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How Much Does It Cost to Restring a Bow? — What to Know

How much does it cost to restring a bow

There are so many answers to this question because the cost of bow restringing for your arrow depends on what type of string you get. It can also depend on the shop you come to for better quality services.

Nonetheless, reading through this article will offer you the most detailed answer possible.

Restringing your bow is one of the top priorities in bow maintenance. It helps ensure your bow performs better and is more consistent when used.

Even when you have a top-class compound bow, that doesn’t mean that you do not need to pay attention to the bow string anymore. In fact, restringing your bow requires an even more thorough understanding of the bow.

You must also have the right skills when replacing the string to avoid damaging its performance. Just keep reading to find out everything you need about restringing a bow.

How Much Does It Cost to Restring a Bow?

The average price of restringing a bow is around $70.

In my experience, for that price, I was able to have my bow restrung, tuned, and have a new NAP Apache rest installed.

A reasonable price and bargain if you ask me!

However, now that you know that there are many factors that influence the bow-restringing costs, the price could actually range from $50-$150.

If you end up paying more than $150 cost to restring your bow, you can expect TOP-CLASS service and a high degree of customization.

Just be sure to review the quality of the bow’s string so that you won’t end up getting ripped off for a new bow string cost and service.

I’ve heard too many stories of fellow hunters getting their bows restrung for sky-high prices, only to have to do it again at a more affordable place.

When Do You Need to Restring a Bow?

When do you need to

There really isn’t one exact answer to this.

In fact, to decide whether or not it’s the right time, you must do an elaborate observation and have hands-on experience with your compound bow.

I usually start by asking myself these questions:

  • Can you continue to shoot with it?
  • How much has it shot?
  • How long has the string been on it?
  • What are the problems with the string that you’ve noticed?
  • Has your bow had decreasing performance recently? If yes, is it really because of the string?

These questions help, but also, I’ve restrung my bow for the sole reason that I just wanted to! Nothing wrong with that either.

However, analyzing your compound bow and bow string before deciding if you want to restring will help you save A LOT of money. 

You don’t have to spend if you don’t actually need to.

But either way, a new and better set of strings will always make your bow shoot better! I know my bow-shooting performance increased!

Generally, though, bow manufacturers recommend replacing the bow string every 3 years whether or not you use it with high frequency.

If you haven’t used your bowstring for more than 3 years, you may have to spend an even expense on maintenance to get it back on track again.

Also, I recommend replacing the string if you’ve purchased a used bow since you won’t know if the string is original or has already been previously replaced.

What are the Factors Influencing the Bow-Restringing Cost?

What are the factors

To get the best deals and the most out of your money, here are a few things to consider before getting your bow restrung.


Most shops will charge a fee or labor cost to put on the strings for you and this can run from $25 or more.

Of course, you can totally eliminate this charge by just restringing the bow yourself.

I tried this myself, and I wasn’t very good at it, so practice is key!

If you aren’t confident about the performance of the bow after you’ve restrung it by yourself, get it replaced at a professional archery shop to be extra sure.


Different brands have different pricing.

For example, the Winners’ Choice brand costs about $100 for string and cables, while a set from Bucknasty may cost around $65.

There are countless brands that you can find in local shops so make sure you’re familiar with the brand that you’re buying.

It’ll always be good to read through reviews from other users before purchasing from a certain brand if you’re still unfamiliar with its quality.

String Quality

Bow strings vary in quality and custom string-makers charge differently for them.

A good average for one set of cables and strings is around $50-$100. You can usually also customize their colors when you purchase a set.

The brand name and the price can also reflect the quality of a bow string.

But remember that it’s not always the case, so you’d better test the string well first to ensure you have a durable string for your bow.

How Do You Restring a Bow at Home?

You can find a lot of tutorials on how to restring a compound bow on the internet. A video is the best medium to learn because you’ll see exactly what steps you should take.

For restringing a bow, you’ll specifically need an Allen wrench to install the new bow string. Check out the video below for a better explanation.

  1. First, insert the Allen wrench right into the limb bolts which connect to the riser of your bow. Note that you might need a bow press for some bows.
  2. Turn the bolts in a counter-clockwise direction until you can release the pressure on the limbs.
  3. Step your foot on top of the bow string and pull your bow’s riser until your bow obtains full draw position.
  4. Second, hold the riser in one hand while the other puts the new bow string’s end loop on the teardrop fittings.
    • These can be found on two ends of the bow’s cable. Now, lower your bow until the limbs come back to the normal position.
  5. Make sure the top string loop and bottom loop are put properly onto the string’s grooves.
  6. Then, step on the new bow string and pull the riser until your bow acquires the full draw position again.
  7. Now, take out the old string from the liftings and lower your bow.
  8. Finally, use the Allen wrench to tighten the limb bolts.

How Often Should You Restring the Bow?

How Often

As stated earlier, most bow manufacturers recommend restringing the bow at least every 3 years.

That number may vary depending on how often you use the bow, how much you’ve shot, and how well you’ve maintained the string.

You maintain the string’s quality by waxing it regularly.

I know that the string will stretch over time and that causes it to lose poundage and velocity.

If the integrity of the string is fine but it seems “hairy,” you may just need to wax it.

There are some people who advise getting your string replaced after each season.

Others say you don’t have to restring it until you feel the need to do so. Everyone has their own preference.

For me personally, I don’t restring my bow unless I NEED to, which is a good way to save money!

After all, it’s not my main weapon of choice anyway.

If you’re not really serious about bow hunting and view it as a hobby, then this is the way to go.



The cost of restringing the bow varies for different reasons but it’s always recommended to scrutinize the need for it.

Even though replacing the strings regularly is good for performance, there’s no harm in still using a perfectly working old string.

Make sure you discern whether or not you actually need a bow string replacement before getting your bow restrung.

I hope that this article has helped you find out the cost to restring a bow and whether or not your bow string needs to be replaced already.

If it does, there are plenty of ways for you to restring it.

You just have to take into consideration the type of bow string you want, the brand, and how much your budget will allow you to spend.

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