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11 Best Sniper Scopes for Long-Range Sniping [Full Reviews]

Best Sniper Scope

Whether you carry a hunting rifle for wild game, an AR for competitions, or a 50 caliber for operations, every long-range shooter can benefit from an excellent sniper scope.

A scope, after all, can often determine whether long-range targets can be hit and long-range shots can be made.

It may even be the difference between LIFE and DEATH in some cases.

That’s why I went and found the 11 best sniper scopes on the market.

I go over their STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, and what the US MILITARY has on their sniper rigs.

Soldiers and civilians alike should have the best sniper scope for their needs!

Best Tactical Scope
Trijicon TR-23 AccuPoint Rifle Scope
Best Overall
Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Rifle Scope
Best Long-Range Scope
Bushnell Elite Tactical SFP Reticle Rifle Scope

Best Sniper Scope Reviews for Long-Range Shooting: Top 11 Picks

I chose these tactical scopes from hundreds of models across dozens of brands. Each of them was chosen for their dominance in different applications.

1. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Rifle Scope


Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Rifle Scope

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  • 4-16x magnification and 44 mm objective lens
  • Precision glide erector system for smooth magnification
  • Tactical turrets and side parallax knob
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Fast-focus eyepiece for quick tracking
  • EBR 2C (MOA) reticle
  • Extra-low dispersion glass

With its NO-NONSENSE approach, this scope is the best for new and experienced shooters and those looking to shoot above 1,000 yards.

The Diamondback is a first focal plane scope (reticle changes size as the magnification is adjusted) with 4-16x magnification settings and a 44 mm lens.

I knew I could land a hit a long distance with these numbers, and true enough, my shots were a breeze to land!

This is also thanks to the extra-low dispersion glass and fully multi-coated lenses, which gave me clear, crisp images with NO glare.

Its fast-focus eyepiece allows for quicker reticle focus to find your target quickly and clearly at various distances. 

It also helped me make the right calculations fast and easily!

Its durability and 3.9 inches of eye relief allow me to go on with my sessions worry-free; no damage is done to the scope or my eye!

The best part? It has all of this without breaking the bank. There’s no better companion for your long-range sniper rifle!

  • Smooth magnification adjustment
  • Holds zero very well (more consistent shots)
  • Rapid target acquisition
  • High-end specs
  • Well-built to handle recoil
  • More affordable
  • A cheaper price holds back visual quality
  • Difficult to see through low magnification

2. Trijicon TR-23 AccuPoint 5 Rifle Scope


Trijicon TR-23 AccuPoint Rifle Scope

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  • 5-20x magnification settings, 50 mm objective lens
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Dual illumination system
  • Parallax turret
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • No batteries required

The AccuPoint stands out to me because of its innovative, long-range accuracy and practical application in low-light/no-light situations.

Right off the bat, the fully multi-coated lenses gave such clear images that it was like looking through a camera.

The reticle and tritium aiming point illumination allow me to shoot QUICKLY and under any lighting condition.

As soon as I carried this scope, I knew it could take a beating, thanks to its aluminum tube and everything-proof build.

Bonus points for the long eye relief, too. Scope eye is not fun.

It is undoubtedly one of the best sniper scopes for long-range hunting, law enforcement, and tactical shooters everywhere!

  • High-quality build
  • Weather-proof
  • Longer shooting hours
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Non-locking turrets
  • Pricey

3. Bushnell Elite Tactical SFP Reticle Rifle Scope


Bushnell Elite Tactical SFP Reticle Rifle Scope

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  • Second focal plane reticle
  • 6-24x magnification, 50 mm objective lenses
  • Recoil-proof construction, aluminum tube
  • Argon purged O-ring
  • Windage and side parallax turret click
  • Proprietary G4P floating dot reticle

Bushnell’s Elite Tactical 4200 is known for the “King of the Two Mile” shooting events.

These long-range shooting events are over thrice the effective range of the average sniper rifle, requiring shooters to see the target 3000 yards away.

This sniper scope has NO problems with that whatsoever.

You get nothing short of clear images, enough magnification to reach your target, and a fast-focus reticle for SUPER EASY sighting.

A bug plus for me is the parallax adjustment, which is ergonomically designed to allow for rapid, precise adjustments.

Its aluminum single-tube construction and Rainguard coating ensure that your scope is waterproof and fog proof, withstanding anything I put it through.

This scope has proven itself to hunters, law enforcers, combat snipers, and competition shooters alike, taking the fight to targets at any distance.

  • Competition proven
  • Weather-proof
  • Rapid target acquisition
  • No Illuminated reticle
  • No turret zero stops
  • Shorter eye relief

4. Nightforce ATACR F1


Nightforce ATACR F1

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  • DigILLum reticle illumination technology
  • Daylight visible reticle Illumination
  • Analog (Manual) illumination
  • Fully multi-coated ED glass
  • Extensive elevation level for long-distance targets
  • 60 MOA Xtreme speed adjustments

The ATACR F1 is what propelled Nightforce in popularity among shooters and enthusiasts everywhere.

Excellent for tactical shooting, this first focal plane sniper scope is one of the best long-range scopes because of its low-light, no-light capability.

How can it not be with a brand name like Nightforce?

I once used this scope to shoot 1000 yards away, and it felt like my target was right in front of me!

It also features a DigILLum illuminated reticle for PERFECT brightness.

I must say, I felt really comfortable using this scope because everything was so clear, and the eye relief definitely helped.

It also includes the finest Zerostop, ensuring perfect zeroing regardless of elevation adjustments.

These maintain your ability to fire and recalibrate quickly without worrying about varying distances and multiple targets.

In daytime or nighttime missions, this scope can do it all! No wonder it’s become the US Marine Corps’ sniper scope of choice.

  • Perfect for low light, no-light operations
  • Intuitive illumination settings
  • Quality construction
  • Wide objective lens
  • Maintains zero
  • Expensive

5. EOTech Vudu FFP Riflescope


EOTech Vudu FFP Riflescope

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  • 5-25x magnification range with 50 mm objective lenses
  • Illuminated MD3 reticle
  • Anti-reflective lenses
  • XC high-density glass
  • 34mm aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Zero-stop system

EOTech is another brand that’s exploded on the scene.

This INNOVATIVE piece stands out among sniper scopes by being chock-full of scope features without having any bulk, 

Let me tell you, I felt like a true sharpshooter with this scope despite my not-so-professional skill level.

The VUDU is an FFP scope with 5-25x magnification settings and a 50 mm lens. 

It may have settings on par with the scopes on this list, but at 11 inches long, it’s EXTREMELY compact.

It’s also virtually indestructible. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it is waterproof and fog proof, as well as shockproof. 

It has a fast-focus eyepiece, illuminated reticles on par with the EOTech brand, and deep eye relief.

It also features a Zerostop system, meaning that no matter how much I fiddle with it, it will always return me to zero, ensuring tight shot groups and accurate hits at long range.

It’s versatile and works with any tactical sniper rifle, favoring shorter ones.

  • Compact design
  • Japanese quality
  • Light at 29.5 ounces
  • Efficient battery use + long battery life
  • Pricey
  • You might prefer a second focal plane scope for compact scopes

6. Burris Optics XTR II Riflescope


Burris Optics XTR II Rifle Scope

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  • Can choose from a variety of reticles, including a Special Competition Reticle
  • 34mm aluminum tube construction
  • Hi-Lume multicoating
  • Illuminated reticle
  • First focal plane
  • 11 Illumination settings
  • Easy click adjustment knobs
  • Versatile 5x zoom

Burris Optics has been the outdoorsman’s go-to for gear such as scopes, binoculars, and even thermal imaging and other targeting equipment.

The XTR II, however, is for aggressive occasions.

It has high-resolution optics from its glass to its glowing reticle, providing easy target identification.

It is ergonomically designed, with parallax adjustments from 50 yards to infinity, and its XT100 zero-click adjustment knobs let you seamlessly slide between adjustment settings.

Adjusting was really easy for me!

I’ve never heard of the Hi-Lume multi-coating, but its light transmitting abilities are UNMATCHED.

It gives me better sight pictures to match the 11 brightness settings on the reticle.

I also don’t have to worry about recoil smacking me in the face, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum frame and triple internal spring-tension system.

Its versatile 5x zoom and great eye relief make it comfortable to use for long periods.

I could comfortably keep a close eye on my targets no matter how far they get!

Even among other scopes, it provides a level of precision and ease of use that makes it ideal for every kind of long-distance shooter.

  • Clear visuals
  • Extended illumination area
  • Continues to work in low-visibility situations
  • Great for bench rest competition shooters
  • Large objective size

7. Leupold Mark 5HD FFP Impact 60 Riflescope


Leupold Mark 5HD FFP Impact 60 Riflescope

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  • 5-25x magnification range
  • Aiming points for wind and bullet drop compensation
  • M5C3 ZeroLock adjustment turrets
  • Twilight Max HD light management system
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • 0.25 MOA clicks
  • High-speed power selector

The Mk 5 is the latest in many tactical-oriented scopes, but it has several tricks up its sleeve.

It’s no wonder why this scope is pretty much the US Army’s standard sniper scope. It has every right to be, taking every test thrown at it and excelling with flying colors.

It’s surprisingly lightweight at 17 inches long, and it’s easy to equip and use.

The FFP and 25x maximum magnification allow me to shoot comfortably at long distances.

It has truly lived up to the US Army’s stringent testing standards; its durability is what I wish every scope had.

This scope provides excellent edge-to-edge clarity, ideal eye relief, and a proprietary Mil-grid reticle that takes the Mil-Dot principle and further refines it.

It features the M1C3 ZeroLock adjustment with a 3-turn dial, which helps me keep the perfect zero while making all the necessary computations for my shots.

All these goodies make it the ideal scope for combat operations and intense police actions.

  • US Army Procurement extensive testing
  • High durability
  • Hash marks instead of Mil Dots increases the field of view
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
  • Export sales are regulated by US Government

8. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II


Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II

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  • First or second focal plane reticles
  • RZR Zero stop
  • XR Fully multi-coated
  • Extra-low dispersion glass
  • Precision glide erector system
  • Armortek protective coating

The second scope from the same brand on this list, the Vortex Optics Viper PST, is the modern hunter’s dream riflescope.

It brings tactical performance with civilian prices!

The Optics Viper PST Gen II is a first focal plane riflescope (some models offer second focal plane reticles) with 2-10x magnification, a 32 mm lens, and an EBR-4 (MOA) reticle.

It is a light, relatively compact scope that works great for long-range hunting. 

The zoom magnification works best for small to long-range shooting, perfect for varmint hunting.

I tried this scope from both short and long distances, and needless to say, it works great in both scenarios.

It has a tough aluminum construction with an anodized finish. It’s fog proof, shockproof, and scratch-resistant, thanks to its Armortek coating.

The fiber optic rotation indicator allows you to keep track of your turret adjustment, and its laser-etched turrets make it easy and accessible to adjust the knobs.

It comes with adjustable parallax, RZR zero stop for the easy return to zero, and an intuitive reticle that enhances the view offered by its clear daylight brightness.

  • Affordable price point
  • Robust build
  • Good for hunting and target-shooting applications
  • Not as ideal for combat shooters
  • Not the best for long-range shooters
  • Needs an exact head position to get edge-to-edge clarity

9. Steiner Model 5122 T5Xi Riflescope, w/SCR Reticle


Steiner Model 5122 T5Xi Riflescope, w/SCR Reticle

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  • Special competition reticle
  • Second rotation indicator
  • The tapered, all-metal magnification ring
  • Large, easy-to-grip adjustment knobs
  • Throw lever
  • Extraordinary grass quality
  • Locking diopter

Steiner is a testament to German engineering and a perfect companion for American sniper rifle competitions. 

The T5Xi, in particular, is perfect for long-range competition use.

This FFP scope is meant for serious competition shooters, coming with a special competition reticle that offers an extended illumination area and precise distance ranging.

It’ll make athletes out of any novice shooter if given a chance.

It comes with a 5-25x magnification range for medium to long-range shooting and a wide 56 mm objective lens. 

It gives consistent eye relief and a generous eye box for sustained shooting.

The T5Xi comes with fingertip adjustable turrets that use “Never Lost” technology and large adjustment knobs to help you make easy, perfect, and minute adjustments every time.

I appreciate how easy and intuitive it was to use the various knobs, which saved a lot of time for me.

It’s designed to give you the most adjustment options without confusion or frustration.

Its rugged, aircraft-grade construction makes it another high-quality, nigh-indestructible scope that can survive any terrain, weather, or abuse you throw at it.

  • High-quality engineering
  • Plenty of functions
  • Comes with a lifetime Heritage Warranty
  • Can get expensive
  • Not marketed towards military applications

10. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T


Vortex Optics Viper HS-T

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  • Armortek coating
  • VMR-1 (MOA) reticle
  • CRS ZeroStop
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Extra-low dispersion glass
  • MAG view fiber optic
  • Precision guide erector system

The Vortex Optics Viper HS-T stands for “Hunting, Shooting, Tactical,” which tells you everything you want and need to know about this versatile scope.

The short answer: It gets the job done.

But who am I to keep a good scope from its well-deserved spot, especially a scope like the Viper HS-T?

It is a second focal plane scope with 4-16x magnification and a 44mm objective lens. 

These numbers make it most suitable for competitions and hunting and provide a clear sight picture every time.

The scope comes with a Customizable Rotational Stop ZeroStop, aiding you in returning to zero after making adjustments. 

It ensures repeatability and consistent compensation every time.

It holds on to accuracy even at longer ranges, and with its commitment to giving you easy targeting, it gives you clear color fidelity and rapid target acquisition.

Like the other scopes on this list, the HS-T is a BEAST! 

Its aluminum tube construction and anodized Armortek coating give it the ability to take a beating and keep on hitting targets.

It is O-ring sealed and argon-purged, staying waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. 

The glass is scratch-proof, and it continues to prove why Vortex scopes are dominating the market.

  • Consumer-friendly price
  • Quality Viper construction
  • Smooth adjustments
  • Second focal plane sight
  • Reticle not illuminated
  • Daylight firing only
  • Narrow eye relief

11. Athlon Optics Ares ETR UHD FFP


Athlon Optics Ares ETR UHD FFP

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  • A choice between MOA or Mil-Rad reticles
  • Illuminated reticle
  • fully multi-coated lenses
  • 4.5-30x magnification range
  • Quality glass
  • Edge-to-edge clarity
  • Side-focus parallax adjustment

The Ares is the best budget sniper scope on our list, being a spectacular long-range shooting assistant while remaining affordable and encouraging.

It is both tactical and practical for many uses.

It is more appropriate for long-range shots with its 4.5-30x magnification and 56mm objective lens.

This scope is built like a diamond, with its argon-purged, aircraft-grade aluminum body.

Its Xtra protective coating allows it to remain fog-proof, waterproof, shockproof, and absorb recoil.

Its fully multi-coated lens and FFP MOA reticle give me clear, easy shots in any lighting condition.

The Ares is a god for tactical situations and would be the perfect sidekick for sniper rifles belonging to the police and other law enforcement agencies.

  • Middle of the road pricing
  • Effective in low-light scenarios
  • Highly accurate
  • Excellent warranty
  • Heavy
  • Eye box gets tight at higher magnifications

What Is a Sniper Scope?

A sniper scope is a telescope mounted on top of a rifle at its core, allowing shooters to align their barrel with the target using a reticle.

It helps shooters align their point of aim with the point of impact while accounting for natural factors such as windage, gravity, bullet drop, and the curvature of the Earth.

A sniper scope’s reticle, or the crosshairs that tell the shooter where to aim, allows the shooter to focus on where they want the bullet to go and often indicates how far the target is.

Long-range accuracy has only grown in importance in recent years, and long-range optics keep advancing in response.

A sniper scope is NECESSARY since the engagement distances between shooters and targets are extremely far, requiring magnified images conventional sights couldn’t dream of offering.

How Do Sniper Scopes Work?

How Do Sniper Scopes Work?

Sniper scopes gather light through their adjustable objective lens, bending them to a single bright point.

Focused on the eyepiece, this creates magnified images of the target.

Once the magnified images meet your eyes and your scope is firmly and stably mounted on the rifle, adjustments must be made to hit the targets from far away.

Sniper scopes are ESSENTIAL for long-range rifle shooters, whether for target shooting, long-range hunting, or tactical situations.

These long ranges require sharpshooters to consider many factors when making a shot.

These considerations are built into the scope, allowing shooters to make the right compensations.

The various knobs around the scope allow for elevation adjustments, windage, and bullet drop calculations.

These move the reticle and allow you to get accurate sight alignments.

Once the magnification is set, dials are adjusted to compensate, the sight is aligned, and the scope is far enough from your eyes to not punch it when recoiling.

It’s now time to fire!

What to Consider When Buying a Sniper Scope

While each of the scopes above is the best in their fields, the best scope is one that meets your needs.

But what do you need exactly?

#1 Types of Reticle

Types of Reticle icon

The reticle, or the crosshairs that allow you to align your rifle with the target, must give the best sight alignment within your sight picture.

There are 3 distinct reticles on the market: Duplex, Mil-Dot, and BDC.


A Duplex is the simplest reticle design, virtually a thin cross of 2 plain lines.

It is ideal for hunting and shooting because it gives a clear field of view without any obstructions.


Mil-Dot is a more complex version, having dots at fixed increments along the line.

These dots help estimate your distance to the target and allow you to make more precise calculations.

They allow you to make windage and gravity into account, making them perfect reticles for military and law enforcement sharpshooters at long range.


Last is the BDC reticle, or bullet drop compensator.

It predicts how your bullet will drop as it flies through the air, making it perfect for EXTREMELY long distances.

#2 Glass Quality

Glass Quality icon

After all, a sniper scope is a scope, and where would a scope be without its glass?

An excellent sniper scope possesses fully multi-coated objective lenses, allowing the light transmission to filter into the scope regardless of overcast skies or lighting, giving you excellent sight pictures.

The high-quality glass should be slow to fog, must offer a wide field of view, can filter light well, and should survive a few scratches without shattering.

These are key in ensuring that your scope functions well and allows you to get your eyes on the target.

They will help you fire in a SUSTAINED, ACCURATE, and CONSISTENT manner.

The ideal scope has well-crafted glass that gives you the best possible sight picture regardless of condition and should help you fight without giving away your position.

#3 Zoom Magnification Power

Zoom Magnification Power icon

The entire magnification range of a sniper scope is also essential. This refers to how much closer the target appears compared to your naked eye.

The higher the zoom, the farther you can lock into your target.

A good sniper scope must have HIGH and VARIABLE magnification settings to make long-range shots, allowing you to change views fast and precisely.

Your long-range shots should be hitting your targets, whether at 50 yards or 1000 yards.

The best way to assure that is by having a solid view of your target. You’ll need to be able to zoom in.

The best scopes usually have 50 mm objective lenses and 6 to 24 times magnification, allowing you to see the target as if you were standing in front of them despite the long distance.

#4 Durability

Durability icon

Sniper scopes are specialized tools, but that doesn’t mean you need to baby them for them to work. If you’re going into tough conditions, your scope should be ready.

Modern military sniper scopes are made of aircraft-grade aluminum rolled into tubes.

They are anodized to make them weatherproof and resistant to bumps and bruises in the field.

The O-rings of sniper scopes are also now tightly sealed and purged with argon or nitrogen, preventing fogging from obscuring your sight picture.

The best sniper scope is made with high-quality materials that can withstand any beatings the environment can bring and still get you that perfect shot placement.

#5 Budget and Warranty

Budget and Warranty icon

While military and law enforcement personnel may have the means to spend thanks to their units, the average civilian or personal scope users may need something less pricey.

Though hunting and sniper scopes are often similar or even the same, overlapping in clientele, scopes marketed to civilians are often much more affordable.

Another factor is that well-known companies offer a 1-year warranty on their scopes and lifetime warranties for factory defects.

Companies that care for their customers often make scopes that last long and want to give you the highest quality scope you can ask for.

Find a high-quality scope that fits your price range, offering the most scope features without emptying your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Magnification for a Sniper Scope?

I can’t really give a hard number, as it all depends on the kind of shooting.

If you are hunting and short-distance shooting, a SHORT magnification should do. You will need a wider field of view if you are hunting moving animals.

For long-distance and competition shooting, HIGH magnification is your best bet.

With higher magnification, you can see your target clearer, and you won’t need the extra field of view because you already know where the target is!

How Much Should I Pay for a Sniper Scope?

I can’t give a straight answer for this either, but if you are just starting out with a low budget, I recommend a $300-$350 scope.

This number is not set in stone, as it depends on your finances.

Either way, be aware of super cheap scopes, as chances are they are not as high-quality.

Sure, it will save you money, but your performance out on the field will be unsatisfactory or, in some cases, just disappointing.

Once you are comfortable with your affordable scope, you can start moving up to the higher-end ones, which cost more money.

Why Use a Sniper Scope While Hunting?

For the same reason you would any scope!

Sniper scopes are mostly used in competitive shooting, military operations, and law enforcement, but they can also be used for recreational activities, like hunting and target practice too!

Like any scope, sniper scopes allow you to see and land shots at targets from afar and hunt.

They even work well in low light and give crystal-clear images, thanks to their high-quality lenses.

What Scopes Do US Military Snipers Use?

The US Marine Corps adopted the Nightforce Advanced Tactical Riflescope to go with its Mk 13 long-range rifles because of its fast windage adjustments and faster target acquisition.

Meanwhile, the US Army adopts the Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25×56 riflescope for the Barrett MRAD. It’s lighter, more versatile, and has better light transmission than most civilian scopes.

The USSOCOM (Special Operations Command) also adopts the Sig Sauer Tango 6T First Focal Plane rifle scopes for their fingertip adjustable turrets and easy elevation adjustments.

Every Branch from the Army to the Coast Guard needs to take out long-range targets. Only the best sniper scopes make that possible.

While the average service rifle comes with a Trijicon ACOG, an EOTech holographic weapon sight or an Aimpoint red dot, snipers and sharpshooters need stronger rifle scopes.

These new adoptions result from lessons learned at war over the past 2 decades. These new sniper scopes will be ready for the next war and the next generation of sharpshooters.

These advancements in long-range scope technology will allow snipers to hit targets well into any future conflicts.

What Scopes Do the Navy SEALs Use?

Currently, the 10 SEAL Teams and DEVGRU (Seal Team 6) use the Nightforce NXS Tactical Scope and Nightforce ATACR scope for their ability to work in fast-changing environments.

Also currently in service is the Leupold Mk 5 Riflescope, an upgrade to the venerable Mark 4 and the de facto sniper scope of the US Armed Forces.

The rest of the US Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations Group (JSOG) units have adopted the Sig Sauer Tango 6T riflescope.

This scope was tested by the Navy Seals, with Sig Sauer being one of their go-to brands for everything from pistols to scopes. This SEAL of approval has helped sell it to civilians as well.

TRIVIA: At the tip of the US Military’s spear, the US Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) Teams captured the popular imagination with their daring missions and numerous media appearances. In 2003, “American Sniper” Chris Kyle’s Macmillan rifle had a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T Illum Mil Dot Riflescope, allowing him to become the deadliest sniper in US history.

Our Top Picks

Our Top Picks

Out of all the picks in this sniper scopes review, these are the best sniper scopes that stood above the rest.

Best Overall – Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Riflescope

This Vortex scope is the best sniper scope on the market right now. It is affordable to most shooters without sacrificing quality.

You’d be surprised at how good it is!

The Diamondback’s glass quality prevents glare, allowing you to focus on proper sight alignment. It gives you an unmatched sight picture without any distractions.

Its quality design and construction give you the peace of mind to make the shots that count and have made it a favorite for all the different kinds of long-range shooters.

It is a highly intuitive and straight-to-the-point scope designed to help you achieve your fullest potential as a shooter. No other scope compares.

Vortex Optics hit gold with this scope, and its dominance on this list reflects quality and innovation that more established brands struggle to compete with.

Best for Tactical Shooting – Trijicon TR-23 AccuPoint 5 Riflescope

Trijicon scopes have accompanied the troops for decades. This low-light engineering marvel is no different. Well, kind of different.

The TR23 is a low-light, no-light operator’s best friend. Its dual illumination system ensures that you’ll have enough visibility to make that shot no matter how bright or dark an area is.

This allows it to be a workhorse for many tactical situations, whether it be hostage rescue, long-distance engagements, or simply allowing you to stalk prey as the sun sets.

The option to carry such high durability, high visibility long-range riflescopes into combat without any batteries is a dream come true for many operators.

Best for Long-Range Shooting – Bushnell Elite Tactical 4200 Riflescope

This second focal plane rifle scope may be the best sniper scope for sheer distance.

It allows shooters to see all targets. No other brand comes close to these far engagement distances.

The Bushnell Elite 4200 has the highest entire magnification range in its line, allowing you to hit the widest variety of targets. Its brightness is also second to none, providing clear sight pictures to boot.

Designed with your interests in mind, the 4200 has several knobs that make adjustments precise and easy, allowing you to calibrate your sniper scope exactly to the given situation.

It is both combat and competition tested, routinely making shots 35 football fields long. With a range like that, it’s sure to be a scope of quality, clarity, and accuracy.


The BEST sniper scope should…

  • Meet your needs and helps you face any challenge
  • Allow you to see your targets clearly
  • Be able to take a beating without fogging up your field of view
  • Have strong magnification and can make easy adjustments
  • Be able to go far
  • Make you proud and not be frustrated to own it!

I hope these sniper scope reviews gave you everything you needed to know to get the right sniper scope for you.

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