RV faucets vs. Home faucets: Which one is the better choice?

RV faucets vs. Home faucets: Which one is the better choice?
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Thanks to its excellent onboard appliances and facilities, a recreational vehicle is the best way to achieve a comfortable experience on the road. However, the RV default configuration might be unable to completely satisfy your needs and requirements, hence, some customizations are necessary. From the best RV shower head to the best RV wax for fiberglass, these high-quality products shall improve the vehicle performance as well as offer convenience for RV camping enthusiasts. But when it comes to RV faucets vs. Home faucets, which one should RVers go after? You can find the answer right here in this article. Take a good look at the information down below in order to make a good decision.

RV faucets vs. Home faucets


The very first issue that most people think of when it comes to RV faucets vs. Home faucets is the design compatibility. Lucky for you, in most of the case, household oriented faucets shall work just fine on your vehicle. RV manufacturers tend to utilize a plumbing system that is comparable in size and layout to a household one. As a result, many RV fixtures have the same dimension as household products. Therefore, a home faucet could be used to replace the vehicle original faucet if the overall specifications are suitable.

Do keep in mind that not all recreational vehicles are created to accept a home faucet from the start.  You have to expect certain fitting and threading issues when you attempt to install a home faucet to an RV faucet connector. In such situation, you probably need to modify or the vehicle plumbing system a bit to get the new faucet in. Cut the plumbing and attach the faucet directly is indeed plausible but not exactly a wise move here. A better way is to purchase a couple extension hose and hook them up in a loop. That should get the job done without physically changing the entire plumbing system.

Flow rate (Or GPM, Gallons Per Minute)

The water supply of a house is usually stable, open the pipe valve and you can use as much water as you want. You would not have the same luxury when you are riding on an RV, you must conserve this precious liquid at all cost. That is why the faucet flow rate is an important factor to consider if you ever want to buy a replacement. For most of the time, a home faucet often possesses a slightly higher flow rate compared to an RV one.  There are exceptions as well, RV faucets which come with a shower connector could deliver a rather high flow rate.  

The last thing you ever want to experience is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with an empty water tank.

To reduce the flow rate and save some water, there are a couple of things you could do. Low-flow aerators are a nice way to adjust the water stream while RV boondocking. The aerator should let you directly control the faucet flow rate and cut down the vehicle utility bill. There are common 3 settings an aerator may provide: 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 GPM. It’s very likely that you would never feel bothered by lower flow rates.  

Acquisition cost

Whether it’s a home or RV product, the faucet price relies largely on its components material and design functions. The average faucet could cost anywhere between a dozen and a hundred dollar so feel free to get what suit you the most. However, a product’s quality has a rather close connection to its price tag, don’t expect top-notch performance from dirt cheap faucets. Of course, there are still affordable products around with decent qualities but you must consider your options carefully. To buy on a whim without thinking ahead could cost you a lot of money for little gain.

An excellent method to make an economical decision is to compile a list of desired features and specifications in advance. That should save you a good amount of time at the store since you only have to check products that match the descriptions. Compare those faucets price and performance against each other in order to come up with a wise purchase. While you are at it, take a peek at post-purchase warranties and associated policies as well. These won’t actually affect the faucet operations but they shall show you the manufacturers confidence in their product.


When it comes to RV faucets vs. Home faucets, there are some names you should keep an eye out. For home faucet, you have Delta Faucet, Moen, Kohler, American Standard, Franke, Vitra and so on. In the RV faucet business, there are 2 well-known brands:  Dura Faucet and Oxygenic. As stated above, you could use products from home faucet brands on your recreational vehicle if you really want to. Delta Faucet, Moen and Kohler tend to release faucets that could be readily adapted to RV use without too much hassle.

That being said, faucets from Dura Faucet and Oxygenic do have certain advantages compared to household products.  Because they are created for RV use, you would not experience any kind of installation and dimension problem. Their preset flow rate is able to conserve water much better than home faucet without using an aerator or alike. Low water pressure is a common issue of RV travels and RV faucets could solve that relatively easy. Thanks to innovative construction, an RV faucet could deliver strong streams and keep the water usage down at the same time.

Final verdict: RV faucets vs. Home faucets

The RV is one of the most expensive purchases you can ever make in your entire life.  Therefore, it’s totally understandable that you want the vehicle performance to be equal to the money you spend on it. Nobody likes to use flimsy and faucets when you already invest a lot of money into the RV. There are only 2 styles available so it’s RV faucets vs. Home faucets. Technically speaking, you could use anything you want. If you want to use home faucets because you are more familiar with them, you could install one on the RV with little trouble. On the other hand, should you prefer to employ an RV optimized design then RV faucets are your best bets.       


And that is all of what you should know about these faucet styles, not too hard to take in, right? RV faucets vs. Home faucets, it’s not simple to determine the winner without considering your preferences and tastes. They both have their own pros and cons which lead to different opinions from different peoples. But with the help of the information above, you should have a clear understanding of the faucets characteristics. Now you are capable of making an informed decision.


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