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Is the Vortex Copperhead Discontinued? [Facts + Other FAQs]

1_Is the Vortex Copperhead Discontinued- [Facts + Other FAQs]

If you’re interested in rifle scopes, you must know about a Vortex copperhead scope!

There are plenty of rumors that it has been discontinued since most enthusiasts cannot get a hold of even one vortex copperhead scope.

So is the Vortex Copperhead discontinued? Are the rumors true?

Or are you one of those who search a lot of online platforms yet cannot find a concrete answer?

In this article, we’ll help you answer the burning question. Read on to find out more.

Are Vortex Copperhead Rifle Scopes Discontinued?

The answer is NO, but it’s much harder to find them.

Vortex copperhead scopes are not discontinued. However, these items are difficult to locate for sale in the market.

What Does That Mean?

This practically means ONLY Vortex distributors have access to distribute the copperhead scope models as these series are being built and marketed as a distributor special.

They are no longer randomly distributed as they are distributor special.

History of the Vortex Copperhead Scope

Vortex scope

Despite being around for a shorter time than other rifle scope businesses (Vortex started in 2002), their services are still EXCELLENT!

Over time, Vortex has made a name for itself as a top U.S.-based optics provider.

Vortex introduced the Copperhead series of rifle scopes at the 2016 Shot Show.

The Copperhead series was only available to a limited number of Vortex’s scope distributors because it was designed and marketed as a particular distributor-only model.

Furthermore, the Copperhead series model was designed to appeal to hunters with its dead-hold BDC reticle and objective lens, the perfect hunting rifle scope.

Where Are Vortex Copperhead Rifle Scopes Made?

Man looking through scope

Although US-based, the main manufacturer of this line is in China. Several sets manufactured under this line are from China.

The Copperhead series model is Vortex’s absolute entry-level series of scopes and targets those buying on a very restrictive budget.

Can Vortex Copperhead Scopes Still Be Bought?

The answer is YES, but the question is, “where?”.

These models seem MORE DIFFICULT to locate for sale in the market; this means that only certain distributors have access to sell these scope models.

This scope model is being built and marketed as a distributor special.

No one can buy this scope from a store unless it is distributed by Vortex, or you can find other means.

Some accessories, like the dead-hold BDC reticle, can be bought on Amazon.

It is worth trying to look for the whole model on Amazon, as Amazon is one of the reliable online stores along with eBay or its affiliates.

Does the Warranty Still Cover My Vortex Copperhead?

The answer is YES.

Regardless of the date of production, date sold, or still in the process of being sold, each item’s warranties fully cover any Vortex scope!

Vortex Copperhead Scope Overview

Vortex scope


  • Objective lens diameter: 44mm
  • Field of view: 24.7-8.4 ft/100 yds
  • Tube size: 25.4 mm
  • Magnification range: up to 12x
  • Weight: 15.08 oz.

The Vortex copperhead rifle scope is sleek and sophisticatedly engineered among all copperhead series.

Its tube is 1 –inch in diameter and 13.5 inches long, with secured rings perfect for ALL types of long-distance shooting activities.

Aircraft-grade aluminum construction grants STRENGTH and LONGEVITY.

Built to perform under harsh weather conditions, Vortex copperhead scope 4-12×44 is both waterproof and fog-proof.

This features BDC dots on the windage place to adjust for windage changes. Some hunters don’t use windage adjustments but are there when needed.

These are just a few reasons people have been looking for this series.

  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle for more accuracy
  • Perfect for hunters to use when they're hunting with a varying range
  • This rifle scope series has a lifetime warranty.
  • The reticle is perfect for long-range target shooting.
  • Manufactured in China (you can expect it to be an issue)
  • It can be expensive compared to other rifle scopes

Copperhead vs. Crossfire II

Vortex Copperhead vs Crossfire II

The Copperhead and Crossfire II are great for your regular hunting sessions. Let’s make a detailed comparison between these two models in these respective features:

Magnification Power

Both scopes are fairly good in magnification, an essential feature that scopes should possess.

You can extend your range to several yards with the Crossfire and Copperhead scopes.

But the Copperhead model features HIGHER magnification ranges because it reaches up to 12x while the opponent can only reach up to 9x.

Both have ample magnification power, but the Copperhead model has a slight advantage in this category.


The Copperhead and Crossfire 2 are TOUGH scopes made with aircraft-grade aluminum.

These are waterproof and fog proof because of their O-rings seals! You can use both of them under various weather conditions.

Even though the elements do a number on these scopes, you can bet that they are designed to last long for hunters during long shooting sessions.

It’s safe to say that the Copperhead and Crossfire 2 are fairly equal regarding durability.


In terms of weight, Crossfire 2 is heavier and weighs 20.06 ounces. It can also feel pretty heavy for users, depending on the duration of use.

Glass Quality

The glass quality for both items is fairly clear, which is nice!

Both feature fully multi-coated lenses to increase light transmission for clearer sighting, which meets the needs of hunters.

They have similar magnification ranges. However, the Crossfire II is much WIDER with its glass objective lens diameter of 50mm.

Reticle Details

As for the reticle, both scopes include the dead-hold BDC reticle. This reticle type is perfect for rifle users on a rigid hunt!


Copperhead models have a dead-hold BDC feature, while Crossfire 2 models also have this same feature to improve your shot accuracy.

Safe to say, both models can perform equally well!


Both scope models are more AFFORDABLE compared to others on any market site. Crossfire II is cheaper than Copperhead scope by just a few dollars.

But since the Copperhead scope is a few steps ahead in magnification and range, the price difference is justified, with its cost of $143.00 on Amazon.

While Crossfire 2 models cost $149.99 – $211.60. If you can’t find these items on Amazon, you can directly go to the Vortex Optics site or try other options.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have missed some important information you need, here are some frequently asked questions.

You might find the answers helpful.

Will Painting a Vortex Scope Void the Warranty?

For most riflescope makers, painting their scope VOIDS the warranty. Painting one of their scopes and redesigning it does not void the warranty.

Is the Vortex Sonora and Copperhead Scope the Same?

No, they’re different products.

The Copperhead series is a beginner-friendly line of scopes from the Vortex line of products. This entry-level family includes the popular Sonora scope and Crossfire II series.

The Copperhead series scope model is one step ahead of the Sonora line family and just below the top-rated Crossfire II series.

You can search on a number of reviews about the full specifications of this line.

Is Vortex a Chinese Company?

No, Vortex is an American company, so basically, they are US-based.

However, most of the brand’s rifle scope production is made in China and the Philippines.

The company has been an American-owned, veteran-owned, family-owned, and operated business of hard-working folks headquartered in Barneveld, Wisconsin, since 1986.

Is Vortex a Good Brand?


This brand is MORE than just good. It is one of the best companies that provide some of the most reliable rifle scopes and optics on the market.


Man aiming

Now you know that the Copperhead series model has NOT been discontinued, but getting a hold of one can be difficult as it is only sold as a distributor special.

If you’re a distributor, that shouldn’t be a problem.

You can quickly get a hold of one of these to satisfy your hunting needs any time of the day!

They couldn’t just discontinue this scope line as manufacturers stand behind their products.

Hopefully, you got your question answered!

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