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What Is the Only Arrowhead Used for Big Game? [3 Types]

What is the Only Arrowhead Used for Big Game-

As a bow and arrow hunter, you might have encountered multiple — if not — various different arrowheads over the term of your big game hunting.

The question is…are you using the RIGHT arrowhead?

With so many types of arrowheads available, we only want to focus on one: BIG GAME HUNTING. The wrong arrowhead size means you severely injure your prey rather than kill them, which is socially unacceptable.

So what’s the best and only arrowhead that may be used for big game hunting? The short answer: broadhead.

Broadheads: The Big Game

The Big Game

As we mentioned, when you’re going for big game, it’s important the only arrowhead you use IS SUITED for the size of your target.

Pick the only arrowhead that kills, not the only arrowhead that may only cause injury, suffering, and weeks of torment.

The broadhead is your BEST and IDEAL choice that should be used for big game.

It’s not only laser-sharp or razor-sharp but made with better, studier quality compared to others. This MAXIMIZES the big game hunting experience.

When going for the kill, penetration matters. No matter at all the accuracy, no other point would make for a better shot the way a broadhead does.

The best combination of bow, broadhead, and arrow is a crucial equipment combination for the most humane kill possible.

BUT WAIT! There’s still more to learn about the types of broadhead arrowheads you SHOULD use.

Types of Broadheads

1. Static or Fixed Blade Broadheads

Static or Fixed

A fixed blade broadhead is the most common style of broadhead arrowheads and is often used by traditional-style bowhunters. These types of arrowheads are most fitting for bows with lower draw weights.

Perfect for:

This kind of broadhead is best for smaller animals. Since it requires MORE POWER to shoot an arrow with these kinds of points, the penetration on the animal’s skin may be insufficient.

Though this type of arrowhead may not be the best for big game, it’s still ideal for most situations since they are the strongest broadhead style.

Because of its design and build quality, there are VERY FEW weak points. This is great because you don’t have to worry about the blade broadhead breaking off.

Depending on the particular design, fixed blade broadheads are installed in two ways:

  • Screw on: This type of fixed blade uses an insert to avoid injury and maybe for game hunting.
  • Glue on: With this type of fixed blade, the head is directly glued onto the arrow shaft.


On the downside, many complained about the accuracy of its head. The arrows with this point are said to “sail off course” when aiming.

Thankfully, due to recent innovation, the fixed blade arrow points are made to be more aerodynamic.

2. Removable Blade Broadhead


Sometimes, your arrows just need maintenance. That’s where this broadhead comes in.

Perfect for:

The kind of arrowhead that may be the best choice for target practice.

This arrow point does share similarities with the fixed blade broadheads, EXCEPT you can remove the individual steel blades if they are damaged or need changing.

With this information, you now know not to use these broadheads for big game hunting. These are best for target practice for better aim or simply want to a warm-up session before tackling on serious game.

3. Expandable Blade Broadhead/Mechanical Broadheads


Also known as the mechanical broadhead or mechanical heads.

Perfect for:

The mechanical broadhead kind of arrowhead is your greatest choice when it comes to big game hunting.

Fast Fact: When big game hunting with mechanical broadheads, the blade heads retract before you shoot them until the point of impact. Only when they come in contact with your target do the blades expand. It’s in that process that exposes the cutting edges.

Mechanical broadheads may be very helpful when used for big game hunting for animals LARGER THAN 50 POUNDS.

The reason for this is because each shot would have enough power to trigger THE blades to open and pin in position after shooting.

Mechanical heads allow you to penetrate the animal skin easily and kill them faster, thanks to their IMMENSE penetration power.

It won’t be a bad idea to pick these up when you try hunting and shooting hogs with a bow!

Drawbacks and Precautions

For one, it tends to be flimsy. Second, it may fold when shooting into the bone of your prey. As a result, the blades might fail to deploy properly when in contact with the animal.

What does that mean?

Although it’s an arrowhead that may be best for bigger game, the expandable blade broadhead is a one-shot use arrowhead.

Two Major Broadhead Tips

Two Major Tips

This is an arrowhead that not only comes in different styles but is also designed to have different types of tips.

1. Chisel Points

When used for big game hunting, the chisel point features the best smashing power and BREAKS bones on any or all larger animal targets.

The blades of broadheads sit at the back of the chisel tip, awesome when used for big game hunting. Blades on this type of tip CUT THROUGH as the arrow sets its course on the target.

2. Cut on Contact

These kinds of tips definitely share qualities with its name. There are no differences as these points LITERALLY cut on contact.

These shooting points are razor sharp, and the blade will slice through thick hide and animal skin. The rule with this is that the blades will flare away from the tip.

Clean cutting power along the entire arrow tip is ensured when using this kind of point for broadheads.



Still have a few questions on what’s best to hunt big game? We’ve got all the answers. Here are the states of affairs for hunting, common concerns, and the like.

What Type of Arrow Should You Use for Big Game Hunting?

A pro hunter knows to utilize high-poundage compound bows. They need stiffer arrows with an increase in the length of their arrow.

For big game broadheads, you have to take into consideration the strength, speed, and direction of the wind when you’re selecting your best arrow. Not all arrows make the best shots.

What Is the Recommended Arrow Weight for Hunting?

The arrow weight plays a key role in the efficiency of your shooting arrow.

An average of about 6 to 8 grains for every pound of your bow weight is the recommended arrow weight that is good for hunting. It should be around 9 to 10 grains for every pound, for lighter bows.

This means that 360 to the 480-grain range is for a typical 60-pound type of bow.

Can an Arrowhead Pierce the Animal’s Skull?

Yes. An arrow can easily penetrate your prey’s skull.

This depends on the shooting power, type of arrowhead and point, and the weight of the arrow.

What Type of Game Should You Hunt Using a Blunt?

Blunt points are flat instead of pointed. Made from rubber, plastic, or steel. These kill your prey by shock.

Use your blunt points for small game hunting for small game animals. These small game animals include rabbits, squirrels, and birds.



Broadheads have proven to be the best arrowhead to utilize in big game hunting.

Because of its innovative design as well as different styles to choose from, broadheads are surely the best for big game.



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