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Water Bottle Silencer: A Quick How-to Guide for Beginners

Water Bottle Silencer

If guns are essential items you want to use regularly, then you also don’t want to bother others with their loud sound, especially when you have children.

It would help if you had a silencer that prevents the explosive sound when a gun is fired. 

Why not learn how to make a silencer? It’s so easy that I made one using items found in my own house!

For today’s article, I will teach you how to make one using a simple water bottle.

And yes, you DON’T even need expertise in weaponry!

JUST REMEMBER: Check with your local and state law enforcement agency beforehand about the regulation governing the use of silencers with weapons.

What You Need

First, you should prepare the things needed and then carefully read the instructions before making your silencers.

All are simple things that appear in most houses. Here’s a rough breakdown:

  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Cotton balls
  • Ruler
  • Some bonding glue
  • 1-liter empty water bottle and a 16-ounce empty water bottle (I’ve used 2-liter empty soda bottles)

It would help if you had toilet paper rolls, a grease pencil, cellophane tape, and a ductal as well.

How to Make a Silencer Out of a Water Bottle

Step 1: Slice the Bottle

Step 1

First, take the scissors and cut off the neck and the bottom of a 16-ounce empty plastic water bottle.

You can throw away the sliced-off parts as you will not need them to complete the rest of the process.

After that, slice the 1-liter empty water bottle.

With this bottle, you just cut the bottle’s neck (not the bottom), and then you discard the cut portion.

Step 2: Create Vertical and Horizontal Slits

Step 2

You have to use a knife to create a horizontal slit of no more than 1 inch in the center at the 1-liter water bottle’s bottom.

When the horizontal slit is made, you can make another slit, but it has to be vertical.

Make sure it’s also no more than 1 inch at the center at the bottom of the same 1-liter water bottle.

Step 3: Connect the Two Bottles Together

Step 3

You can place the 1-liter empty water bottle on a desk, but it must be with the bottom of the bottle facing the surface.

Next, you have to place the 16-ounce empty water bottle INSIDE the 1-liter empty water bottle via the sliced on the neck with the bottom of the bottle facing the desk.

To ensure that you go the right way, both bottles must have their bases downwards and not the other way around.

Step 4: Fill Them With Cotton Balls

Step 4

You’ll see a space between the sides of the 1-liter and 16-ounce empty water bottles. This will be filled with cottons.

Stop filling it when the cottons hit the top of the 1-liter empty bottle mark.

Step 5. Use Glue to Secure the Bottles

Step 5

It’s the most critical task that requires concentration and efficiency.

After that, wait for some minutes and stick the necks of both the empty water bottles together.

You have to apply some glue on the cut-out necks and keep them in one position for more than a minute to make the bonding glue dry.

Make sure that the parts are stuck tightly. After 1 minute, you can let them free, and you do not need to hold them.

I had to wait around 5 hours for the bonding glue to set in completely.

Step 6. Try It Out With Your Gun

Step 6

Now, you’ll finally have a plastic bottle suppressor to enclose your weapon in. 

Carefully thrust the tip of your gun and the barrel into the horizontal and vertical slits of the silencer.

Secure the gun to the muffler to make sure everything is secure and safe. Using strips of duct tape to attach the silencer to the gun barrel firmly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pillow Work As Silencer?

Contrary to what you might see in video games, no, a pillow DOES NOT work as a silencer.

It might muffle the sound by a bit, but it will not completely eliminate the noise of the firearm.

In fact, it may even increase the recoil, making shots less accurate.

Are Silencers Less Accurate?

No. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Silencers will actually reduce muzzle blast, muzzle rise, and recoil, which helps in making shots more accurate.

As a result, you can stay on target and follow up on shots quicker and easier.


To sum up, it’s really not hard for you to make a water bottle suppressor, even if you’re a beginner.

However, you have to be aware of the steps and also follow them carefully.

You must be careful with the details because even the smallest step can mess things up!

I hope that you learned some useful things from this page on how to make the perfect silencer. Enjoy shooting!

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