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Remington 783 vs 700: In-Depth Review and Comparison Guide

Remington 783 vs 700

By developing gun-producing techniques, gun makers have responded to the country’s economic woes in a way that’s been valuable for both gunsmiths and enthusiasts.

With those excellent techniques and by substituting wood for the polymer, producers have REDUCED the cost and the retail price by a significant percentage. 

There are two popular brand-new rifles, with the same manufacturer, and that’s the Remington 783 vs. 700 from Remington Arms.

These two rifles are the typical representatives in the gun manufacturing development of the 19th century until today.

I want to make sure that you can tell the difference between these two bolt action rifles after reading this article.

Overview of the Remington 783

Remington 783

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The Remington 783 is a domestic bolt action hunting rifle assembled by Remington.

This modern rifle was launched in 2013 and includes some new features.

I was surprised to learn that the Remington 783 is an entirely new design and has NOTHING in common with the Remington 700.

General Design

This Remington model has new design features, like an adjustable crossfire trigger system with an additional finger safety in the trigger blade.

The trigger pull is modifiable from 2.5 to 5 Lbs.

To minimize recoil, a gel-filled recoil pad has been put in. The little ejection dock also makes the receiver very firm.

Thanks to this, the recoil didn’t feel as strong for me!

The bolt has two lugs and is free from the receiver using a switch button on its left side; the lock can be removed with the safety on.

The two location securities are situated on the bolt’s right side and moved with a thumb switch button.


I found the Remington 783 to be decently accurate with all of the loads checked.

The Central ammunition also did well, still around under an inch and a half.

Of my nine test groups, three of the groups were under an inch, and another of the Hornady group was just over an inch. 

The smallest group provided with the Central ammunition was 1.22 inches, and the worst group was only 1.79 inches.

There’s no doubt that the Remington 783 is an accurate rifle that can shoot better than its price suggests.

Two extra keys to accuracy are the right barrel and a light, clean trigger.

The magnum contour, 22-inch, button-rifled barrel fits into the action with a barrel nut.

Salient Features

The detachable box magazine is steel. I liked it since it provides the gun with a simple click!

Besides, the Remington’s 783 has an adjustable trigger.

Despite being artificial, I liked the rifle stock’s ergonomic nature and trigger safety.

It’s stuck to the barreled action with two screws that go through columns to guarantee a free-floated barrel.

In case you want to reduce the recoil, I recommend getting a Super Cell recoil pad as a criterion feature.

The Remington 783 also has a great cylinder-shaped receiver with an ejection port. Both features add to the firmness of the action.


Online shops rate this rifle as “not only reasonable but also practical,” and I agree

A Remington 783 will run you around $299 to $399. For this inexpensive rifle price tag, it’s worth a try.

  • Competitive price
  • Detachable magazine box
  • Free-floating barrel
  • Active SuperCell recoil pad
  • Model 783 admits two Model 700 opposite bases
  • The barrel is thin and heats up quickly
  • The front is less satisfactory, with odd angles and non-use grip panels 

Overview of the Remington 700

Remington 700

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General Design

The Remington 700 action was designed for mass production. It’s a bolt-action rifle with dual-purpose lugs. 

The bolt face surrounds the cartridge’s base. The puller is a C-clip lying within the bolt face.

The evictor is a plunger on the bolt face activated by a coil spring, and the receiver is crushed from round steel.


The Remington 700 claims that it has the most outstanding out-of-the-box accuracy of any contemporary rifle.

After some research and a few rounds, I’ve found that the Remington 700 produced its best groups with 168-grain bullets.

I brought the usual Superformance, A-Max rounds, and Z-Max in 168- grain bullet weight and lead to the shooting range.

The results did not let me down!

My best group was a 5-shot 100-yard, and almost every stuff that I checked brought 100-yard groups smaller than one inch.

Salient Features

This is not a rifle you’re going to pack up and down. Controls are well-placed and easy to handle.

Also, the simplicity of this bolt action rifle has shown itself to be entirely reliable, and it has shot everything I’ve fed.


Compared with its innovative version, the Remington 783, the Remington model 700 has a much higher price (even though it’s mass-produced).

The average cost for a 700 is approximately $419; the highest price is $2,399, not exactly what I’d call a “budget rifle.”

  • Has a very high-speed lock time of 3.3 milliseconds
  • Has an excellent, crisp trigger
  • The barrels were held to very tight patience, and the bolt design helps keep the cartridge stay focused in the chamber
  • Has a new exciting cartridge: the 7mm Remington Magnum
  • Takes more time to remove and replace the firing pin
  • The price is relatively picky for most of the hunters

Which Is Better, Remington 783 vs. 700?

I would say the Remington 783.

I can report the Remington 783 did not concede accuracy for its price. It has a one-piece cylinder-shaped receiver and a small injection port. 

The accuracy is better, though, thanks to more mass and firmness going through its receiver.

However, the model 700 is still popular because of the largest aftermarket support. The action is a fresh start for a long-range build. 


It’s not easy for me to compare the Remington 783 to the Model 700 merely because one is not meant to replace the other.

Each Remington model serves its owner’s specific purposes and budget.

I believe that your choice will ultimately be up to your own preference. 

Whichever one you choose, both the Remington 730 and 700 are of very high quality for firearms enthusiasts!

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