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15 Best Rifle Scope Manufacturers: Premium and Budget Brands

15 Best Rifle Scope Manufacturers

There are a ton of rifle hunting scopes that seem to make our heads POP after learning about the sheer vastness of manufacturers.

How do you know the best one to use for hunting? That’s why we’re here.

Today, we’ll list down a selection of the best and most reliable scope manufacturers a hunter can find.

Reliable Scope Manufacturers

Whether you’re new to rifle shooting or not, we’re sure you’re wondering about the different scope manufacturers out there.

To be honest, there’s a lot. A lot of rifle scope manufacturers came out through the years, offering some of the newest and innovative rifle scopes a hunter can find.

Nevertheless, the earlier rifle scope manufacturers aren’t to be outcompeted. They, too, have kept up with times, retaining some of their fan-favorite classics.

Let’s get to know the different rifle scope manufacturers and why you should check them out.

1. ATN


History and Evolution

The company goes way back as early as 1995 and has been more or less in the rifle scope scene for TWO DECADES.

  • They’ve developed a unique image for themselves through the years, gaining themselves a loyal fan base.
  • Since its inception and up to now, ATN remains one of the leading rifle scope manufacturers and designers for quality digital rifle scopes, and it’s for an excellent reason.
  • They’re one of the rifle scope brands out there that combine the old with the new.

With ATN, you can find your classic rifle scope favorites with a new modern twist.

Best Night Vision in the Market

But if there’s one thing worth mentioning about ATN, they have some of the best night vision scopes out there.

Engineered with perfection in mind, their night vision devices are worthy of being part of your equipment.

Even while you’re hunting at night, you’ll still be able to get your game!

Their night vision devices have advanced infrared or thermal imaging, which you wouldn’t usually find from other rifle scope manufacturers.

Besides that, they also offer a great selection of binoculars and laser rangefinders.

2. Barska


A Scope for Everyone

If you’re looking for scope manufacturers with a wide range of products, you need to check out Barska.

They’ve got a diverse line of rifle scopes for all your needs. They’re a one-stop scope shop for your rifle scopes.

The best part of it all, their products come in an excellent pricing range. You’ll find a scope for each type of budget and more!

To help you get started, we have an in-depth review of Barska’s 4-16×50 IR Scope!

Leading Brand for Precision Shooting

This USA brand gained a lot of followers thanks to its product specialization. Besides offering rifle scopes, they also sell:

  • Biometric safes
  • Binoculars
  • Spotting scopes
  • Sports optics

Barska is one of the leading brands for precision target shooters and hunters.

They manufacture some of the best and most high-quality rifle scopes out there that are worth checking out.

Custom Builds

And if you’re a hunter who needs a rifle scope that suits your taste, best believe that Barska can do it for you.

They do custom builds, making sure their clients only get the best rifle scopes from them, whether sports optics or tactical optics!

So much so, their tactical rifle and long-range rifle scopes have become staple equipment for police units and even SWAT snipers. It’s that good!

3. Burris Optics


Craftsmanship Excellence History

Burris Optics date back to the 1970s, established by Don Burris.

To say that the brand carries a lot of experience and craftsmanship is an understatement.

  • Before the 1970s, Don Burris has already been in the world of rifle scope making, albeit as an employee.
  • Believing that he could do better and having a ton of innovative ideas in mind, Burris Optics came to life.
  • Sure enough, their rifle scopes live up to why the brand came to life in the first place.

A Scope That’s Hard to Say No To

Whether you’re a long-range shooter or a tactical shooter, this brand has got something extraordinary stored for you.

Plus, all their rifle scopes are made with quality materials, guaranteed to LAST YOU A LONG TIME.

And if you’re worried about the price, no problem!

Burris Optics combines quality and affordability, making it one of the best go-to brands not just for long-range rifle scopes but just about everything.

4. Bushnell


Quality Through the Years

Bushnell has been around for quite a while now, or about SIX DECADES, to be exact. Now that’s a long time! Best believe that by now, they already know what they’re doing.

  • Before Bushnell got into the business of being a rifle scope manufacturer, it first began as a brand manufacturing binoculars. More or less, it isn’t a product far off from rifle scopes.
  • Today, Bushnell is one of the well-loved brands by many professionals because of its wide range of products.
  • They nearly have everything you need and for all sorts of applications!

Crystal Clear Clarity

One thing’s for sure, one of the reasons why a lot of people love Bushnell is because of the quality of their rifle scopes. The terrific clarity is hard to beat!

You’ll get a crystal clear image from their scopes all the time. Just imagine how better your visuals will be when you go hunting!

Now, that’s an expectation that won’t disappoint you.

Besides their incredible rifle scopes, Bushnell has impressive products in its list that you might want to check out as well. They’ve also got

  • Trail cameras
  • Binoculars
  • Spotting scopes
  • Magazine loaders
  • Telescopic sights
  • Rangefinders

Rest assured, you can expect excellent quality from their other line of products.

5. Leapers


Budget-Friendly and Top Quality

Truth be told, when you think of buying budget scopes, there are probably many questions and doubts going on in your head:

Does it have decent quality? Can it match my performance? These are just among the common questions asked by people.

Well, the answer is yes!

This is especially true once you’ve checked out Leapers’ wide range of scopes and hunting optics. You’ll be amazed at what they offer.

They got quality rifle scopes with turret adjustments, lens coating, and many more to make your hunting experience a good one.

These are some of the best budget scopes you can find on the market.

30 Years of Manufacturing Quality Scopes

What else can you expect from a brand that’s been around for nearly 30 years?

They developed some of the best rifle scopes, and optics hunters fell in love with them through their experience and practice.

Whether you’re looking for highly-priced or affordable rifle scopes, Leapers has it for you.

Their scopes and optics are convenient and easy to use, perfect for hunters who are always on the go.

6. Leupold


One of the Oldest Scope Manufacturers

By now, Leupold is already a household name when it comes to rifle scopes and optics.

In fact, Leupold is closely compared to Vortex Optics as one of the more esteemed optics brands on the market.

When you go out for target shooting or hunting, best believe the Leupold will be one of the scopes to pack.

Leupold is one of the oldest rifle scope manufacturers out there, dating back as early as 1907. Can you imagine? Leupold has been around for more than a hundred years!

Leupold had its humble beginnings in the United States. Despite being around since 1907, you’d be surprised to learn that it wasn’t until after the Second World War did Leupold start to manufacture rifle scopes.

Diverse Selections to Last a Lifetime

That said, you can expect great things from Leupold and their riflescopes.

From its inception up until today, Leupold remains true to what the founders originally envisioned for the brand – providing great quality scopes, laser rangefinders, and optics for everyone.

And if there’s one thing you can expect from Leupold, it’s their promise to provide you with excellent and quality rifle scopes and optics that can last you a lifetime.

Plus, pricing is a non-issue because you’ve got MANY SCOPE CHOICES for your budget and needs. That’s one promise you can bank on when we talk of Leupold scopes.

Check out our review on Leupold’s VX-R rifle scope!



Easily Accessible

This rifle scope manufacturer had its early beginnings in 1997 in the United States. NcSTAR started as an optics and sporting company, which remains the same until today.

Since its beginning, NcSTAR always envisioned itself as a manufacturer that provides high-quality optics and scopes at a reasonable price point.

Sure enough, you’ll find that many of their products come at a decent price point, making their optics and rifle scopes highly accessible.

100% Quality

Now, regardless of the rifle scope you buy, you can expect the quality of each scope component to be at 100%.

Regardless of the riflescope and optics you choose, we’re sure you’ll enjoy their clear glass, durable body, and elegant finish.

What’s not to love?

Besides offering rifle scopes and sights, NcSTAR also has a long list of remarkable gun cases.

It’s perfect for hunters who want to keep away their rifles safely. Plus, their gun cases look stylish and come at an affordable price range.

8. Nikon


90 Years of Experience

Who doesn’t know of the brand Nikon? They’ve got some of the best quality scopes out there, and they’re one of the long-running manufacturers in the world.

With more than 90 years in the industry, you know Nikon offers a great selection of hunting or target shooting scopes for your different needs.

You’ve got a great selection of binoculars, spotting scopes, rangefinders, field scopes, to name a few!

Not to mention, their scopes have an impressive magnification range. So if magnification range matters to you, then you should check them out.

Can Survive Against Harsh Conditions

You can enjoy Nikon scopes almost anywhere you bring them. It can survive under any weather condition or environment, making it an ideal fog-proof scope to bring.

Nothing can stop you from enjoying your Nikon scope!

Not to mention, Nikon scopes offer reasonable pricing for their products!

Because of their wide range of selection, there’s always something for your needs. They’ve got rangefinders, binoculars, rifle scopes, to name a few.

We even have a comparison review about some of their more popular products, the Nikon Buckmaster 2 vs. Nikon Prostaff, if you’re interested to learn more.

9. Simmons


A Must-Try for Experienced and New Hunters

Simmons is a subsidiary of one of the oldest scope manufacturers in the United States, Bushnell.

That said, you can reasonably expect the same quality and craftsmanship from Simmons. You’ve got consistency and reliability on each scope.

Despite being a subsidiary of one of the best rifle scope manufacturers out there, Simmons has set itself apart with its awesome and unique scopes and optics.

Their Aetec series is one of the most popular products on their list, a must-have and must-try for many hunters.

Boost Your Hunting Experience

The Aetec series helps you improve your overall hunting experience, thanks to its comfortable eye relief feature.

You’ll get accuracy and precision each time. Also worth mentioning is that the glass of their scope is clear, thanks to its edge-to-edge nature.

You can see all the images with excellent quality, regardless of the distance!

Wide Selection of Products

Not only does Simmons manufacture rifle scopes and optics, but they also have a wide set of products that could help improve your target practice and hunting experience.

One example is their 8 Point 3-9×40 scope, which we have a full review on here!

They’ve got your standard binoculars and spotters, rangefinders, spotting scopes, trail cameras, and more!

Rest assured, their rifle scopes and hunting optics will pair well with their accessories. And overall, you’ve got yourself one excellent hunting experience!

10. Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer

A Staple for Law Enforcement Agencies

Sig Sauer dates back to early 1976. They’re known for their great quality firearms, optics, and more!

So much so, many law enforcement agencies look to Sig Sauer to supply their needs. They’re that awesome!

They’ve got some high-performing firearms, which pairs well with their optics and scopes.

Through the years, Sig Sauer has manufactured a lot of awesome products.

Whether it’s with their firearms, optics, rifle scopes, and more, and through all those years, their SBT system has stood out in the market.

Unbeatable Accuracy

The Sig Sauer SBT system provides unparalleled accuracy in each shot you make, regardless of the distance.

And this is probably all thanks to its high-quality glass, which gives you an HD view of your target.

Thus, you can always expect to hit the target all the time and NEVER MISS! (Well, maybe there’s a slim chance you still might… It’s how you treat your scope in the end!)

They’ve also got a variety of rifle scopes that come with an impressive magnification range. Whether you’re looking for short or long-range scopes, you’ll always find one for yourself.

11. Steiner Optics

Steiner Optics

Popularly Known for Binoculars

Like other rifle scope manufacturers, Steiner Optics didn’t start with manufacturing scopes or optics.

Instead, the brand placed most of its attention on making high-quality binoculars for law enforcement personnel.

Later on, the brand has branched manufacturing products and accessories for outdoor activities, including optics and rifle scopes.

That said, Steiner optics has quite a history, and it went through a lot before venturing into making the best scopes and optics you can find today.

Suits Every Condition (Low-Light, Humid, Cold, etc.)

Right now, Steiner Optics has made itself a household name when it comes to rifle scopes and optics.

This rifle scope manufacturer released some of the best quality scopes, which you can use in different light conditions!

Whether it’s in a low-lit area, a hot and humid place, and all other conditions you can think of, Steiner Optics has it.

They’re one of the best companies you can trust today, that more or less manufactures the type of optics and scope you need.

Game-Changing Durability

One of the notable things you need to know from Steiner Optics is their Makrolon housing. It keeps the scope durable and highly indestructible!

No moisture nor humidity can enter the body, making their products a fog-proof scope.

The classification of their products being a fog-proof scope is a game-changer for them and the rifle scopes industry.

Certainly, many other brands and companies have made an effort to mimic the same quality and design.

12. Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik

8 Decades and Standing Strong

The Swarovski Optik is an Austrian manufacturer that’s been around for nearly eight decades.

Its humble beginnings with manufacturing binoculars before the brand eventually evolved into the rifle scopes and optics industry.

This manufacturer has been one of the best optics companies that came up with some of the best spotting scopes in the market through the years.

A Popular Choice for Many

Sure enough, it’s become a big hit among target shooters and hunters. Nevertheless, Swarovski Optik has a pretty decent line of quality optics we’re sure you’ll love.

Whether you’re into short to long-range shooting, there’s always something for you.

Rest assured, the components of their scope are made with durability, from its premium glass down to its body. So much so, their spotting scopes are perfect regardless of the condition!

These are some of the most reliable premium scopes you can get your hands on.

13. Trijicon


Trusted and Reliable Quality Components

Trijicon is known for its stellar optical devices. Other brands have yet to rival Trijicon, and the whole world is waiting for what’s about to happen.

For many years, Trijicon has rolled out some of the best scopes and rifle optics fit for military and police use. It’s that great and effective!

Their reflex sights and tactical scopes provide excellent precision and accuracy, vital for any operations.

Short, Medium, and Long-Range Shooting

A common misconception going around is that the brand is only suitable for short to medium-range shots.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. You’d be happy to know that this optics manufacturer produces some of the best long-range rifle scopes, which snipers use!

How’s that for long-range?

Whether you’re a hunting enthusiast or form part of the military or police, you’ll enjoy using Trijicon products.

Their tactical scopes and optics are sure to deliver perfection each time. Plus, their products come with excellent quality!

14. Truglo


Crystal Clear View with Upgraded Precision

Truglo is a relatively young brand, being only three decades in the industry.

That’s probably one-third or one-fourth of some of the brands we’ve mentioned in this list, like Leupold.

Nevertheless, despite its young age, you can expect significant and extraordinary things from Truglo.

Truglo prides itself on producing high-quality optics, giving you a crystal clear view of your target each time.

And with that, you’re guaranteed at making a CLEAR AND PRECISE shot. Now, who wouldn’t want that in their hunting activities?

Archery Quality Unlike Any You’ve Seen

But of all the products they’ve manufactured, there’s one line they’re very much proud of.

Their innovative archery scopes are unlike other scopes you find out there. And why is that? Well, archer scopes aren’t for rifles. Instead, they’re for people who still use bow and arrows.

You read that right! Truglo managed to innovate the traditional way of hunting through their archery scopes!

Whether you need a short or long-range rifle scope, there’s one for you. There’s barely any optics manufacturer out there who does the same, so this is truly one significant innovation worth celebrating.

15. Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics

New to the Scene

You’ve probably heard of this brand before because of their excellent line of gun scopes and rifle optics.

But would you believe us when we say Vortex Optics is one of the newer manufacturers you’ll find today?

Even for such a new entrant in the market, Vortex Optics has managed to get people’s attention with its well-crafted optics.

Whether you’re looking into getting red dot sights, holographic sights, binoculars, spotting scopes/optics, rangefinders, there’s something for you.

Diverse Selection

With their wide range of optics, spanning from short to long-range optics and scopes, you’ll find a product that suits your needs. No wonder this manufacturer has a loyal fan base!

Vortex Optics also offers other things, such as binoculars, scopes, and more.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy each of them, as the brand always comes out as having some of the most excellent rifle scopes and hunting optics.

We talk more about this rifle scope brand in our Aimpoint vs. Vortex Optics article if you’re interested to learn more.



There are many scope manufacturers out there, and choosing where to get a new night vision scope, hunting scope, tactical rifle scope, or for your 30-06 rifle can be tricky.

Knowing what each brand specializes in and understanding their history will help you understand whether the brand fits you.

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of the best scope manufacturers. Each brand we’ve mentioned has its specialties, depending on what you’re looking for.

But trust us: You’ll never run out of an option! Even extra accessories like trail cameras, Picatinny and Weaver rail mounts, and binoculars won’t be an issue!

What are you waiting for? Choose the best scopes for you and try it on your rifles!

FINAL TIP: If you’re looking for brand comparisons, we have a full guide about EOTech and Aimpoint to help you out.



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