knife, think of these factors in your mind

Whether you want to own a fixed blade, a folding knife, a flipper knife or a classic one, you always think of factors around the knife story before making a hole in your wallet. Thus, you should spend a few hours to do your own research to find out the best flipper knives if you want to have a flipper model.

The cutting aim

Slicing a piece of foods, cutting the packages, trimming woods or something like that are totally different kinds of tasks which knives undertake. Each of these tasks refers dissimilar requirements on a blade.

When looking at a blade, you should keep your eye on the shape, the heat treat, and the steel because three main factors could describe the quality of one blade quite well. And the shape of the blade will offer the cutting aim of a knife.

Experienced hunters and users often draw attention to the drop points, clip points, and the leaf-shaped blades to check the sharpening ability of the blade.

Your demands in a flipper knife

Each of the knives also has different platforms and their target on using. Once you know the function of a flipper knife, you need to recognize your demands. What will you do with a flipper knife?

The type of material of a flipper knife

The kind of the material on a flipper knife also offers the quality of this product due to the level of the metal and other materials.

Are they strong, sharp and strong enough? Could they prevent the wet environment? Do not miss out the material in the blade and the handle as they also decide the state of a flipper knife.

You should study the benefits and drawbacks of the materials before looking at the material of the flipper knives.

The design of a flipper knife

As the flipper knives provide various models in the market today, you should think of your own style firstly.

Are you a conventional person or modern one? Some flipper knives also have the thick blade and the chunky grinds with the full of lavish versions.

On the flip side, some thinner blade with severe grinds creates several traditional knives work well like a cutting machine.

The price tag

When you focus on the features and their functions of the flipper knives, do not forget to see the price tag to estimate the cost on your budget.

The guaranty

Many patrons do not pay attention to the guaranty of a flipper knife as they think that this knife could be a normal product, and it is not endurable for a while.

The warranty of a knife also refers the quality of it from the producer, and it builds the reputation on the customer mind as well.

Some materials of the blade in a flipper knife

A perfect blade is the one that could have the corrosion – resistance, the waterproof and other assistance.

To have these features, the blade has to build from a great material. With the blade, it has two main kinds of materials that producers often apply.

The stainless steel

  • The 420HC: it is the corrosion assistance and sharp to cover the inside part of the blade.
  • The 154CM: this is an update of the stainless steel with the solid one because it could be increased an amount of carbon.
  • The S30V: this is the luxurious stainless steel with the vanadium to keep the edge stronger.

The high – carbon steel

The material is more solid and sharp in the edge but it could not have the corrosion assistance. The good news is producers prefer using the stainless steel instead of the high – carbon steel in the blade of a flipper knife.


In a nutshell, select the best flipper knives is not a daunting task once you understand their features and consider your own situation to make a right decision. You are able to ask the advice from an experienced user, but do not forget to look further the selected products from our recommendations.

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