How Much Does it Cost to Restring a Bow – Newbie Guide

There so many answers to this question. Because the cost of bow restringing depends on what type of string or at what shop you come for archery services. This article will thus offer you the most detailed answer possible.

Restringing your bow is one of the priorities in bow maintenance. It helps your bow, whatever type it is, to perform better and more consistent. Even when you have a top-class bow, it does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to the bow string. In fact, restringing your bow requires a thorough understanding of the bow and skills to properly replace the string with the new one without damaging its performance. In this article, you will find everything you need about restringing a bow.

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When do you need to restring a bow?

It does not really have to be an exact answer. In fact, to decide whether or not it’s a right time, it requires elaborate observation and hands-on experience on your bow. You can start with asking yourself some questions like Can you continue to shoot with it? How much was it shot? How long has the string been on it? What are the problems with the string as you observe? Has your bow had decreasing performance recently and if yes, is it really because of the string? However, there is nothing wrong if you want to restring the bow anytime you like, with a new and better set of strings, your bow will definitely shoot better.


I strongly recommend that you could bring some police flashlight during your hunting at night, its good tool to light up at the dark & cold place. Analyzing your bow and bow string before deciding if you want to restring it will help you to save a good amount of money. Additionally, there is a period of time after which you should restring your bow. The bow manufacturers commonly recommend replacing the bow string every 3 years whether or not you use it with high frequency. You may regret if you ignore your bowstring for more than 3 years, because after that you may spend an even higher expenditure on maintenance to keep it back on track again. Also, it is always recommended to replace the string if you know nothing about the bow, especially when it is a used bow, and you don’t know if the string is original or was replaced previously.

What are the factors influencing the bow restringing cost?


Most shops will charge a fee to put on strings, which can run from $25 or more. You can totally eliminate this charge by restringing the bow yourself. You may need a lot of practices to do this properly, and if you are not sure about the performance of the bow after being restrung by yourself, you are always better off getting your bow string replace at a shop.

Brand name

Different brand names have different pricing. For example, a standard Winners’ Choice costs about $100 for the string and the cables, while a set from Bucknasty may cost around $65. There are thousands of brands name that you can find in the local shops, make sure you know the brand name and its reputation before deciding to buy the string.

String quality

Strings vary in quality, and there are a handful of quality custom string makers that charge $50-$100 for a complete set including cables and strings with customizable color. The brand name and the price can somehow reflect the quality of a string. But remember it’s not always the case, you’d better test and experience the string before putting it on your bow.

How much does it cost to restring a bow?

If you are asking for an average price of restringing a bow, I would say it falls for $70. Commonly for this average price, you will have your string replaced, your bow tuned and a new NAP Apache rest installed. However, now we all know that there are many factors that influence the bow restringing cost, so the price range may fall from $50-$150. If you have to pay more than $150 to restring your bow, you may be expecting some kind of top-class service with high degree of customization or just that you are being ripped off. Also you could have the chance to receive an otf knife as the customer rewarding if you do this in some shop.

How to restring a bow at home?

You can find a lot of tutorials on how to restring a bow on the Internet. And I suggest that you should watch a tutorial video to really know how. Basically, to restring a bow, you will need a new bow string an allen wrench.

First, insert the Allen wrench right into the limb bolts, which connects to the riser of your bow. Turn the bolts in the anti-clockwise direction until you can release the pressure on the limbs. Now step your feet on top of the bow string and pull your bow’s riser until your bow obtains the full draw position.

Second, hold the riser by one hand while the other put the new bow string’s end loop on the teardrop fittings, which can be found on two ends of the bow’s cable. Now lower your bow until the limbs come back to the normal position.

Third, make sure the string’s loop are put properly onto the grooves. Then step on to the new bow string and pull the riser until your bow acquires the full draw position again. Now take out the old string from the liftings and lower you bow. Finally, insert the wrench to tighten the limb bolts

How often should you restring the bow?

As stated earlier, most of the bow manufacturers recommend restringing the bow at least every 3 years. However, the number may vary depending on how often you use your bow, how much you shot and how well you have maintained the string by waxing it. We all know that the string will stretch over time and with that you will lose some of your poundage and velocity. If the integrity of the string is fine, but it is just “hairy”, maybe you just need to wax it.

Some people advise to get your string replaced after each season; others say you don’t restring it until you feel the need to do so.  Each side has their own reasons. While restringing your bow periodically is a good way to maintain its performance at the best level, having your bow string replace only when you feel the need may save you a lot of money, especially for those who are not really that serious about bow hunting.


A new set of the string will look better, last longer, make your bow’s performance more stable, consistent and faster. Better yet, you can choose the way you personalize and complement your bow. The cost of restringing the bow varies for different reasons, and it’s always recommended to scrutinize the need for it. Thank for reading through my article, hope you find it helpful.