Can Dogs Eat Deer Bones?

Deer is an animal that lived on the prairie, or in the woods more sparse grass and young leaves. They usually live in herds for food and avoid the aggressor.

Some kind of deer nowadays.

Some kind of deer nowadays.

Hunting deer for the main purpose is to get the food, however, they also hunted deer recreational purposes. In addition, deer meat is a source of nutritious food, deer bones also have significant value. It is used for medicinal purposes and as food for pets, especially dogs.

Deer bone is now the most popular foods for dogs on the market because of the quality and the size of it. You could have chance to receive some free give away best police flashlight for hunting purpose from us.

Can dogs eat deer bones?

Based on the report on nutrition in bone, the bone is considered the natural food sources and healthy for dogs. Dogs eat bones helps clean teeth and provide adequate nutrition.

Is deer bone good for dogs?

Is deer bone good for dogs?

Yes, mushrooms are also natural foods, but eat it, dog can die instantly? Or dill leaves, it’s an impossible spice embroidered in the human diet, so should we grind fennel leaves and make dog food?

So, Does deer bones be good for the dog?

Do you have to be aware that, after your pet eating a delicious meal, it is often noticed bones that you just ate and leaves? Many people often wonder, ‘’Can dogs eat these kinds of bone like bones of pigs or beef bones? ” For many people, it’s probably a good choice, because everyone knows that dogs like gnawing bones thought (even the raw bones), that is very good for dogs, but experts and veterinarians with experience do not think so.

Of course, there will be some veterinarians recommend dog eat bones, so you need to decide what is good and what is not good for your pet.

In fact, deer bone is not quite good for dogs.

In fact, deer bone is not quite good for dogs.

Here are a few examples of the harmful effects of eating the bones for dogs. You could use some good knife to separate the fresh & bond in our best oft knife review post.

For domesticated dogs in the east, they are usually characterised by chewing carefully before swallowing, so it’s less prone to the harmful effects of bone. However, for the hybrid breed, dog exchange, they are without chewing food, therefore, need to be careful when feeding them bones.

Here are the X-rays by Dr Ray Goodroad in Rhinelander in December 1998. This is an X-ray plate of a hunting dog when its owner to feed him raw deer bones. Then the dog becomes lethargic, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhoea, dehydration. this breed naturally fed by raw deer bones, and this is the result:


Now let’s look at X-ray plate, which is an X-ray of a dog suffering from colic, very weak and dehydrated. through the process of understanding, the doctor Goodroad learned a few days ago, the dog was rummaging neighbour’s trash.


Two dogs all had to stay in a hospital for 4 days, anaesthesia, resuscitation, rehydration, … if these methods are not effective, then the dog will have to put up her surgery to save them from a painful death.

These are the harmful effects of not paying attention to the eating of dog bones, it leads to many adverse effects to the health of your pet.

So, Can Dogs Digest Bones?

It is important that you pay attention to the fact the dog eat bones, the nutrients are from the cartilage, soft tissue attached to the bone, fat and connective tissue to bone, not in the bone.

Deer bones include common minerals in many ordinary foods. protein components of bone only included collagen, and you need to know, dogs do not absorb collagen!  So where all that wonderful nutritional benefits that is expected to be coming from the actual “bone” really coming from? It’s from the cartilage, meat, connective tissue and fat!

Most of their nutrients from meat, not from bone.

Most of their nutrients from meat, not from bone.

However, the bones of deer currently remain one of food sources which are the most popular for pet nowadays. It is not only nutritious food but also as a tool for great entertainment. For a dog, gnawing on a bone is like we are reading a good book. That is the way to spend time.

What kind of bones is the best for your dogs

Advice: you must pay attention to the following points when feeding your dog deer bones:

  • Type of deer bones:

There is two type of bones: Flat bones and long bones.

Flat bones: A type of bone is mainly ribs, pelvis, or scapula of deer. These are the kind of little spinal bone and over rough surfaces.

Long bones: Mainly located in the wings or legs of deer. Bones contain many nutrients and have smooth surfaces.

Flat bones and food bones

Flat bones and food bones

  • The source of bone:

Deer bones which are kind of medium and small, easily digested by dogs large size but not suitable for those with little.

  • Safety First:

Chew bones, although safety, the case would have caused problems for your dog, so you need to avoid certain types of bone can cause problems:

Bowel blockages: Long bones have soft ends and mostly cartilage. This is not a good choice for your dog because it would make the dog diarrhoea, fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting, .. more severe, it may have to go to the vet for surgical removal jam. Therefore, you should select the type of larger-sized bone for your dog.

Broken teeth: Long bones quite hard on the surface, which may cause injury to your pet’s teeth. You should select the type of flat bones, especially with the large-sized dogs, because it is softer and has more meat sticking out than simple bone, stimulating chew over.

Loose stools: With new dogs fed first bone, or bone dog eating more than usual, can cause loose stools. This is caused by the bone marrow inside, so you need the right bones to the dogs diet, avoid overeating.

Constipation: consume large amounts of bone can cause constipation in dogs. Diet with too much calcium can cause health problems for your pet. So, do not let the dog eat too much bone, or should add phosphorus balance in its meals. In general, if your dog wants to eat a lot of bones to entertain, then you should select the type of bone, which have more meat and less bone.

Feeding too much bones makes dog become anorexic

Feeding too much bones makes dog become anorexic

Toxins: Be careful with the older type of deer bones, because they have the ability to absorb toxins and pollutants. The best you select the type of deer bones are still immature, which is very nutritious because of herbivores.

  • What to buy:

If you have a dog or a large or medium-sized, you should buy the bones of deer, and sometimes with the larger ups, you should look to buy these types of cow or pig bones. the small dog bones you buy chicken or duck bones. However, is still mostly deer bones.

Find suitable bone forpet is very necessary and important.

Find suitable bone for pet is very necessary and important.


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