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Where Are Sig Sauer Scopes Made? [History + Recommendations]

Where Are Sig Sauer Scopes Made- History + Recommendations

Ever wondered where Sig Sauer scopes are made?

In my experience of using Sig Sauer scopes, I can’t help but wonder where this nice quality originates from.

If you’re considering buying a rifle scope made in the USA, I’ve checked out Sig Sauer scopes for you.

This article has all the information you need about Sig Sauer manufacturing, history, and a few recommendations.

Where Are Sig Sauer Scopes Made?

Armed solder looking through scope

Let’s check where Sig Sauer scopes are made and if “assembled” means the same.

Different Categories of Scopes

Before I explore where the scopes are made, let’s check the difference between many scopes.

The company can produce optics of three kinds: Sierra, Whiskey, and Tango.

I have personally only used Whiskey and Sierra scopes for hunting as the Tango line is tailored toward military, police, special ops, and tactical operations.

I recommend the Whiskey line for beginners and recreational shooters and hunters as these are generally cheaper.

The Sierra scopes are more costly, but only because of their high-tech parts and more advanced hunting features.

Made vs. Assembled

Sig Sauer discloses that their scopes are “assembled in the USA.” However, most materials in optics aren’t made in America.

All three rifle scopes are ASSEMBLED in the USA, but are made in other countries.

The Tango is made in the Philippines and Japan, Whiskey in Philippines and China, and Sierra in the Philippines only.

Which Model Should You Get?

It depends on what kind of shooting activity you want to do, but I recommend starting off with the Whiskey line.

This scope is a great hunting choice for beginners. Plus, they aren’t pricey, so they’re a lot more accessible for first-timers.

Despite not being made in the USA, the quality of any of these scopes is WORTH IT!

Sig Sauer: A Brief History

Sig Sauer logo

The company has a rich European history which started in Switzerland in 1853. 

It was called the Swiss Wagon Factory but changed to the Swiss Industrial Company after being tasked with manufacturing rifles by the Swiss army and government.

After Swiss Wagon Factory and Swiss Industrial Company, the German company was called the Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft, or “SIG.”

Sig Sauer slowly became one of the world’s RENOWNED firearms manufacturers, entering the US market in the 1980s.

The company is now in New Hampshire but has manufacturing plants and offices in Arkansas and Oregon.

What Is Sig Sauer Electro-Optics?

As the name suggests, Sig Sauer Electro-Optics is the category of scopes that integrates technology and electronics into the scope.

The most advanced technologies include the BDX (Ballistics Data Xchange) feature, used in the Sierra line of optics.

Are Sig Sauer Scopes Any Good?


Sig Sauer manufactures their rifle scopes with strict guidelines and the highest standards to adhere to before making their way to store shelves.

Their optics are great for various shooting activities, such as low-light shooting, target shooting, and hunting.

And yes, it has nothing to do with where they are manufactured.

Not to mention the price range!

Sig Sauer has made a name for themselves in the firearms business for their high-quality performance at LOW prices.

Sig Sauer Optics Recommendations

There are a few  Sig Sauer scopes that I’ve used that I would recommend to anyone!

Let me give one from each type.

1. SIERRA6 BDX (For High Tech Hunters)


If you want a modern, high-tech hunting scope, the Sierra6 BDX is my recommendation. It has magnification levels from 3x to 18x. 

What impressed me the most about this optic is the integration of technology.

It’s compatible with the free BDX app, where you can input your rifle’s specific setup to get optimized settings.

The scope also has an automated holdover that adjusts for distance and angle of shooting. The aiming point moves along and adapts to you!

There is a mark to show tilt angle and more for bullet drop at different ranges.

Another advantage of these high-end scopes is that I can mount it on ANY rifle with minimal adjusting.

The Sierra6 and other Sierra optics are made in the Philippines, not China, but assembled in the USA.

2. Whiskey 3 3-9×40 (Budget Friendly Hunting Option)

Whiskey 3 3-9x40

If you’re looking for a more rugged, back-to-basics, budget but quality optic, look no further than the Sig Sauer Whiskey 3.

This optic is an excellent low-light versatile rifle scope!

It can be mounted on almost any gun, and it’s suited to firing at big game targets at a sub-200 yard range.

The best part is this scope saved me A LOT of bucks, easily competing and beating competitor sights from other companies.

This optic is worth the cost, especially if you don’t mind it being made in China.

NOTE: It is made in China but designed and put together in the USA.

3. Tango 6 (The Tactical Option)

Tango 6

I’ve had the privilege of using this scope for a day, and let me tell you, you don’t have to be a special forces member to get a similar optic in the Tango 6!

The US Special Forces use Sig Sauer optics in many tactical applications. 

If the price is no object and you want no compromises, the Tango 6 has all the necessary accessories.

It has a first focal plane reticle, 56mm objective glass lens, and can zoom from 5x to 30x!

Accuracy is a TOP priority in the Tango 6, as the reticle is accurate to any distance and target you aim at. 

Furthermore, rumor has it that it was developed with the help of newly hired former Leupold engineers.

And we all know Leupold is one of the renowned companies known for their top-quality glass!

First focal plane sights are great for defense, especially if you’re holding a position. You won’t need to calculate distance when engaging targets.

If you don’t want your sight coming from China, this one is made by Japanese hands.

REMINDER: The Tango 6 and other recommended optics are incompatible with pistols because they’re too big. The gun can’t support the weight, and mounts for these sights don’t exist for pistols.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find Out Where a Specific Sig Sauer Scope Was Made?

You can find the place of manufacturing on the packaging details.

If you are unsure, you can also contact the manufacturer to confirm about the product’s manufacturing origins.

Does the Place of Manufacture Affect the Warranty?


Sig Sauer honors their warranty policy for all their scopes, regardless of where they were made.

Are Sig Sauer Scopes Made in Germany Betters?

Sig Sauer maintains consistent quality for all their scopes, regardless if they were made in Germany or elsewhere.

However, some many prefer their German-made scopes because of their reputation for precision engineering.

Final Thoughts

Man looking through scope

Sig Sauer scopes are made outside of the USA, but are assembled in the USA.

Remember that just because a scope is made in other countries, it doesn’t mean its quality is inferior to US-made scopes.

The crucial reason why the country of origin is important is QUALITY.

Sig Sauer ensures that the quality of the optics you’ll buy is the same and consistent for many years, whether it was made in New Hampshire or Beijing.


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