How To Darken Stainless Steel

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Black is the color present for power, importance, and the profession. That make it so reasonable if you want to darken the metal staff to make it better. The barrel of the gun is an example when you need to darken the metal.

Also, the black barrel will allow you to ambush well on the ground. Giving you more chance to hide better comparing of the bright and shining metal. If you want to cover the stainless steel, but do not know how to do this, let this post help you with the precise steps.

How To Darken Stainless Steel

Using the painting to darken the metal

In the case you are finding the easiest method to deal with the metal piece you have, this is what we recommend for you. It will not take you too least effort to do it, cheap. Also, this way is to ensure that there will not accident will come to you.

First, you will need to buy a paint pot and the brush or a spray bottle painting as the material for this task. Try to choose the best type of the paint to make sure that the cover will last long and will not fade too quickly. Look for the one labeled as gunmetal gray, will make sure it will stick on the surface of the stainless steel.

You should also prepare the water beforehand too; it will be very useful when you need to rinse the brush. Besides, do not forget to cover the ground or the table with the plastic sheet or newspaper. Then you can put ground cover into the trash and do not need to worry about the mess you have created.

For that stuff, you should lay it on the ground and use the brush to paint it. Begin from one side, then continue to the other, to make they black completely. Be sure you do it, and cover the whole stuff with the paint, especially in the seam as well as the spot that brushes hard to reach.

Then you will need to let it completely dry, then inspect your product. Is it painted carefully to all the detail? If it is not, now you will need to pay more attention to that spot. Only with a small spot without the paint can ruin the beauty of your metal stuff.

The brush only can not accomplish this work; you will need a sponge to deal with this metal piece. It is to ensure that the painting layer will be smooth after it is dry. Asides, it can make sure there is not an unpainted point on the surface of the stainless steel.

A note for you is that always use the wet sponge. That will make sure that there is no pattern of the sponge is imprinting into the pain. By the way, the small sponge will not stick on the surface of the paint. It will take you a lot of time to fix when it happens.

After that, you just need to repeat the process, it more you do it, the thicker the paint layer. If you want a thick one, just do it still you think it is enough. Dry it is the last step, you should let it dry for at least a day. And bear in your mind, do not dry it at the dirty place as the dust will stick to the painting.

In reserve, this method might not love by some people as after a time; the painting will eventually peel off. Also, the painting might not deliver you the “smooth” intuition when you hold it in your palm of the hand. While, on the appearance side of the gun, it not really looks good.

Darken it with the heat from direct fire

As it is said, you will need to shoot for this method to make your shiny, flashy metal piece to be black. Therefore, if you do not need careful, you might have the fire accident. But, you still keen on with this method, you will not be disappointed with the thing you are paid off.

To ensure the safe for yourself, you should do it in the place there are not flammable materials. At the same time, prepare thick gloves and put it in your hand. As you are “playing with fire,” it had better the gloves can resist heating as well fire.

You will also need the coffee ground to cool off the metal piece quickly. In the case you do not have coffee, do not use water instead, it may not lead to the result you want. Just leave it there and slowly cool. But, of course, this will take you more time to wait for the steel to get to normal temperature.

First, you will need a small fire for you to darken your barrel and make it completely black. Then continuously pass it through the fire. Do not forget to spin it to make sure the fire can reach from all the side.

If you have the coffee ground, and it enough for you to put the barrel in there, do it. The coffee ground can take part in blacking the stainless steel; it is a dye for the gun. But for sure it will not be as dark as the paint for the first time, you will need to redo it till it becomes black.

Using the vinegar

The last method we introduce to you is using the vinegar. The acid in vinegar might react the metal and make it darken. Nevertheless, this is not a reliable method, means that it will not make all the metal darken all the time.

Depend on the material ratio of the steel; it can work or might not. Above all, you still can try it and experience whether it worth doing that. You need to prepare enough the vinegar and the container to store the vinegar. Put the stainless steel in there, and wait for a night.

Things we want to make clear to you is that even the vinegar is used every. You should wear rubber gloves to protect your hand as you are working with the large amount of it. If you see the stuff float, you will need to dampen it and hold it there.

A massive stone can do it for you; this is a wise idea since you can not hold it through the night. After a night, if you see the metal is darkening, it means it works. Again, you will need to repeat those steps. It will allow you to have a black stainless steel barrel.

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