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Stevens 320 vs Maverick 88: Shotgun Comparison Guide

Stevens 320 vs Maverick 88

For those searching for shotguns for both hunting and defense, they will be presented with two kinds of popular shotguns on the market today. These are Stevens and Maverick 88; these models recently made the new storm on the rifle stores.

With a thousand useful features, they have received the positive assignment of users. Thus, it won’t be easy to choose one out of two of these models.

To deal with his problem, we decided to write an article to distinguish the difference and similarities between Stevens 320 and Maverick 88 to take it easy to select.

The things you need to do is identifying your need to make it fit with the given information and make your decision.

First, we will detail some of the shotguns’ overall characteristics before finding the comparison and distinction. Keep reading for more information:

Stevens 320 

The Stevens 320 shotgun is a well-built model thoughtfully selected for performance and value. It provides thousands of features that can be found on a more expensive gun.

The 320 pump features a secure pistol grip, a proven rotary bolt design, and dual sidebars for reliable operation. The receiver is a bottom load with a great right eject. It has a 3-inch chamber and the fixed cylinder chokes as well.


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This Stevens 320 pump is a pump-action shotgun that shoots 12 gauge ammunition. It has a maximum capacity of five rounds.

Moreover, it holds an average amount compared to the other shotguns of the same caliber. At the same time, the price is less than the average 12-gauge shotgun.

Thus, you still can benefit from this feature but also save a small amount of money. Do not stop here because there is a new version with 20 gauge on the Steven model that can also make you find more choices.

Also, the Stevens 320 weighs 6.8 lbs uploaded so it is heavier than average for the shotgun. The barrel length is about 18.5 inches and the overall length is about 38.25 inches.

We can see that it is relatively small for the 12 gauge shotgun. Besides, all of the Steven 320 models are equipped with swivel studs and dual-action bars.

Maverick 88

This model also has both 12 and 20 gauge versions. It is a subsidiary of Mossberg but is a less expensive design. 

It even has a five-capacity, as well as a bead front sight, cross-bolt safety, a barrel, and rubber recoil. Most parts are interchangeable with the Mossberg 500.

This model is a pumped action shotgun with the cylinder chokes in the 12 gauge version.


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The significant thing about this model is the price; it makes a user feel satisfied with the affordable price ever. It was recommended as one of the best shotguns for home defense.

Although it is assembled in Texas from mostly Mexican parts, it’s still different from the Mossberg models. The Maverick has some plastic internal parts.

This model is very reliable. Depending on the ammunition loaded, it can be counted on the stop and threat in one shot. It is easy to use because this was designed with the cross-bolt style that is near the trigger.

And the cross-bolt safety is a drag whether you are left-hand side.

Comparing Stevens 320 vs. Maverick 88


  • Type: Both of these models are pump-action types.
  • Ballistic performance: The Mavericks 88 and the Stevens 320 have ballistic performances with 12 gauge calibers and 20 gauge versions.
  • Weight: The 20 gauge security edition of these models was recommended for small game, trap shooting, and home security. The versions are lighter than 7lbs when compared to the 12 gauge versions.


  • Price: The Maverick was evaluated higher than the Stevens 320 by a little bit, so the Maverick has the higher price, by $10.
  • Capacity: The Maverick has eight rounds of power while the Stevens 320 holds five rounds of capacity. Therefore, the Maverick will be the better choice in this case because the capacity is one of the most critical factors.
  • Overall length: We can easily see that the Maverick is shorter with about 38.25in. The Stevens 320 is longer at 45.25in. Longer types will be better for some people, but shorter ones could be useful for others.
  • Barrel length: Because of the overall length, the Stevens 320 is longer than the barrel length of the Maverick by 8in.
  • Uploaded weight: They’re mostly similar. The Stevens 320 is just lighter than the Maverick by .15lbs.

Other Noticeable Differences:

  • The cross bolt style near the trigger of the Stevens 320 and the rotary bolt of the Maverick are one of the big differences between them.
  • The Maverick 88 is a longer barrel hunting shotgun with chokes. The Stevens 320 is a security shotgun with a fixed cylinder choke.
  • The Maverick is a budget version of the Mossberg 500, so it has many interchangeable parts.
  • Although it is not suggested, the Stevens 320 holds some handy features which do not appear on the Maverick 88. These are the eject button, swivels tub, and dual-action bars.


In conclusion, both Maverick 88 and Stevens 320 have great features that support you for every purpose. What’s important is you define your preferences to figure out which one is more suitable for you to purchase.

Sometimes, the price does not matter. It’s the quality and suitability that make you choose the right one.

We hope that this article has helped you find the information you need to compare the Stevens 320 and Maverick 88!

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