Top Best Rifle Bipod Review 2019 for Hunting

Like the ammunition and the rifle, every shooter totally know that a bipod is one of the most crucial products in their lives. Most experienced shooters have a best rifle bipod in their hands. The manufactures of rifle bipod always produce the finest bipods to meet specific needs of shooters. The bipods are not bad than you think because it depends on your needs and how well you use. Therefore, you could find and understand their unique features to make a purchase.

Best Rifle Bipods 2017 For Hunting

There are five bipods you can consider such as their features, their benefits, and drawbacks for your next hunting time.

1. UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet, Center Height ‘8.3 – 12.7’

UTG is one of the best rifle bipod group in shooter’s mind. It has a great range of height settings and folds back in one compact manner with the rifle’s barrel. Furthermore, with a quick retract you will pull retract so fast if you want to move again.

You adapt to uneven terrain easily because the legs are independent. Their legs freely slide until you lock them. The rubberized feet will keep muzzle climb on the harder surfaces. Although UTG seems to be quite solid, some hunters said that the UTG are not perfect bipod when attached them to the rifle. They sometimes get trouble with UTG.


  • UTG has independent legs
  • Hunters retract the UTG quickly
  • ​UTG is one of the most durable and well – constructed bipod of the rifle
  • UTS has perfect height range for hunting


  • UTG is not a solid bipod
  • Shooters sometimes get stuck with UTG when attaching in swivel lug

2. Harris Engineering 1A2 – BRM Solid Base 6 – 9 Inch Bipod

The BRM means Bench Rest Model and the S stands for swivel. Hunters agree that Harris is also one of the best bipods for rifles. They are not expensive and they are quick detachable. They also clamp to the sling to swivel the stud that has already been installed on rifle stocks. When you do not have a sling stud, you have some choices.

Firstly, you take your rifle to a gunsmith and install them. Secondly, you install the stud buy yourself. Finally, you buy a special adapter to increase your bipod gradually. These adapters have different sizes and shapes, so it depends on the rifle you want to rise. This is truly a best rifle bibod that you should buy this 2017.

Hunters like the Harris because they are reliable professional grade bipods. Harris has also known as a good bipod of pricing with high quality. With “6 to 9 inches” model, you can change different shooting conditions. When you want to move your rifle on 45 degrees on each side on the uneven ground, the Harris also has the swivel to change the rifle.


  • The Harris is not expensive for every hunter
  • The Harris also has known as a high - quality bipod
  • Hunters change the position of the rifle thanks to the swivel


  • The “9 to 13” models are not really good
  • Hunters need to use adapter for rails

3. Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger Stick 24 – 61 Inches

If you always stand when shooting, the Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger could be your next option for your rifle. With “24 to 61 inches”, you can change the height of the stick by one hand easily. The trigger stick applies in 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threaded fixtures, and it is safe when using optical gear. For maximum convenience using, you can use this Primos Trigger Stick with strong 7075 aluminum legs. You telescope the point quietly and fast. With various users and desired functions, hunters could change from “24 to 61 inches”.

When you adjust the height to fit your needs, you do not need to use a picattiny or a swivel stud. Your rifle still rests on the shooting sticks. On the other hand, the trigger stick is accessible to any rifle because it looks like a V yoke.

The Primos Gen 2 also is a lightweight (under 2.4 pounds) for hunters to change the height and the optical gear. It also is light enough for extended periods without weighing the user down. You can use this bipod when standing or kneeing. This bipod is not only perfect for your rifle, it is also available in laser range finders, binoculars, spotting scopes, cameras or any other mono pod mountable devices. This is the reason why we vote it as the best bipod for rifle.


  • Hunters change the optical gear and the height easily
  • Most of the rifles can fix on the V yoke trigger stick and rotate 360°
  • It is suitable for binoculars, spotting scopes, cameras, finders and other mono pod mountable devices
  • The telescoping legs are quite


  • Because the trigger stick could rotate 360° and remove, beginner shooters do not handle it smoothly
  • Because this bipod is a lightweight, hunters need to consider the place to put it.

4. Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod

Caldwell Deadshot is not only the best bipod for the rifles, it is also a tripod based device which hosts a dedicated structure for holding the rifles. It could be a short enough to hold a compact rifle or long enough to secure the Kentucky rifle. With the Caldwell Deadshot, you can change the height, length, and the angle. Furthermore, you are able to rotate this bipod a circle, put it up and down, and your rifle could be fixed in the center with extra stable.

With Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod, your AR rifle fits on the standard capacity magazine because you have enough elevation. For those who are varmint hunters, they love to put a lot of lead downrange without reloading and having a stable base to shoot. To drop a magazine clearly on the ground, it depends on the balance of your rifles. You also rotate the reload and get the target that is very high - speed low drag operator type stuff.

For those who always travel somewhere and they want to hunt at the same time, this FieldPod is their option. It just takes about one - gallon jug, so they can pack their bags. They also use the included strap to hits on a mounting point at the top.

When you reach your desired shooting position, you need to take a few minutes to unclamp, unscrew, reclamp and tighten. However, when it opens, this is the highest quality for holding your rifles on the place. You can stretch the legs of the rifles because it is very solid. On the one hand, you can make it steadier shorts from the field. If you are stalking and walking, you can set and collapse the unit as you have a short walking stick. When you realize your quarry, you know your position quickly with the added stability the Fieldpod brings.


  • The Fieldpod is light, compact, ultra stable and customizable product for most rifles.
  • It is available to put on the bag for traveling.
  • The Fieldpod has a pair of shooting sticks for those who want to walk, stalk and they do not have enough time to setup.


  • It is complex bipod to use for a beginning hunter.

5. CVLIFE 6 – 9 inches tactical rifle bipod adjustable spring return with adapter

This bipod has return springs and leg release button, you can change the leg from 6 to 9 inches. This bipod is also light weight and duty because it made from hardened steel and aluminum with no – rust black anodized finish. You quickly attach or detach from the rifle using existing swivel stud. Moreover, the legs totally stay on the ground thanks to spring tension. This bipod also has foldable arms with spring tension control. Hunters also change the adapter freely.

If you have AR 10 rifle, the CV Life Bipod could be an excellent bipod. You totally attach the picatiny rail in the AR 10. You also lock down and tight it easily. This bipod also has the additional option of using a sling swivel. Furthermore, you can fold upward and move the legs out of the way when stopping the hunting process.

The CV Life Bipod is a stable shooting platform for your next hunting season. The bipod could be met your needs as a best rifle bipod for long range hunting.


  • The CV Life Bipod is sturdy, reliable and stable shooting platform.
  • Hunters change the legs independently for the rough and uneven terrain.
  • It is the best choice of AR 10 rifle.


  • It could not available for any rifle.
  • Shooters pay close attention to put the CV Life bipod in the ground because of its lightweight.

How to choose the best rifle bipods 2017 for hunting

The foundation standard of bipod’s qualities

It is extremely important to understand the quality of one rifle to choose the best rifle bipod, especially the bipod. Before buying, you might consider these qualities as following

  • Could you extend the height of the bipod or not? Because you may change in various positions for shooting the right points.
  • Are they quiet or noisy? When you act in quiet, you do not make a signal to the prey.
  • Do they have strong feet? As they have sturdy feet, they could not slip in the gravel or in the sand.
  • Does it fold easily or not? You could afraid of tuck the bipod away after using if it is not easy to fold.

The best height of the bipod

Generally, the best height of one bipod is “6 – 9” for shooting prone. With “9 – 13”, you have a good compromise between sitting shoot and the prone. You also observe some small obstacles clearly. Furthermore, with taller bipods of “1 – 2” are suitable for shooting from a cross leg position or when you are sitting and shooting at the same time. If you are aiming from a blind, you would have built a bench rest, and choosing the prone type of shooting is your choice. Some hunters want to have the medium size one. With larger bipods, you can shoot on super long distances because you easily see logs and other obstacles in the field. Therefore, the best height of bipods will depend on how you want to shoot. If you are not sure your plan, you would use the minimum height to shoot every situation.

Are they durable?

Before buying a best rifle bipod, the first factor you may consider is durability. You might get a lot of stress and waste too much time if you have an unsustainable bipod in the field. When you minimize the height of the bipod, you could have a lower flex. The legs are still amazing in the recoil no matter what you take it. However, even though the best bipods could get some problems as you are not careful. Therefore, you would save the budget to buy another bipod if you pay close attention to these points

The type of mounting bipod in the rifle

Could you attach the bipod in the rifle? There are two main choices to attach the bipod in the rifle are – picatinny rail mounts or swivel lug mounts. When using the AR rifle, you need to have one adapter to get some bipods for connecting. In the situation your rifle does not have a swivel lug, you also buy it. Keep in mind that taking a semi – permanent mount when hunting.

Do not get the sound

You will need to adjust the position of leg’s bipod and change the height quietly if you are an active hunter. It is not easy to change their position without noisy; however, you could attain them without a sort of creaking, especially in the range of 150 yards.

Position of leg’s bipod

With a wider stance on the legs, there is no problem. However, it could be a problem if the legs of bipod could be added in front of your rifle with a big size. In this situation, you can try to pick out the widest legs. With an expensive and highly specialized bipod, you can put the legs wider.

Feet of the bipod

Another thing you could draw attention is the feet. Wider feet will work better on the harder surfaces. Soft feet are suitable for softer surfaces to take in the recoil from the rifle’s shot. You will avoid muzzle climb. Different feet could be better in different situations.


Obviously, you do not want to get a poor quality bipod that could be disappointed in your shooting activities. However, there are various bipods that you can see in the market and these are being introduced. Therefore, finding a best bipod becomes a difficult task before choosing one. With knowing your needs and understanding the features of bipods, you completely find your own best rifle bipod. Do not worried!