Best Otf Knife Under $100 For The Money in 2018

Best Otf Knife Under $100 For The Money in 2018
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Unlike the conventional knives, an otf knife is also called the out – the – front knife with one blade which comes out the hand instantly. Though otf knives are not popular than traditional ones, they have own benefits and satisfaction. If you are looking for an otf knife, then this guide could be your available resource to read and learn the best otf knife. So, you should not miss out it right now.

Best otf knives 2018 under $100 for the budget

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock *****$$$
Schrade Viper 3*****$$$$$
Karshaw 1990X Brawler*****$$$$
Gerber Covert Knife*****$$$$$
TAC Force TF – 719BK****$$

1. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife – Best budget otf knife

A quick glance of the Smith:

  • The overall length: 8.50 inches
  • The length of the blade: 3.35 inches
  • The total weight: 3.1 pounds
  • The material of the blade: black AUS – 8
  • The material of the handle: aluminum

The Smith has the 3.35 – inch blade which is made from the carbon steel, and it enables cut with extreme exactness due to the pointed sword. The handle is also inbuilt from the aluminum material with corrosion – resistance feature in order to protect the blade and your hand.

With 3.1 pounds, this is a lightweight knife to engage a spring – resistance from the unlocking structure thanks to a gliding button. The otf knife also has a glass – roller point on the bottom of its form.

Furthermore, the overall designs of The smith are fabulous to be a knife collection, a versatile using and a self – defense weapon, so this blade is rated one of the best otf knife in the current market.


  • The material of the blade and the handle is good.
  • The knife is lightweight enough for most of the users.
  • The overall structure and the spring are sturdy and sharp.
  • The price is acceptable.


  • The product is not made for left – handed users.
  • The blade has a flaw when the users try to close it in one place.
  • Some buyers complain the slide and the button of the knife are inconvenient.

2. Schrade Viper 3 OTF and Handle Knife Serrated – Best double action otf knife

A quick overview of the Schrade Viper 3 otf knife:

  • The length of the blade: 3.5 inches
  • The length of the closed blade: 5.3 inches
  • The overall weight: 4.9 pounds
  • The material of the blade: 4034 stainless steel
  • The material of the handle: aluminum

The Schrade Viper 3 otf knife is pointed out one of the best otf knife as it has high – quality materials in the blade and the handle. On the one hand, the pocket knife could catch the high speed and it also ensures the safety of users.

The blade is very sharp that you will feel it looks like intimidating fangs of a venomous snake, but you could not be afraid of the blade while using as the knife has the safety protection for the users. The locking structure in the finger placement and an – extremist blade could protect your hand away from potential accidents.

In addition, you bring the product easily on your pocket, your bag or your clothes as it is also lightweight to control. In the handle part, the aluminum material could be corrosion – assistance from the outside environment with a glass comber.


  • The knife has solid, sharp and sturdy structure.
  • The price is available for most of the users.
  • The shipping time is also on time.
  • The knife has the metal blade with the plastic body and you could change from one side to another side.


  • The switch and the slides of the blade seems to be awkward.
  • Users could not control the product by one hand only. They need to handle the knife by both hands.
  • The quality of the design is not good.

3. Karshaw 1990X Brawler – Best otf knife under $200.

A quick glance of the Karshaw 1990X Brawler:

  • The material of the blade: the 8Cr13MoV steel with the black covering
  • The material of the handle: the glass -filled nylon
  • The length of the blade: 3 inches (=7.6 cm)
  • The closed length of the blade: 4.1 inches (=14.3 cm)
  • The overall length: 7.1 inches (= 18 cm)
  • The overall weight: 3.9 pounds (= 110.6 g)

Kersaw line products are designed in 1974 as a versatile tool with the greatest quality no matter it is a pocket knife, a hunting knife, a collecting knife, etc. With the Karshaw 1990X Brawler, you might recognize the blade is the tanto which is a skillful and salvage weapon to hit the strong materials.

The top of the blade of the Brawler has a slog that is called the scuffle to support the blade is smaller and having much more powerful energy in the blade points. On the one hand, the body of the Brawler provides the cutting levels which are amazing and sharp enough.

With the handle, the users will feel convenient and flexible as the structure has the shape points which is fit on your hand. Furthermore, the best otf knife also has the Jimping on the back side of the blade to increase the friction.


  • You could open the blade easily thanks to the doubles of the board flat.
  • The knife is secure while using because it has the hand protection.
  • The blade is sharp and sturdy.
  • With this tool, you are able to fold the edges of the blade smoothly.


  • The blade could not come out of the box easily.
  • With the blade is made from China, the steel of the blade is too low to hold an edge.
  • The body of the knife is thick and it does not fit in the pocket.

4. Gerber Covert Knife, Serrated Knife – best otf automatic knife for the money

A quick overview of the Gerber Covert Knife:

  • The total length of the blade: 8.7 inches
  • The closed length of the blade: 5 inches
  • The overall of the weight: 5.6 ounces
  • The type of the locking system: the side lock
  • The material of the knife (the handle and the blade): the G-10 stainless steel

Gerber Covert Knife has known as a lord of knives, self – defense weapons and other tools in the decade of changing and commitment.

The best otf knife is made from the classic model with the modern design, so the speed and the ease of use significantly increase due to the updating technology. One point to keep in mind that you could not flip the clip upside down because the clip is linked to two screws in the handle.

The blade is made from the titanium material to help you switch on the knife smoothly by only one hand. In the handle, the material is the G – 10 stainless steel to offer you a sticky grasp in under any circumstances.


  • The product has a limited lifetime guaranty.
  • The blade is sturdy enough to open it easily from the box.
  • The product is lightweight to carry on.
  • The price is reasonable for most of the users.


  • The locking structure in the blade does not work well in a long period of using time.
  • The size of the blade is smaller than the handle.
  • The product does not have the automatic locking when closing the blade.

5. TAC Force TF – 719BK Assisted Opening Folding Tactical Knife

A quick glance of the TAC Force TF – 719BK:

  • The length of blade: 3.25 inches
  • The length of the handle: 4.5 inches
  • The close length of the blade: 4 5/8 inches

The covering of the knife is made from the stainless steel with the opening dagger. With the blade, it has the top edge with the cutout model and the rounded tangs. In addition, the handle is inbuilt from the addicted aluminum and the constitution layer.

The best otf knife also has the cutter belt and the glass wave to protect the user when taking on hand. The pocket clip has the cutout model with the black color, and the handles has a black layer.

To open the blade, you need to slide one of the points on the side as the product is unfold design.  and this is a little bit difficult for new users.


  • The blade is sharp and sturdy that you do not need to use one whetstone.
  • The clip is also strong and tighten to keep in your pocket
  • The clip has the slim size to put your hand or other things in the pocket.
  • You are able to open the blade quickly and easily.


  • New users or for those who have large hands could not open the blade smoothly.
  • The blade sometimes slips in other sides which users could not control it immediately.
  • Users could practice to use it regularly if they want to control the knife.

How many kinds of otf knife?

There are many otf knives that are selling in the market. However, they still have one difference between them for us to recognize – that is the function of the blade for using.

1.      The manual otf knives

The manual types are the most popular otf knives which you enable to see in the stores. The blades equal to control them in a fixed place. Furthermore, it has one small button and a track enclosed to the blade.

To take out the knife, the producer gets the finger pressure to prevail the friction. So, the blade could slide along the track and move out to the handle.

2.      The automatic otf knives

The blade of this type slip along the track like the manual otf knives, but the blade also has a button structure and a spring drive to discharge the blade. This platform will help the knives do not have the finger pressure to control the friction.

In the automatic otf knives, they divide two main kinds of knives – single and dual action knives. With the single action knives, you will not open the blade because it could instantly open. Nonetheless, you need to have the manual insertion, and the dual action ones might do everything automatically.

The kinds of the blade in an otf knife

When looking for the blade, you should pay attention to two core kinds of the blade – the edge and the shape.

  1. The edge

The straight one

The straight one usually is sturdy, smooth and sharp in the length of the blade. They could cut the target as quickly as they can, so hunters prefer using this type in their outdoor activities.

The full – serrated one

For those who want to cut rough and solid materials, the full serrated one is your perfect choice as the length of the blade is jagged to support you have the sharp cuts.

The partially – serrated one

This is a combination between the full – serrated and the straight one. The jagged is inbuilt near the handle. Therefore, you are able to get it to cut different targets from outdoor activities to normal situation.

2. The shape

The tanto

With the tanto, the otf knives have many angles and combine two straight edges which are taken part in one sharp angle.

The blade is quite easy to recognize even if the edge is the serrated or the straight one as the blade has the special shape.

The tanto shape is strong because it has the angular model, and the spine has the steady width till it catches the angle. Then, it will have a razor – sharp point.

The drop point

The drop point is also the popular knives for hunters as the tip is underneath by a convex arc. The tip narrows down to the point, instead of having a blunt top.

Moreover, the arc of the drop point makes to stay strong in one place and it gives the blade is chunkier.

The spear point

The spear point is also called the double edged knives and you could use both sides of the blade. Normally, the spear point blades have one straight edge on one side with the partially jagged on another side.

On the flip side, the other two sides and the taper make a fine point. The spear point knives also are the daggers with full of functions.


Otf knives could not be common than folding knives, but the otf ones still have its unique and versatile. With an otf knife, you enable to use the blade quickly in some emergency situations relying on the structure of the knife.

Thus, you do not concern about folding your finger on the blade anymore. Everything you need to do is recognizing the different edges and shapes, then you should read the guide to pick the best otf knife for your pocket.

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