Best Folding Karambit Knife 2019 For The Money

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Karambits are also called kerambits. They are powerful and adequate tools for self – defense choices. Everyone can use it as an alternative choice of the handguns without much hassle. They are made from Southeast Asia regions. The first idea comes from the tiger claws in order to cut, chopping, hooking, tear from a large meat to pieces of small things. In other words, the Karambits are deadly weapons to draw more attention.

Today, Indonesia nation still accepts to use this active weapon. On the one hand, the Karambits are one of the most traditional tools in Indonesia, especially in the combat art as Pencak Silat. In this guide, we will break down the best folding Karambit knives you might come across to do your own homework.

Best folding Karambit Review 2019

1. Spyderco Karahawk Folder C170GP – best Karambit knife

A quick glance of the features in the Spyderco Karahawk Folder C170GP – The first candidate for the best karambit knives:

· Overall length: 6.50 inches (165mm)

· Closed length: 4.50 inches (114mm)

· The length of the blade: 2.35 inches (60mm)

· The length of the edge: 2.05 inches (52mm)

· The thickness of the blade: 0.098 inches (2.5mm)

· The type of the blade: VG10

· The material of the handle: G10

· Total weight: 3.8 oz (108g)

If you want to know the best brand of the conventional product of one Karambit, the Spyderco Karahawk Folder C170GP could be the best folding Karambit in the current market. This tool is so remarkable. The blade is made from the VG10 stainless steel as it is a strong type of steel. And the Spyder logo always put into the blade.

Moreover, the handle has a fortified ring on the butt allows the hunters totally control the tool. You get your index finger in that place and spin the knife with the art technique you want to. It also has a thin chamfer in the internal corner of the ring to make the users comfort to take the handle.

You absolutely expect to buy a high – quality product with a premium price. This product can meet these requirements. It has the CQI certificate (Constant Quality Improvements) so that the line around the ring has been produced the G10 layer to use in the long term.

This knife has been built the back lock system to adapt the stress of the combat using or the martial art. It also has a changeable reverse grip inside of the body in order to help you establish and get on the knife smoothly.

2. TAC Force TF – 816 Series – Best karambit folder

MTech MT670 Hawk Corp Wrap Karambit Knife is made from the steel material that it could withstand a few blows to slash. However, the blade needs to sharpen routinely to catch the highest level in the sturdiness and sharpness at the same time.

The karambit knife comes with an extra belt sheath with the ring size is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches, the thick of the blade is ¼ inches, and the length of the blade is 2.5 inches (to the tip) which are suitable for versatile usage and self – defense equipment.

Like the Fixed Blade Karambit Knife With Mikarata Handle, the blade of the MTech MT670 is made from the stainless steel (440C) to trim and slash in every situation as a martial art, outdoor knife and hands-on using.

Several users love this karambit knife so much as it is solid, strong enough with an incredible grip, and they could hold the edge clearly. For this reason, they rate it is one of the best folding karambit knife everyone should have at least one product at home.

3. Dual Blade Karambit Spring Assisted Tactical Folding Knife Open Pocket

With the Dual Blade Karambit Spring Assisted, you could not bring two knives in order to save the space in your pocket and your time to take at the same time.

You enable to switch each of the blades without having injuries while carrying on hands as one blade (2.5 inches) is unswerving and a blade is jagged (5.25 inches). Nonetheless, you should learn how to use them to evade the potential damage in the forthcoming time.

The blade is made from the stainless steel which has the corrosion – resistance to increase the durability with the length is 2.5 inches to support you to catch the target.

On the one hand, the handle is inbuilt from the black aluminum to provide you hold the knife, and you will feel much more comfortable to use.

What’s more, you do not have to worry about the knife might suddenly slide without controlling as it has a locking system and a belt ring to support you while cutting.

For these unique features, the Dual Blade Karambit Spring Assisted has deserved the best  cheap karambit folder knife in the latest market which you could not miss out.

4. TAC Force TF – 816 Series – Best karambit knife

A quick glance of the features in the TAC Force TF – 816 Series:

· The closed length: 6 inches

· The length of the blade: 4 – ½ inches

· The thickness of the blade: 3mm

· The material of the blade: the black stainless steel hawksbill

· The material of the handle: the aluminum with the skull camo pattern

Hunters agree that TAC Force TF – 816 Series is one of the best folding Karambit in the latest market and TAC Force is an excellent firm about the knives. You can use it as a self – defense tool or EDC knife for multipurpose. In addition, it is an affordable knife for everyone.

On the flip side, the speed of the spring easily use and this is the most crucial point in the urgent situation. With an available size to fit in the bags, this weapon also is comfortable for every user.

Though it is not technical Karambit, you can bring it for every day using because you might not know when the emergent situation is going to be visited. Do not be subjective!

5. BladesUSA E419 – PP Prolypropylene Karambit Training Knife (

A general overview of the specifications while considering the BladesUSA E419 – PP

· The dimensions: 6.7 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches

· The material of the knife: lead and phthalate

· The material of the blade: polypropylene

The BladesUSA E419 – PP is not available for self – defense purpose, but it is perfect for training objective. Several people agree that it is also the best training knife as well as the best folding Karambit.

The material of the blade is polypropylene that is sturdy due to the solid plastic. Furthermore, it has high – quality material in the sheath. Therefore, you can also use it as a knife fight. For training purpose, it totally proves its features. It can destroy a punching bag or one person even if it has the plastic blade.

Nonetheless, hunters cannot fold it down smoothly. This is an awful thing of one folding knife for most of the users. Moreover, it is lighter than the real thing and other deadly knives, therefore you can put it into your pockets.

6. Cold Steel 1108085 Tiger Fixed Blade

Review the general features of the Cold Steel 1108085 Tiger Fixed Blade:

· The material of the blade: the fixed cold steel

· The length of the blade: 8-3/4 inches

Cold Steel 1108085 is made from Andrew Demko – a former electrician and engineer. He wanted to have a multipurpose folding knife. If you are looking for the best folding Karambit, the Tiger Claw could be a self – defense and frightening tool in your next hunting seasons.

The blade has 3 inches with the XHP steel. Furthermore, the handle is also made from the G10 stainless steel. Generally, it is produced from high – quality materials. Moreover, the manufacturer put the Demko thumb plate so that you can open it from your pocket or using both of hands. You need to pull a swift only.

On the one hand, it also plays an EDC blade role with the Tri – Ad locking system to rescue your life at any situation you may get stuff. As a result, it could be also the fabulous EDC fixed blade and self – defensive options at the same time. If you are looking for best karambit folder, you cant miss this one.

7. Ka – Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade

A general overview of the specifications while considering Ka – Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade:

· The dimensions: 8.4 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches

· The weight: 6.4 ounces

· The overall length: 5.0 inches

· The length of the blade: 2.5 inches

· The material of the blade: AUS-8A stainless steel

· The hardness of the steel: 57-59 HRC

The Ka – Bar TDI is made from the founder of the Tactical Defense Institute – John Benner, it is also one of the best folding Karabits. Some law enforcement officers love this tool because it could be buried and valuable in their purposes.

Although it is small, it might be your alternative option when you do not have the handgun in your bags. It is even quicker than other folding knives in the emergency, but it is still secure and safe on the casing.

In the old versions, the sheath of this knife is not good at all. However, the manufacturer has already upgraded the best materials on the casing. Combine with the Tactical Defense Institute model and the inspiration of the Ka – Bar enterprise, you might surprise that it is affordable for everyone. It is also durable for using a while.

8. Fixed Blade Karambit Knife With Mikarata Handle

Fixed Blade Karambit Knife With Mikarata Handle has a lavish design which is made from polymer film and other strong materials. These materials are the same structure of the laminate coverings. Additionally, the handle is much more comfortable when taking because the pad is smooth and warm to touch.

Thanks to the ring on the handle, you are able to use and reverse the grip without much hassle as the ring is wide enough in order to control a knife in the gloves. With this knife, you completely put it into your bag or your pocket easily.

Once you are looking for a karambit knife, you should also keep an eye on its blade as well. The blade is made from the stainless steel (440C) to cut, trim and apply other kinds of situations. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the corrosion to ensure the long – lasting usage without sharpening.

Fixed Blade Karambit Knife With Mikarata Handle is truly a worth karambit knife for practical usage in the martial arts, outdoor activities, survival tool, and it is rated one of the best folding karambit knife in the latest market.

The benefits of using the folding Karambit knives.

· Self – defense weapons for everyone: as a hunter, you absolutely want to have a best karambit folder in each hunter journey. Even though you are not a hunter, you still need to make a purchase in this capable tool as self – defense purposes at home. It looks be very aggressive to one attacker, therefore it will protect and save you in every situation with any small spaces.

· Ease of use and comfortable tools: you just need to establish the Karambits in a few seconds. You do not need to be an expert to use them. This knife completely fits in your pockets no matter how size they have. You can add them to you in every time as a self – defense tool in some serious damages or in the martial art combats.

· They have beautiful and state – of – the – art models: most of the karambit folder has several styles so that you can choose the ones that are suited your style. They could be used as daily accessories or just on your pieces of the collection about the folding knives.

How to choose the best cheap karambit knife

The types of the blades

The dimensions of the blades will be affected on your pocket as well as how it bury inside. This is the first point you need to take into account when you want to use a camouflaged weapon. Furthermore, you also consider how easy it is to take the blades out of the knives.

In emergency situations, each minute is very precious. With a fixed blade, it is stronger and it also is easier to get than a folding blade; however, you may take much time to hide it in your pockets. It is not easy to do two tasks at the short time unless you are much patient and a skillful hunter.

And how about a double – edged blade of the Karambit? Most experienced hunters say that these blades do not have several benefits than we might think. They could be risky tools to the users if hunters are not skillful in the fields as Karambits are not available for multipurpose usages.

The materials of the handles

Someone will forget and ignore this point in their scanning of the best folding Karambit, but we hope that you do not do the same thing like them. Normally, the handles are taken from the G10 stainless steel or other similar kinds of steels. The key point is you should discover the type of these steels before playing another game – consider one Karambit knife. The handle also involves in your controlling of one Karambit item.

The qualities of the Karambits

It is extremely crucial to check the qualities of one Karambit. When you see an expensive item, it does not mean this is the best folding Karambit. On the one hand, cheaper knives could be durable. Therefore, you should not draw too much on their prices in the market.

You need to observe the blades and the handles in this tool. Blades does not rust or wrap. In addition to, the handles are comfortable when you holding on your hands. Some latest Karambits also have one ring for extra weapon keeping.

Before making one purchase, you should check the whole of one Karambit about the outside mechanism, a faulty spring, etc. Both of them might save your life in the urgent time. After checking their functions, you can choose the nice one. The one thing you may also think is – some models are practical to rescue while others are much attractive to entertain.

The safety ring on the handles of the Karambits.

In the past, most conventional Karambit knives did not have the assurance ring, especially in Philippines and Indonesia. Nowadays, all of the Karambit knives must have the safety ring. You could not find the safety ring unless you have the ancient Karambit knives. Because we have already recognized the purpose of having one safety ring in the Karambits. It is vital to test this point.

You hardly find a Karambit knife does not have this ring at the end of the handle. It will help the users to put one finger in the handle before taking the knife in their hands. You totally control the blade that could not get danger to your hands or other body parts when working on odd angles.


In fact, the Karambits are still obligated to use in the world even if you can use it in the US. Although the models come from agricultural tasks, this tools completely take on self – defense selections and excellent fighting knives.

Moreover, they have different dimensions to ensure the users can carry on the packs. They also have locking systems and colorful designs for everyone to choose their best folding Karambit in the market. After breaking those points, do not forget to take care of your wants, your needs, and your budgets in the upcoming time. Be flexible!

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