Best Hammock Underquilts 2018 on the market

Best Hammock Underquilts 2018 on the market
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To travelers and camper enthusiasts, the hammock is a quick way to set up a place to rest and sleep. It’s convenient to carry and easy to use. However, many people shy away from using it in cold weathers and alike even with a portable sleeping bag. Well what if there is a way for you to comfortably use your hammock in such condition? With the underquilt, the temperature is no longer such a big issue.  Don’t know anything about it? Then this article got some interesting information for you.

Top 7 Best Hammock Underquilt – 2018 Edition

1/ ENO Blaze Underquilt

  • Filling style: 750 Down Filled
  • Fabric option: Nylon Shell
  • Temperature rating: 1 – 4 degree Celsius
  • Length and width: 6.6 ft x 4 ft

There many underquilt with excellent quality on the market but the ENO Blaze can be said to be among the top products. ENO is a famous and well – established brand when it comes to the hammock and its gear. They deliver high – quality and flawless products and this one is no different.  Even in the coldest weather, this underquilt will keep you warm and comfy. The length of the product will leave no gap for the cold to pass. With an innovative cut design, you can fully adjust it to fit the hammock contour.

Nylon Shell that made of ENO Blaze fabric is very resistant to abrasion and weather. Light rain and snow won’t have any noticeable effects on its performance. You still need a hammock tarp if you intend to use it in a wet environment though. For transportation, the ENO Blaze Underquilt can be compressed into its nylon container and carry around in your backpack.


  • Outstanding for low-temperature conditions
  • Insulate the hammock very well and shield it from the cold air and wind
  • Can be packed and carry with little issue.


  • Slightly expensive

2/ ENO Vulcan Underquilt

  • Filling style: Warm Primaloft
  • Fabric option: Nylon Shell
  • Temperature rating: 2 – 7 degree Celsius
  • Length and width: 6.6 ft x 4 ft

This is another great product from ENO. The ENO Vulcan offers nearly the same warm level as its cousin at a cheaper price. It can be used throughout the year with Synthetic insulation that preserves the hammock heat in chilly weathers. The Synthetic filling style also makes it more effective in keeping you warm when wet. About the packing process, it’s really easy to perform and fit in very well with any bag. ENO Vulcan performance will be able to please any customer and prove to be a good investment.

The unique cut construction of this underquilt allows it to wrap itself around the back portion of the hammock. Its inner layer is narrower than the outer one which creates an all-around thermal shield to your body. ENO Vulcan dimension can also cover the entire length of your body thanks to its considerable length. There will be only a little amount of heat can escape when you have this underquilt under your hammock.


  • Made from Synthetic material that can do its job even when wet
  • Fit it very well with your body
  • Can be used for a long period of time


  • More expensive compared to other Synthetic underquilt

3/ ENO Ember 2



  • Filling style: Polyester
  • Fabric option: Sil Nylon Taffeta Rip Stop
  • Temperature rating: 10 degree Celsius
  • Length and width: 4.13 x 4.25 x 10 In

Ember 2 comes from the same production line as the two above and can be used through 4 seasons. The temperature rating of the underquilt is insufficient in extreme temperatures though. Although not as warm as Primaloft, the polyester filling is still enough to get you through cool and windy nights. If you intend to use it in cold and chilly temperature, consider getting a sleeping bag. It will add more weight but it should ensure you a comfortable time to rest and sleep.

The product also comes with adjustable shock cord. You can tighten it to meet your needs on whatever hammock you want. Its hammock cuts offer a tight and fit insulation method to protect you from cold and preserve heat. The accommodate bag is a compressed container which will help you carry the underquilt around conveniently. When the need arises, you can set it up in less than 2 minutes.


  • Durable construction and strong stitching
  • Very light and insulate well


  • The temperature rating is not very good.
  • May require more accessories to withstand cold temperatures.

4/ Outdoor Vitals Aerie Underquilt

  • Filling style: 800 Down Filled
  • Fabric option: Rip Stop
  • Temperature rating: -1 degree Celsius
  • Length and width: 31.5 x 3 x 76 In

A nice combination of an underquilt and a sleeping bag, you can hardly find another better product design. You can figure a variety of method to use it and all of them would offer you nothing but satisfaction. With the Down Filled style, it will deliver a comfy and warm experience in almost all weather. The light and quality fabric shall guarantee that no cold air can infiltrate the hammock. Its grid baffle arrangement is also resistant to many levels of moisture

You may feel that the Outdoor Vitals Aerie is quite bulky compared to the usual size but that is its strong point. This underquilt can fully envelop both the under and upper part of your body. That is how it can also serve you as a sleeping bag.  And even with at that size, it can be compressed down to a size of a compact football to carry. Everything comes with a very affordable price that suits most people wallet.


  • Very versatile. You can use it both as the underquilt and the sleeping bag
  • Light and effective
  • Keep you warm at the lowest of temperatures


  • Can be a bit tricky to use
  • Doesn’t have its own container
  • Have to use your own cord to employ it as an underquilt

5/ Snugpak Hammock Cocoon with Travelsoft Filling

  • Filling style: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric option: Micro Diamond
  • Temperature rating: 0 – 5 degree Celsius
  • Length and width: 2 x 35 x 120 In

Want to maximize the heat retention rate? Well you don’t have to look too far since this product can do that wonderfully. It can be fitted with pretty much any hammock style and allow great comfort. By completely warping around the hammock in a cocoon, this underquilt will keep the heat in and the cold air out. Whenever you want to use the hammock, just pull the zipper and you can easily slide into warmness. The accessory also comes with its special compressed bag to contain and carry the underquilt

One notable aspect of the Snugpak Hammock Cocoon is its antibacterial fabric. Couple with the Travelsoft filling, the underquilt can trap in the heat while also stay clean. The insulation is very well made to achieve customer satisfaction. If you desire utmost comfortless, you can’t go wrong with this product.


  • Banana style warping that very effective in keeping the heat
  • Resistant to wind and cold air
  • The stitching is done carefully and very durable
  • Excellent container sack


  • Slightly on the bulky and heavy side

6/ One Tigris Hammock Underquilt



  • Filling style: 670 SEE Polyester
  • Fabric option: Rip Stop Nylon Shell
  • Temperature rating: 5 – 20 degree Celsius
  • Length and width: 9 ft x 4 ft

High quality and affordable, these are the most notable features of the One Tigris Hammock Underquilt

. The rating of this product is enough to let you use it comfortably through 3 seasons of the year. It favors mobility with lightweight and compact dimension. Along with the nylon container, you can pack it with ease and deploy on any model of hammock you like. This underquilt can be adjusted to fit in as close as possible to the back of the hammock to reduce any possibility of heat loss.

The SEE polyester filling is a top of the line material that stays in one place and won’t float away. It can shield your entire torso an efficient cocoon design. The insulation layer works very well given its size and thickness. Using this on hammock will offer you the warmness and comfortable of an actual bed. If you want to travel around with your hammock in the warmer part of the year, this product is more than enough to fit this requirement


  • Very cheap and effective for its cost
  • Simple to deploy and pack up
  • Respectable thermal efficiency
  • Waterproof


  • Unsuitable in the colder days of the year
  • The cold may get to your feet since the insulation become narrower toward the end.

7/ Winterial Camping Hammock Under Quilt


  • Filling style: 700 Down Filled
  • Fabric option: 100% Nylon
  • Temperature rating: 2 – 7 degree Celsius
  • Length and width: 5.91 x 9.02 x 12.4 In

Design specifically for winter weather, this product from Winterial will be the best choice to use in cold weather. Utilize Nylon material that is water resistant, the underquilt could easily withstand chilly wind and moisture. The size is also perfect to wrap around the hammock to keep you warm and comfortable. It may be a little tricky to set it up but it will not disappoint you


  • Perfect for winter camping
  • Easy to pack and deploy
  • Spread out evenly through its length


  • A little short

What is an underquilt

To put it short, an underquilt is an additional accessory to the hammock. It will help to hold your body heat within the hammock. This is how you can stay warm when the weather turns cold. While the sleeping bag is good, it doesn’t stop the circulation of cold air underneath your body. With that accessory, this problem can be reduced or eliminated entirely. That is why an effective underquilt is always needed in a good all – around hammock set.

Features and specification you need in an underquilt

It’s not good to just buy anything you like, you need to consider many things before making a purchase. Base on your already present items and preferences, certain products may be more suitable than others. In order to make a full use of this accessory, you should always consider its practical use. An appropriate underquilt must be able to properly attach itself to the hammock and provide you with warmth. Inspect the products features and specifications to what you are looking for to make a logical purchase.

  • Filling styles: There are two common choices when it comes to this: Down Filled and Synthetic. The former provides the best warmth to weight ratio. If you want light and well-compressed underquilts, you should go for the Down Filed. The downside of this style should it become wet or moist, the heat will escape fast. In the other hand, Synthetic style employs polyester material to retain heat even when wet. It’s larger than Down Filled and not as compressible though.
  • Fabric options: Lots of people think that the lighter the fabric the better. It’s true that the underquilt won’t have to deal with as much tear and wear as the hammock. But in the end, it’s all about your needs. There are many thick fabric materials if you want something with endurance. Extra features such as windproof and water resistant are also available.
  • The length (Torso and full body): For the length, ask yourself what level of warmness you desire. If you really want to feel absolutely comfortable, full body length will be a good choice. But if you still want a bit of wind, the torso length is more than sufficient.
  • Price: One of the most influential factors of a purchase is arguably the budget. The price tag of an underquilt depends largely on the material it uses. If you have a tight budget, synthetic products are your best bet.


Camping with the hammock is a great idea to relax your mind and refresh your body. And with the best underquilt, chilly nights and cold winds will no longer trouble you. Check out the product listed above and see if anything catches your eyes. As long as you can purchase a suitable product, your experience with the hammock will be greatly increased.

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