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Tasco 3-9×40 Scope Review: The Pros, Cons, & Performance

Tasco 3-9x40 Scope Review- The Pros, Cons, & Performance

I haven’t really heard of Tasco before, so I decided to give their World Class 3-9×40 scope a try.

To my surprise, it does feel WORLD CLASS indeed!

From its price point to performance, I regret not finding the scope when I was strapped for cash.

In this Tasco 3 9×40 scope review, I’ll discuss the specs, pros and cons, build and design, ease of use, and performance of this scope.

SPOILER: The Tasco World Class 3-9×40 is an excellent bargain bin scope that will serve all hunters!

Overview of Tasco World Class 3-9×40 Rifle Scope

Tasco World Class 3-9x40

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The Tasco World Class 3-9×40 has zoomable magnification from the lowest 3x to the highest magnification at 9x.

It measures 12.75 inches long and only weighs 13 ounces, which is light enough for me.

It is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it quite DURABLE. The lenses themselves are fog-resistant and water-resistant.

This scope has fully coated optics, making the image SHARP and helping with keeping the resolution high.

It has an objective lens of 40mm, which is bigger than the usual 32mm I see at this price point.

Out of the box, the parallax is set to 100 yards by the manufacturer.

The great thing about this scope is that you can use the front lens element for parallax adjustment by screwing the front lens element in or out and refocusing the target image.

This Tasco scope has short eye relief, rated at only 3.5 inches, which is a minor drawback.

You get a 30/30 reticle on this scope, which does have a distance estimator, but no range compensation markers.

I can’t forget the EXCELLENT field of view on this scope, which starts at 15 feet at 9x magnification and up to 41 feet at 3x magnification.

This is helpful when you need to focus on a target up close and zoom in simultaneously to see the rest of the small details while hunting.

Unfortunately, the Tasco World Class 3-9×40 doesn’t come shipped with any scope rings, so you’ll have to use your own 1-inch high rings.

However, ensure a medium or high-profile set of rings so the scope will fit.

  • The generous field of view at all magnification levels
  • Good optics quality for the price
  • The unique reticle has a distance estimator feature
  • Decently durable
  • Great value for money
  • Short eye relief
  • Only fog-resistant, not fog proof
  • Range compensation markers are missing on the reticle
  • Needed medium or high rings for mounting

Rundown of Main Features

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In this section, let’s further break down all aspects of the Tasco World Class 3-9×40 rifle scope.

After this part of the review, I’ll give an overall rating of five while considering these factors.

Build and Design

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This scope is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which can take a bit of a beating without suffering much damage.

It’s fairly durable for a cheaper scope!

It also has fully coated optics which helps avoid any scratching, reflections, and blemishes on the surface of the glass lens.

The adjustment to the sight also doesn’t accidentally move when dropped.

One downside is that it’s not nitrogen filled, which is probably why it’s only labeled as fog-resistant, not proof.

I guess it makes sense, considering its cheap price. This can be a deal breaker if you’re out big game hunting.

Ease of Use

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An advantage of this optic is the adjustments you can make to parallax and focus on the front end of the objective lens.

Both expert and casual hunters will appreciate this as it makes the target image sharper, making a big difference between hitting and missing.

It’s easy to mount this optic onto any standard rail system as long as you have a spare set of medium or high-level rings.

This is because the larger objective lens might be making contact with your weapon.

The light weight of this optic also helps with how easy it is to use. You’ll appreciate it if you’re out doing big game hunting like deer.

One thing I like to do that considerably speeds up sight in time is to use a laser bore sighter.

This tool gets a scope “on paper” without you shooting any rounds of ammo.

This process can help you get zero FASTER and accurate one-inch groupings at ranges up to 250 yards!

The best ease-of-use feature on any scope, especially one meant for hunting, is if it performs consistently.

This scope does that, from the lowest to even the highest magnification.

Optics Quality

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This scope performs consistently in all situations EXCEPT more extreme darker situations because of the fully coated optics, variable magnification, and larger objective lens at 40mm.

The focus on the eyeball works smoothly!

Getting your aim on target is quick with this scope, which also has smooth zoomable magnification when you want a clearer image.

Unfortunately, this scope doesn’t include compensation markers for range, but it does have the 30/30 reticle, which is a unique reticle because of the distance estimator feature.

The way this reticle works is that the center crosshairs span 30 inches at 100 yards when set to 4x magnification.

The instruction manual for this scope has a lot of information about using this reticle properly and what ranges you can expect to measure with it.

I recommend you study and read the instruction manual fully to make the most of this unique reticle.

Casual hunters will appreciate this feature because there are times when you don’t have enough time to measure the range with other instruments, and the rifle is already in your hands!

Field of View

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An underrated advantage of this optic is the generous field of view.

Combining this with how the eyeball works smoothly gives you an optic that can easily spot deer or varmints at ANY magnification.

Surprisingly, this scope also has decent low-light gathering abilities, more than you’d expect for such an inexpensive scope.

No target from any distance was safe from me!

However, it’s not designed for or carries any true low light gathering features like illuminated reticles.

As mentioned earlier, the 40mm objective lens is decent but can’t pick out details in darker areas of the image than more expensive scopes can.

Otherwise, the resolution is decent in conditions with enough light.

However, hunting with this has rock-solid performance as long as there’s enough light gathering to see the target.

The Tasco World Class has ROCK-SOLID performance for such an inexpensive scope!

My Overall Rating: 4/5

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Frequently Asked Questions

After reading my review on the Tasco World Class optic, you might still have some questions about it that other reviews haven’t answered.

I’ve answered some of the most commonly asked ones below.

How Easy is the Tasco World Class 3-9×40 Riflescope to Sight In?

It’s relatively easy, even compared to more expensive scopes. However, using a laser bore sighter on any new scope considerably SPEEDS up this process.

How Easy Is It to Mount the Scope?

I needed medium or high-profile set of rings to mount this optic because it doesn’t ship with any in the box.

The objective lens is also on the larger side, which can end up making contact with the weapon if not mounted properly.

What Does This Limited Warranty Not Cover?

The limited warranty that Tasco optics has won’t apply if the unit has been abused, taken apart, or tampered with in any way.

My Final Verdict

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The Tasco World Class 3-9×40 is an excellent bargain bin scope that will serve you well for hunting.

Other expensive scopes will do just fine, but this choice from Tasco will allow you to save some hard-earned bucks.

While it doesn’t have an illuminated reticle and has small eye relief, it is fairly durable and has good optics, an excellent field of view, and variable magnification.

It even has a distance estimator, which isn’t usually found on optics at this tier.

I hope my Tasco 3 9×40 scope review of this optic helps you decide whether it fits your needs!

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