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What Is the Nikon Rifle Scope Warranty? Full Guide

What is the Nikon Rifle Scope Warranty

Nikon, a Japanese company, is one of the world’s biggest camera and optical lens manufacturers. They have been in operation for more than a century!

Their offerings include binoculars, scopes, and lenses.

Naturally, as a buyer, I would be curious about Nikon’s rifle scope warranty program and how it works before I choose to buy from this brand.

True enough, I’ve never bought from Nikon WITHOUT checking the warranty policy first.

And that’s what this guide is for!

This is how current Nikon scope customers may expect Nikon’s warranty service to function and any future warranty claim under the new warranty program.

What Is the Nikon Lifetime Warranty Program?


Before Nikon opted out of the rifle scope business, their warranty policy implemented a generous warranty to replace optical and mechanical components.

The rifle scope repair warranty covers mechanical defects for anyone requesting warranty service.

However, INTENTIONAL or ACCIDENTAL damage from unauthorized replacement parts is excluded.

In my experience, I accidentally dropped my scope while outdoors, which resulted in some hefty damage.

But unfortunately, the warranty was not honored.

However, I had ANOTHER experience where I received a defective mount upon delivery. Only then was the warranty honored!

They provide excellent customer service and free repair to people who purchase electronic components for their optical system.

Nikon Scopes Discontinued

Man screaming

In December 2019, Nikon announced that they were leaving the rifle scope market.

Nikon announced they would no longer manufacture and sell rifle scopes and spotting scopes.

In turn, Nikon rifle scopes were officially discontinued on January 1, 2020.

The decision by Nikon to cease selling rifle scopes surprised many shooters and dealers, most notably Nikon riflescope owners with a limited lifetime warranty.

Introduction of the Warranty Program

When Nikon stopped manufacturing or selling rifle scopes, the Nikon Lifetime Warranty program was discontinued as a result of Nikon’s overhaul of its warranty policy.

So what will happen to existing Nikon rifle scopes purchased by enthusiasts?

Will they still be part of the Nikon Scope Warranty program?

What is the new seven-year limited warranty?

Fortunately, Nikon announced the warranty problem at the time by stating that warranties would CONTINUE to be honored!

Nikon has altered their lifetime warranty program several times since then.

This “no-fault replacement policy,” which equated to a lifetime warranty, was being phased away.

Instead, Nikon continued to service scopes under a NEW warranty program.

The New Nikon Warranty Program

Man in camouflage

The new Nikon scope warranty includes the following:

  • Binoculars, field scopes, and rifle scopes have a lifetime limited warranty on their optical systems.
  • Non-optical system components of binoculars, field scopes, and rifle scopes have a seven-year limited warranty.
  • Electrical components in binoculars, field scopes, and riflescopes have a one-year limited warranty.
  • The Rangefinder and Red Dot/Reflex sight products have a five-year limited guarantee on all components.

These modifications ended the “No-Fault Repair policy” version of all warranties. Other changes to the warranty scheme may have an impact on warranty scopes as well.

How Does This Affect Current Nikon Scope Owners?

Nikon scopes purchased BEFORE November 1, 2019, are still covered by the previous “No-Fault” lifetime guarantee.

Anyone wanting warranty servicing on Nikon scopes acquired before November 1, 2019, must present evidence of purchase from a reputable authorized dealer or reseller.

The new rules will cover any Nikon scope purchased AFTER November 1, 2019. Among the new rules are the following:

  • Non-optical system components have a seven-year warranty period.
  • Electronic features and any optical system are given one-year limited warranty coverage.
  • Riflescopes with signs of overuse, alteration, accident, or damage caused by unauthorized replacement parts, will NOT be covered under the new warranty policy.
  • Any Nikon scope warranty is no longer transferable from the original owner.

The key message here is the importance of documentation.

The Nikon warranty service will NOT accept anything OTHER THAN the original owner and proof of purchase from an authorized dealer.

Why Are Nikon Scopes So Coveted?

Throughout the past few decades in the US market, Nikon has done a great job at introducing new and creative scope designs and models.

Regardless of your scope of choice, you are guaranteed to own one that provides TOP-TIER quality and performance.

To this day, they have maintained a reputation as one of the most renowned optics manufacturers, despite their scope line being discontinued.

Expansion of Scope Lines

In addition to selling scopes marketed to the general hunting community, Nikon expanded their scope lines to include scope models designed to target:

  • Applications in law enforcement and the military
  • Shotgun red dot sights
  • Long-range scopes for an increasing number of long-range shooters
  • Predator hunting scopes are developed for the increasing pastime of predator hunting.
  • Tactical scopes are developed for tactical competitions.

Even though Nikon was not a US-based firm, it had substantial success in the US shooting market, which is unusual for non-US companies.

What Other Riflescope Manufacturers Offer Lifetime Warranties?

There are riflescope manufacturers who offer legitimate lifetime warranties and warranty repair services.

These companies still sell riflescopes and have a lifetime limited warranty.



Nightforce offers a LIFETIME limited warranty on their scopes, but with a few limitations.

For starters, the warranty only cover defects in workmanship and materials, as well as mechanical components.

Additionally, any intentional or accidental damage, abuse, misuse, or unauthorized modifications will VOID the warranty.

You can have the scope repaired with NO charge or replaced with a scope of comparable quality (up to the manufacturer’s discretion).

Take note that this is NOT a no-fault warranty. If your product is not registered, the warranty will be invalid.


Trijicon logo

Trijicon provides a variety of warranty scopes and components. In general, these are the terms of the Trijicon warranty.

Trijicon ensures its goods are FREE OF FAULTS in craft and materials for the original owner’s lifetime.

The manufacturer will repair or replace the registered Trijicon product.

Riflescopes damaged due to incorrect, abusive, or abnormal use, faulty service, or accident are NOT covered under warranty.

The Trijicon limited lifetime warranty; however, it does NOT cover lighting systems.

Unlike some other scope manufacturers, Trijicon does NOT provide an “anything-goes” guarantee on their scopes.

If you damage your Trijicon riflescope, it will VOID the warranty.

Let this serve as a reminder to ALWAYS take care of your scopes. Once they are damaged, that’s that.

Vortex Optics

Vortex optics logo

The VIP Warranty covers most Vortex Optics products and non-optical system components.

They included these provisions in the VIP warranty.

The VIP warranty features a NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED guarantee.

As the name suggests, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product WITHOUT asking a single question.

This is one of the reasons why I LOVE Vortex!

The VIP guarantee covers the customer REGARDLESS of whether the damage or defect on the product was caused by an accident, negligence, or other reason.

Vortex will replace the riflescope with another similar product in perfect functioning condition that is either the same or better in physical shape.

Swarovski Optik

Swarovski optik logo

Their optics’ quality and attention to detail throughout manufacturing are well renowned!

Swarovski Optik also provides an extensive warranty on its products.

The Swarovski limited lifetime warranty covers craftsmanship and material flaws.

To be qualified for the limited lifetime warranty, you must have acquired products through an AUTHORIZED dealer.

Damage caused by accidents, abuse, improper mounting, or user repairs or alterations is NOT covered by the warranty.

IMPORTANT: Swarovski has the right to decide on the validity of the warranty.

When you send your riflescope to Swarovski, a professional thoroughly inspects it.

A claim may be denied if the technician discovers that the problem is not due to poor craftsmanship.


Leupold logo

Some of this popularity might be attributed to Leupold’s degree of craftsmanship and customer service.

Leupold’s warranties are part of their fantastic customer service. Here are various levels of warranty on Leupold goods:

Leupold Full Lifetime Warranty

Leupold will repair and replace optical products, including riflescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes.

The warranty covers anyone who owns the riflescope. There is NO requirement for proof of purchase, ownership, or transfer.

Leupold Electronics Limited Two-Year Warranty

The Leupold warranty for electronic devices (rangefinders, thermal products, and other electronic equipment) is two years.

The no-electronics warranty covers material and artistry problems.

During the two-year warranty period, Leupold will REPLACE any defective item.

Warranty Exclusions

The Leupold guarantee will be VOID if the riflescope is overused, manipulated, inadvertently damaged, incorrectly damaged, or mistreated.

In other words, TAKE CARE OF YOUR SCOPE!

Schmidt and Bender

Schmidt and Bender logo

Schmidt and Bender produce high-quality, high-value riflescopes.

The high price of these rifle scopes puts them out of reach for most shooters and hunters.

At this price point, exceptional features and attention to detail are expected. 

Schmidt and Bender have a stock of repair parts for every product for at least thirty years!

The company is compelled by EU laws to provide a two-year warranty on their riflescopes.

To give you some assurance, many S&B owners claim positive results with older riflescopes!

On the other hand, unfortunately, the warranty is also not perfect, as there are several documented issues that raise some eyebrows regarding their policy.

Bushnell Optics

Bushnell logo

Bushnell offers a complicated warranty system that comprises seven different warranty offerings.

  • Bushnell Ironclad Warranty
  • No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty
  • Bushnell Bulletproof 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty
  • Canadian Bushnell Warranty

These numerous warranties involve different warranted Bushnell products. When purchasing a Bushnell product, you should carefully review the warranty coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Nikon Monarch Binoculars Have a Lifetime Warranty?


Nikon Monarch Binoculars are covered with a 25-year limited warranty and a lifetime “no-fault” warranty.

How’s the Nikon Scopes Warranty Without a Receipt?

Honestly, it appears to be a gray area at the moment.

You won’t need a receipt if you have an older Nikon scope purchased under the original No Fault warranty.

However, you may have a problem if you have a newer one, and it is unclear when it was acquired to establish whether a warranty applies.

You must obtain a receipt before beginning a warranty claim if the scope comes under the new warranty scheme.

Whose Warranty is Better, Nikon or Vortex?

Vortex, hands down.

As I mentioned earlier, you can simply waltz in and have your scope repaired with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

It also doesn’t matter if the damage is intentional or accidental!

Nikon’s warranty, on the other hand, is stricter and not as simple to have replaced or repaired.


While Nikon left the scope scene in 2019, many of these scopes are still available, but supplies are running low.

Buyers of Nikon rifle scopes from discounters do so at their own risk.

The further we go from the conclusion of Nikon’s rifle scope manufacturing, the less probable it is that warranty service will be supplied or available.

The most recent remarks from Nikon riflescope users about Nikon’s warranty servicing are not promising.

Anyone needing Nikon riflescope service may be in for a few surprises.

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