Secret Techniques To Improve Bench Rest Shooting

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If bench rest shooting is your passion, but still you have to struggle with it, then there might be an error in your rifle. Prudent bench rest shooting is absolute trouble for testing a rifle’s precision with different loads and for focusing scopes. If you learn to know your mistakes, then the best bench rest shooting will make you play within your range.

What Is Benchrest Shooting and How Does It Work?

Benchrest shooting is a shooting sport with high-end rifles. In this sport, the shooter is engaged to attempt five or ten shots at different distances involving the smallest possible group. Benchrest tests the accuracy and precision of rifle and keep in mind that the most significant thing that can improve bench rest shooting is consistency.

For every shot, the rifle must be kept the same, in the same environment or situation, and the same recoil impulse, so that the shooting can give us the consistency that we are longing for. By doing this, the players will develop a new fixture, and by acquiring the techniques, you will also gain inner satisfaction.

Different Sections In Bench Rest

There are various sections in Bench rest, and each intended to operate for the other rifles with shifting weight and sight limitations.

  • Light varmint
  • Heavy varmint
  • Rimfire
  • Experimental
  • IRB

Mistakes Lowering The Precision of Shooting

There are some particular mistakes that most of the shooters do, and these subtle mistakes hinder the precision of bench rest shooting. Let us have a look at them.

Improper Mounted Scope

If you do not have knowledge about how to mount the scope correctly, then you can not enjoy precision. A mounted scope helps in starting with a quality basis. So, level the rifle, secure the scope and tighten the screws.

Unstable Rest

An unstable bench rest is an obstacle in the way of accuracy. If you have a stable rest, it will test the rifle precisely.

Shooting In An Inappropriate Condition

Load testing and sighting should be done in early mornings because at that time, the temperature is lowest, and mirage is not existent. Bench rest shooting in inappropriate conditions is like wasting your groups.

Inconsistency In Shoulder Pressure

While shooting consistently, it becomes difficult for the shooter to maintain the shoulder and body pressure. Giving heavy pressure is not that easy. But keeping the pressure of shoulder is necessary for the testing rifle.

Trigger Pull Inconsistency

You can learn the consistent trigger pull to minimize this problem by pressing the trigger and moving it directly to the rear without distorting the sight and give it practice.

Barrel Heat

Too much barrel heat causes to open groups by 2.5 inches. If you show no restraint enough to look out for the barrel to cool, bring a .22 and plink between strings. Shoot in the shade whenever the situation allows, and utilize a compact fan to blow air over the barrel if it’s sweltering.

NOTE: Work on these mistakes usually done by shooters, and it will allow precision in bench rest shooting.

Secret Techniques To Improve Bench Rest Shooting

There are five fundamental secret techniques to improve bench rest shooting. These techniques include set an aim, control breathing, take movement control, trigger pull, and follow through. All these steps depict the secret technique to improve bench rest shooting by practicing shooting rifles. Let’s move towards the details.

Set an Aim

Set a target and align your sight along with it. Follow these guidelines while aiming for your target.

  • Keep your eyes open.
  • Focus on the target and reduce the pressure on your eyes.
  • Keep your aiming span concise.
  • Don’t hang long to maintain the shooting.

Breathing Control

Your breathing can cause the movement of your firearm to take off the shot. Follow these guidelines to implement the technique accurately.

  • Just before shooting, take a deep breath and exhale the half air out.
  • Hold your breath while pulling the trigger.
  • If you can not hold the breath for long, then take another breath before shooting because we can not take the risk of moving firearm.
  • Focus on the target and relax yourself to follow the correct method.

Take Movement Control

Holding the firearm fixed is a bit complicated and challenging task of bench rest shooting. Follow these guidelines to minimize the risk of attempting to eliminate all movement.

  • Reduce the area of movement.
  • Keep the focus on every significant movement on the target.

Pulling The Trigger

Precipitously clenching the trigger and jolting it can cause an unwanted movement, leading to a miss of the shot. Follow these guidelines to avoid these movements.

  • Keep a firm grasp on the wrist of the stock.
  • Take the position of your fingertip on the trigger within your comfort zone.
  • Keep in m in d that trigger must rest in between the first joint and your fingertip.
  • Without jolting the gun, pull the trigger.
  • Apply slow and steady pressure until the rifle gets shot.

Follow Through

After shooting the gun, make sure the bullet leaves the barrel and make no movement till then, keep on squeezing the trigger.

NOTE: These are the fundamental secret techniques to improve bench rest shooting. Get yourself relaxed, take a deep breath, set an aim, pull the trigger, follow through it. Here comes the best shot.


As doing anything significant accurately, figuring out how to shoot from the bench rest presumably won’t be a short-term achievement, and it will take a long more than you expected. Firing a rifle to its potential brings something other than tumbling down on a bench and putting shots cross range. Great shooting gear, fundamental method, setting an aim, and consistency should all meet up for ideal outcomes. So, stick to these secret techniques and try to minimize your mistakes. It will surely improve your bench rest shooting. It will take time, but soon you will be a proof shooting rifles. Best of luck with your shooting practices! For related article visit

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