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Lee Loadmaster vs Pro 1000: Full Comparison and Review

Lee Loadmaster vs Pro 1000

When you put the Lee Load Master vs. Pro 1000, it’s clear that these are two of the best products on the market today. It’s hard for the shooter when they have to choose just one.

Based on our own experiences with these items, we will discuss the differences between them to help you choose what’s more suitable for you.

We start with an overall review of each model, and then we will go into separating the differences between the Lee Loadmaster and Pro 1000.

Lee Loadmaster

Lee Loadmaster

This model was designed to have full features. First, the auto index is one of the best functions you can get from the most progressive reloading presses.

With the other models, you will work on a single stage that has to rotate the turret head to do the next step while this is automatic on the Lee Loadmaster.

Besides, the die-cast aluminum frame makes sure that this progressive reloading press might last for a longer time. Thus, you can rely on it for hours of operation.

Moreover, it has a conveniently removable turret and a changeable shell plate that helps you change to a different one if you need to switch.

It also includes a Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure to ensure your cases take the right number of charges and lessen hand movement when reloading.

It has three carbide dies that make it ready for use. You also can get the prime feeder, the case catch bin to be sure that every ejected cartridge stays in one place that you empty by batch, and the manual, which assists when setting up the Lee Loadmaster.

Lee Pro 1000

Lee Pro 1000

This machine with three holes saves you a lot of time reloading your brass when starting with the first stroke with the sixes of your bullet and de-primes. It also has the pro auto disk that measures the amount of powder required for an exact type of bullet.

The pro auto disk has a large funnel-like case that you can refill with gunpowder. It can hold half a pound of powder with the right volume to produce a lot of brass at the given time.

Besides, you can reload various ammo just by changing the dies sets and the shell cases. 380 and 357 mags are compatible, provided you get the correct die sets. You should change your primer feeder if you want to reload the bigger ammo.

It was also equipped with many other helpful features and specifications, such as a progressive press kit, a steel station, die-cast aluminum, and a pro auto disk.

Lee Loadmaster vs. Pro 1000


Lee Loadmaster and Lee Pro 1000

One of the main differences between the Loadmaster and the Pro 1000 is the design.

While the Loadmaster is designed to handle rifle and pistol cartridges of different bullet grains, the Pro 1000 is designed primarily for just pistol cartridges.

However, it will reload rifle cartridges up to 2 5/16 in overall length. The Pro 1000 is for pistols and 223, while the Loadmaster can load any caliber.

Station Press

Station Press

The Lee Loadmaster has five station presses while the Pro 1000 is three. Both of them include automatic indexing, automatic primer feed, and case feed.

They can also fit with an automated bullet feed and provide everything you need for loading the chosen caliber. You can also load a rifle or use the Lee Carbide Factory Crimp die for handgun loading OTP for the Loadmaster.

The Pro 1000 is the better choice for handgun rounds because it allows you both quick output and less fussing around with presses.



The caliber changes for both presses and can be done in less than 5 minutes. However, the Lee Loadmaster is a little more costly to buy and to change calibers with.

Both presses are for experienced reloaders.


The Lee Master primes on the downstroke and the case is well-sized, making it hard to feel the primer as it is seated. On the other hand, the Pro 1000 primes on the upstroke so you can feel the primer seat.


We can now conclude our comparative discussion on the Lee Loadmaster and Pro 1000. Although both share many similarities, they also have distinguishing points that you should know.

When you choose between the two models, consider your preferences.



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