Kimber Micro 9 vs. Glock 43: Which one is the better pistol for concealed carry?

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Whether you are a gun enthusiast or need something for self – defense, you should always take a look at a pistol. Light, compact and generally simple to operate, this type of gun can be used by people of all age and sex. Yet with many models of pistol around, it may be hard to find an appropriate product. So if you happen to be searching for a concealed carry pistol, this article can be of use. You can find the specifications and features of two premium examples right here: Kimber Micro 9 vs. Glock 43. Take a look and see if one of them can catch your attention.

There isn’t a single pistol that can do well at everything so it all comes down to your personal preferences. One of the guns may have some characteristics that make it look more attractive to certain peoples than the other. That is why it’s essential that you crosscheck the gun information with your own needs and requirements. That is how you can obtain a usable and practical pistol for your use. If you just rush forward and buy anything that seems to be nice then you probably going to waste a lot of money doing so for very little gain. I still remember the Glock 43 and a 18650 flashlight is my 25 birthday gift from my father.

General information

Kimber is a well – known brand thanks to its line of M1911 style products which are very popular. When it comes to the pocket pistol, Kimber possesses an excellent design which is the Micro .380 ACP. However, while the .380 ACP caliber is adequate, there are people that desire extra power for a conceal carry weapon. That is when the Micro 9 comes into play with its 9mm Luger caliber. It fills the gap between a pocket-size weapon and its full-size cousins. The recoils are manageable and that is a major plus given the gun limited size and the use of 9mm round.

Same story with the German origin company H&K, its Glock 42 pistol also employ the .380 ACP as its choice of ammunition. And when the needs for high caliber pocket pistol become more apparent, the introduction of the Glock 43 is to be expected. Chambered for the 9 x 19mm, the Glock 43 looks not too different from the Glock 42 yet with considerably increased firepower. For shooters that think the 9mm is the lowest caliber acceptable for a handgun then the Glock 43 is definitely a product that worth a look.

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Size and dimension

Kimber Micro 9

  • The entire length: 6 Inches
  • The height: 4 Inches
  • The weight (Loaded): 17.5 Ounces
  • The ammo capacity: 6 + 1
  • The basic sight: Three white dots
  • The caliber: 9mm
  • The field stripping time (Approx): 65 seconds

Glock 43

  • The entire length: 6.25 Inches
  • The height: 4.25 Inches
  • The weight (Loaded: 18 Ounces
  • The ammo capacity: 6 + 1
  • The basic sight: White dot at the front and white outline at the rear
  • The caliber: 9mm
  • The field stripping time (Approx): 30 seconds

From a quick glance, you may see that both of the guns have a rather humble dimension and lightweight. This makes them very suitable for concealed carry. The profile of the Glock 43 is indeed a bit more noticeable and heavier than Micro 9 though. About the general appearance, they look pretty much like the rest of their respective families. The Kimber Micro 9 design feature a M1911 style construction while the Glock 43 look just a like a slightly enlarged Glock 42. For ammunition, Micro 9 and G43 choose the 9mm caliber which is quite substantial for their sizes.

Shooting and precision

As a pocket pistol, you can’t expect to use the Micro 9 to shoot something too far away. Its recoils are acceptable but not exactly the most pleasant due to the light frame and reduced mass. The first time you shoot them on the field can be quite an experience simply because of the recoil. With little weight to absorb the power of the 9mm ammunition, make sure that you have a tight grip on the gun. Lock the wrist and prepare yourself. The Micro 9 precision is fairly nice with an average 5 – shot grouping of 3.43 inches at 25 yards.

Shooting the Glock 43 is not too different compared to the Micro 9. Its ergonomic handle and well-balanced body did make it relatively easy to manipulate though. Trigger pulls require a small amount of force and smooth magazine operations. The textured grip permits you to hold and steady the gun which makes it sit well in your palm. For accuracy, the G43 precision is comparable to the single stack G42 but not as high as its double stack sub compact brothers. At 25 yards, the G43 can produce a 5 – shot grouping of 3 to 4 inches depending on the ammunition. For the best defend tactic, you could use some AA flashlight with these guns.


Both the Micro 9 and the G43 are durable and reliable pistols. You can go through hundreds of rounds on any of the gun and you can hardly meet a failure. The disassembly procedure and maintenance techniques are very easy to perform and execute. However, when you reassemble the Micro 9, do remember to pay attention at all time. If you insert the slide stop pin incorrectly, the entire thing will jam and stuck tight. It might take a lot of time and effort to pull the pin out so take it slow and steady when you put the gun components back together.

Overall, if you use them properly, the performances of the Micro 9 and the G43 are more or less similar. Should you prefer the setting of a M1911 – style gun then go with the Micro 9. Otherwise, you won’t be disappointed by the Glock 43.


And that would be a quick overview of the Kimber Micro 9 vs. Glock 43, pretty straightforward, right? A good pistol is the kind of pistol that you can comfortably wield and carry. In the end, you are the one that is going to use it so make sure that you are fully satisfied with the gun before deciding on what to pick. AS long as you can do that, you can be sure that your investment on the gun is well – spent money.

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