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How to Attract Deer with Peanut Butter [Easy 3-Step Guide]

How to Attract Deer with Peanut Butter

You read it right! Deer are attracted to peanut butter.

But that’s not all!

I’ve used peanut butter to lure deer in and it resulted in pretty successful hunts! You don’t have to be an expert deer hunter in order for it to work!

Follow these 3 simple steps on how to attract deer with peanut butter and you’re bound to have success in your deer hunting.

First Things First

Hunting deer is a regulated activity in most states. There are states that also prohibit the use of baiting in deer hunting.

Make sure to check with your local wildlife authorities and abide by any state laws and restrictions that there are in your area.

Before investing in your precious peanut butter jar, verify the rules and regulations to ensure you’re not doing something illegal.

Things You Need

Once you have verified the deer hunting rules and regulations of your state and local wildlife authorities, let’s now talk about peanut butter!

Here are the materials that you need:

  • Peanut butter
  • Some screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Utility knife

Deer like peanut butter so it is a go-to bait. It’s cheap and easy to set up, that’s why most deer hunters use peanut butter as deer attractants.

How to Attract Deer with Peanut Butter in 3 Steps

How to

If you’ve been meaning to boost your deer hunting game, peanut butter is a go-to option. It’s one of the most used and EASIEST ways to attract deer.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Take the Lid Off and Screw the Lid on the Tree

Find a sturdy tree in your deer hunting area that can hold your peanut butter safely.

Take the lid off and screw the jar lid to the tree at a comfortable place and height for a deer, about 4 to 5 feet off the ground.

You can also pre-drill your holes to avoid cracks on the tree.

Proper tree placement is essential for your deer bait to work. You want your deer calm and steady, so let it eat the peanut butter comfortably.

Choose your tree and location wisely!

Step 2: Screw the Peanut Butter Jar Back to the Lid

After screwing the lid to the tree, screw the jar of peanut butter back to the lid. Remove anything heavy that might fall to your deer bait.

Secure it to the tree and check if it can withstand some forces. Make sure that nothing can remove your peanut butter easily.

I’ve unfortunately had other animals run away with my peanut butter, missing my chance to lure in deer.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom of the Peanut Butter Jar

After securing your peanut butter, cut the bottom of the peanut butter jar.

You can cut the entire bottom of the peanut butter jar or you can leave a small portion of it uncut and let it hang.

Either way, it is a tempting bait for your deer hunting!

You might also want to check this video for a demonstration:

Additional Tips to Attract Deer

Additional Tips

Using inexpensive treats like peanut butter is a common trick and method used in deer hunting.

But, there are also other ways and food plots you can try as deer attractants.

Alternative Method: Creating a Mixture

You can try leveling up your deer baiting game by creating a mixture of peanut butter, molasses, and brown sugar to make it softer.

If the weather is hot enough to soften the mixture, you can put the mixture in a can or a peanut butter jar with a hole in it.

Attach it to a tree, let it pour, and the deer will eventually find it.

Another way you can try is to put some of this homemade deer attract in a can or jar.

Cut a few small holes (smaller than a nail-sized hole but bigger than a pin-sized one) on the lid, and cut a small hole at the bottom part.

Insert a wire through the bottom hole and form a circle that will fit well in the can.

Make sure that the circle sits flat while the other end of the wire is projecting vertically upwards.

Pour the mixture into the can and seal it using duct tape. You can place the peanut butter mixture on areas where the deer loves to visit more.

Other Deer Attractants

Another Deer Attractant

There’s a lot of food you can use as bait for your deer hunting. I’ve used some of them in the past when I didn’t have peanut butter on hand or at home.

Here are other foods that you can try:

  • Vegetables: Potatoes, cabbages, corns, green beans, soybeans
  • Fruits: Apple, cherries, grapes
  • Nuts: Acorns, beechnuts, hickory nuts, pecans
  • Plants: Red clover, chicory, orchard grass

Deer love to eat a lot of nuts and fruits that provide the nutritional property and high energy they need.

I also learned that deer like vanilla extract because of the smell and taste. True enough, I tried it myself and saw two deer in the area!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Can Deer Smell Peanut Butter?

Deer can smell peanut butter for about 1-2 miles away. The fact they deer smell peanut butter from quite the distance explains why it is a popular choice to lure them in!

Is Peanut Butter Good For Deer?

Peanut butter does have some nutritional benefits for deer, such as high protein and fats to sustain them during winter.

However, it may also depend on the deer itself and its diet. Some deer may prefer peanut butter, while others may not.



You don’t have to be an expert deer hunter when using peanut butter and attract deer to finally catch your first trophy game!

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner hunter, you can easily follow these 3 simple steps without breaking a leg and a bank!

I thought it was like magic when I lured my first deer with peanut butter! Now, I always make it a point to carry peanut butter when deer hunting.

I hope these steps answer your question on how to attract deer with peanut butter. If it did, then it’s time to go ahead and try out my tips!

You can also take a look at my list of Things to Pack for Hunting Day to make sure you have everything you need for a successful hunt.

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