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Are Redfield Scopes Discontinued? What You Need to Know

Redfield Scopes Discontinued

One of the more common questions we see online regarding the Redfield scope is whether or not they have been discontinued.

Given the tangled history of the Redfield Gun Sight Company and the Redfield brand of scopes, the answer is… complicated.

We need to provide some context from the history of the Redfield scope to answer that question as correctly as possible.

Here, we will go into this subject more and share some details about the Redfield scope that you should be aware of.


Were Redfield Scopes Discontinued?

Person target practicing

In a nutshell, yes and no.

Redfield has quite a colorful history of different ownerships and whatnot.

To completely respond to the original query regarding discontinuing the Redfield scope, you must consider the Redfield scope generation you are inquiring about.

Here is an explanation of the response to that query using generations as a guide:

1. Redfield Gun Sight Company [First Generation]

The original Redfield scopes were produced in a Denver, Colorado, facility and were discontinued in the summer of 1998.

When the company declared bankruptcy, it liquidated all of its assets and formally terminated operations.

2. Blount International Bought Redfield (Late 1998) [Second Generation]

After Redfield declared bankruptcy, a sporting goods business named Blount International bought all of the Redfield items, patents, and trademarks it could find.

In addition to several other optic brands at the time, Blount owned Weaver, Simmons.

Blount relocated all the Redfield goods they had purchased to a Weaver location in Wisconsin and started marketing scopes bearing the Redfield brand.

These scopes are made at an optical factory in the Philippines and the LOW (Light Optical Works) facility in Japan.

3. Meade Instruments Acquired the Redfield Line in 2002

Meade Instruments acquired all of Blount’s rifle scopes, including the Redfield brand of scopes and Weaver, Simmons.

In case you didn’t know, Meade Instruments was a significant participant in the telescope industry.

Meade allegedly had grand plans to revive the Redfield scope, but those ideas never emerged into anything substantial.

Until Meade decided to sell off all of its optics brands in the middle of 2008, the company remained unnoticed by the Redfield scope line.

4. Leupold Owned Redfield Scopes in 2008 [Third Generation]

The Weaver, Simmons line was acquired by an outdoor company named ATK (Alliant Techsystems), while the Redfield scope brand was acquired by Leupold & Stevens.

With those models being produced in Leupold’s Beaverton, Oregon plant, Redfield was again released by Leupold on the market in 2009.

Later, Leupold would add numerous additional Redfield scope models to the lineup.

The Leupold name essentially canceled the whole Redfield scope brand, except the Revolution series, and that didn’t bode well for the future of the Redfield brand.

5. Leupold Sold the Redfield Brand to Academy in 2021 [Fourth Generation]

In April 2021, the world’s MOST DURABLE and precise sports optics manufacturer, Leupold & Stevens, Inc., was pleased to announce the sale of the Redfield brand to the said company.

The Redfield brand rights are also included in the sale.

In the future, the company will only create and market high-quality sporting optics under the Redfield line.

Any previous Redfield line purchases will have their warranty requirements supported by Leupold indefinitely.

Redfield Scopes Warranty Information

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Like most Redfield scope-related questions, the answer to this query is slightly influenced by the Redfield scope’s generation and creator or manufacturer.

1. Warranty for Redfield Gun Sight Company [First Generation]

Redfield supported the limited lifetime warranty on these scopes up until their closure in 1998.

That warranty service has somewhat died since they ceased operations.

Even though Redfield has changed ownership multiple times, none of the organizations that acquired it has acknowledged the warranty on the original Redfield series of scopes.

2. Warranty for Blount International [Second Generation]

While Blount controlled the trademark and manufactured Redfield scope, those products also came with a limited lifetime guarantee supported by Blount.

Blount discontinued providing or supporting the warranty on all Redfield-badged scopes while they controlled the brand in 2002 when they sold it.

3. Warranty for Meade Instruments

From 2002 to 2008, Meade Instruments controlled the Redfield name.

However, they did not honor the warranty on any of the Redfield scopes at that time.

4. Warranty for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. [Third Generation]

In 2020, Leupold provided a limited lifetime guarantee on all Redfield scopes it produced (meaning any Redfield scope manufactured by Leupold after 2008).

But only the Redfield scopes that are Leupold-produced are covered by their warranty.

5. Warranty for Academy Sports + Outdoors [Fourth Generation]

The company provides a LIFETIME warranty for Redfield scopes.

You can return your device to your nearby store for a free replacement if it is harmed, flawed, or malfunctioning for any other reason.

About Redfield: Founding and Demise

Redfield logo

Born in Oregon, John Hill Redfield created the business that would later become Redfield.

With a natural aptitude for mechanical things, he opened his gunsmith shop in Oregon in 1893.

Redfield’s journeys eventually inspired him to found the Western Gun Sight Company in Denver in 1909.

His son Wyatt joined the company after the popularity of the invented pistol sights.

Several dovetail-based mounts that Mr. Redfield created were employed during World War I and helped the business’s reputation.

The Founding of Redfield Gun Sight Company

Redfield decided to change the business’s name to the Redfield Gun Sight Company in 1932 so that clients would know they were purchasing a Redfield product.

After John Redfield died in 1944, his son Wyatt took over the Redfield company.

Rifle scopes underwent a lot of technological advancements between the 1950s and the early 1970s, and Redfield was at the forefront of those developments.

Redfield and Leupold were the two leading American-made rifle scopes from the early 1960s until the 1980s.

The Redfield line of scopes had a wide selection of rifle scope models available at the time.

It includes the widely used fixed 4X model, a fixed 6X model, a 3-9 variable model, and a few other specialty Redfield scopes.

Why Redfield Gun Sight Company Has Failed

Redfield found the 1980s and 1990s difficult as the sporting scopes market changed.

Many rifle scope rival brands began sourcing components, including lenses, from countries other than the USA to cut production costs and maintain competitiveness.

Redfield’s management initially opposed this idea, but they eventually caved and started employing non-USA-made parts from 1994–1995.

Two events that happened in the late 1990s contributed to the demise of the original Redfield Rifle Scope Company were as follows:

  • It is claimed that using parts sourced OUTSIDE of the US caused problems with the scopes’ quality and harmed the company’s reputation.
  • The EPA levied hefty punishments against Redfield after water samples taken from the perimeter of the Redfield property were allegedly contaminated.

Redfield Scope Features and Types

Man looking through scope

Redfield scopes are made to offer superior optical performance for a very REASONABLE cost.

They have precision ground turrets, multi-coated lenses, and top-notch Redfield scopes. Military groups all across the world have been utilizing Redfield scopes for decades.

Many hunters, athletes, and law enforcement personnel use Redfields due to their rugged design, dependable operation, and exceptional optical performance.

Three variants of Redfield scoping systems are available:

  • Rifle scope, which is ideal for shooting at a distance
  • Spotting scope is excellent for close-quarters combat.
  • Tactical scope, which is intended for tactical use

Who Owns Redfield Scopes Now?

Leupold (formerly Leupold & Stevens) is scaling back operations as the North American shooting market expands.

The Oregon-based scopes manufacturer, Leupold, broke out Redfield as a separate company and sold the brand to Academy Sports.

After Redfield’s Colorado factory shut down in 1998 and the company underwent many ownership changes, the production strategy and product range underwent uncertainty.

Redfield has reclaimed its position as a premium American-made brand since 2008. But it’s unclear what the future holds now that another company owns the brand.

Furthermore, it’s still unclear why Leupold sold Redfield.

Where Can I Get Redfield Scopes?

A fast online search will reveal various websites, including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon, giving the best discounts on Redfield scopes.

However, it was stated during an announcement from Leupold of the transition of the brand to Academy Sports that they would be the sole retailer offering brand-new Redfield scopes.

You can only get Redfield hunting and shooting supplies in person or online at the company.

About Academy Sports + Outdoors

Redfield scope

This company is one of the country’s most extensive sporting goods and outdoor retailers.

With 262 locations and growing, they provide a wide range of high-quality hunting, fishing, and camping supplies, plus sports and recreation gear, clothing, footwear, etc.

The headquarters is in Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Texas. The company has significantly expanded from its modest beginnings over the last few decades.

Purchase Redfield Scopes

Redfield scopes use various features to give the most excellent image quality possible.

You can choose from various magnification options for multi-coated, low-dispersion scopes.

Redfield scopes are professionally made with compact, weather-resistant aluminum tubes and nitrogen-purged, sealed housings for anti-fog, waterproof performance in the field.

Redfield Binoculars

Because of their adaptability, image clarity, and general durability, Redfield binoculars have long been a FAVORITE among hunters and naturalists.

They are also sealed and nitrogen-purged to remain waterproof and fog-proof.

Redfield binoculars can survive harsh weather conditions without adding excessive bulk or weight, thanks to their textured rubber casing.

Every pair of Redfield binoculars is made to fit perfectly thanks to features like wide knurling on the center focus ring, which promotes easy operation even while wearing thick gloves.

Redfield’s Shooting Accessories

You can MATCH the Redfield accessories you require with the equipment you want. This company sells various products, such as cleaning kits and handgun holsters.

These kits are created specifically to assist you in maintaining your firearm in top shape and may include storage.

Bags and Cases for Redfield Equipment

The bags and cases strike a mix between uncompromising performance and versatility.

With several sections, organizing your equipment and supplies for a day in the field or on the shooting range is simple.

Durable construction also offers the rugged style that customers expect from the brand. You can consider a variety of day packs, hard and soft gun cases, utility bags, and more.

Dependable Redfield Safes

A Redfield safe provides the high level of security that gun owners demand for their possessions.

Large interiors offer enough space for valuables, magazines, and weapons, while robust locking mechanisms provide security.

You can feel even more at ease with designs that protect against water and fire damage.

The brand’s newest product lineup carries a legacy of excellence and standards leading the industry.

Redfield Scope Recommendations

Redfield scopes

Here are some scopes that are highly recommended:

1. Redfield 3-9×40 Revolution Accu-Range Rifle Scope (Model #67095)

If you’re searching for a sleek, straightforward, and small scope, the Redfield Revolution 3-9X40 rifle scope is the hunter’s choice.

This model is only one out of five in the Redfield Revolution series. Thanks to its American style non-fast focus eyepiece and American-proud made construction.

This rifle scope has received positive reviews from a sizable number of web reviewers who recognize its patriotic appeal. You can check the price on eBay.

*Get the best deals on Redfield 3-9×40 Revolution Accu-Range when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.

2. Redfield 3-9×42 BattleZone Rifle Scope (Tac-MOA)

Redfield’s 3-9×42 BattleZone Tac.22 Rifle Scope has weather-sealed housing and a ballistic reticle called Tac-MOA.

This Redfield scope best exemplifies precision, accuracy, dependability, and longevity.

The model’s 3–9x magnification gives you a precise understanding of the target object’s actual size.

This Redfield equipment is the best option for professional shooters who can appreciate its optical quality and performance. You can check for available prices on eBay!

*Get the best deals on Redfield 3-9×42 BattleZon when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.

3. Redfield 4-12×42 Revenge Rifle Scope (Accu-Ranger Varmint)

This model is also one of the Revolution series of Redfield.

Redfield’s 4-12×42 Revenge Rifle Scope contains weather-sealed housing and a ballistic crosshair reticle with numerous holdover locations called Accu-Ranger Varmint.

Shooters can determine the distance to targets and increase accuracy at greater ranges thanks to Redfield’s Accu-Ranger Ballistics System.

A completely multi-coated lens system allows this intermediate to long-range scope to deliver bright, high-contrast images across its zoom range.

*Get the best deals on Redfield 4-12×42 Revenge when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.

NOTE: On eBay, you may find the top-selling Redfield scopes. You can shop on eBay with confidence! However, eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Redfield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aiming rifle

Additional questions about Redfield scopes that are frequently asked are as follows:

Is the Redfield Scope Warranty Still Honored?


The current company provides a lifetime warranty for Redfield scopes.

You can return your Redfield scopes to your nearby store for a free replacement if it is harmed, flawed, or malfunctioning for any other reason.

Is Leupold Offering Warranty on Older Redfield Scopes?

They do not.

Leupold will only honor the warranty on any Redfield scopes created or distributed under the Leupold brand.

Call Leupold for warranty service on one of the Redfield models they don’t cover.

Leupold will make the following offer: If you send the damaged Redfield scope to them, they will give you a discount on any Redfield line of scopes Leupold is currently selling.

Though it falls short of upholding the original Redfield warranty, it is still preferable to doing nothing.

If you have a damaged rifle scope, you can take it to Iron Sight Inc., a Leupold-recommended repair facility for USA rifle scopes!

Which Redfield Scopes are Made in the USA?

Most of those models were produced in the Redfield plant in Denver, Colorado if we’re talking about the first generation of Redfield scopes.

If we’re talking about the Redfield-branded scopes made for Blount International, there are none because each model was made in the Philippines or Japan.

Only the Redfield Revolution series of scopes, which Leupold produces, were made in the USA.

The Battlezone, Revenge, and Counterstrike models, which are part of the other Redfield series Leupold offers, were made for Leupold at factories in the Philippines or China.

Does Leupold Still Make Redfield Scopes?

Leupold no longer controls the Redfield brand of scopes as of April 2021. They gave the current company the rights to the entire brand.

Where Can We Buy Used and Vintage Redfield Scopes?

You can definitely find used and vintage scopes, parts, and accessories on eBay and other sites.

Although on eBay, you will find a wide array of choices.



Redfield scopes are now exclusively available at Academy. However, you can also get vintage scopes on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and others.

It is now known for producing sporting optics and accessories of the highest caliber.

As a result of the company’s dedication to performance, innovation, and flawless image quality,

Despite numerous ownership changes, the Redfield brand of scopes is still a pioneer in the scope industry.

These days, this reputable business offers an even more comprehensive selection of goods, including cases, purses, shooting accessories, and safes.


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