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Who Makes CenterPoint Scopes: Everything You Need to Know

Who Makes Centerpoint Scopes- Everything You Need to Know

We usually have biases about where our brands came from, and who can blame shooters?

If a scope brand is made on a Chinese assembly line, it’s more likely than not to be part of the junk category.

The CenterPoint scope line is a popular and affordable scope brand, and this line is a budget hunter’s favorite.

But where is it made?

Moreover, are they good enough for your next hunting trip? Read on to know who makes CenterPoint scopes and learn more about them!

Who Makes CenterPoint Scopes?

Man aiming rifle

Crosman Corporation makes the CenterPoint scope line. Crosman has manufactured its scopes in a Chinese optical factory.

Yes, it’s made in China.

But don’t be fooled by the country’s reputation!

Many decent-quality riflescopes in the US firearms market came from Chinese optical factories.

Crosman Corporation does its research well! While it’s no top-of-the-line brand to brag about, it’s known to create AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE products.

Is CenterPoint Really From Crosman?

Crosman logo

If you’ve heard about CenterPoint for some time or tried a CenterPoint scope, you might be slightly surprised about who makes CenterPoint scopes.

CenterPoint has associations with other brands.

CenterPoint and Walmart

While it’s not the in-house brand of Walmart, CenterPoint seemed to have a marketing deal with Walmart.

The retail stores feature and prioritize CenterPoint scopes, giving it a reputation as a cheap but reliable firearm product.

The retailer also sells other firearms and accessories for those purchasing them – from earplugs to gun security cabinets.

BSA Scopes and YOH

Some people believe Crosman’s facility in China might also be the same factory that makes entry-level scopes for other major brands in America.

A few people believe that YOH optics is the Chinese facility involved in making CenterPoint products.

Anyone who tried hunting with both BSA and CenterPoint scopes might feel the similarities.

The Background of CenterPoint Scopes

Man looking through scope

Crosman Corporation is an American company known in the USA for its air guns and airsoft products – especially pellet and BB guns.

At some point, Crosman began producing riflescopes branded as Crosman scopes – CenterPoint didn’t receive its name then.

None of them were sold as an actual, separate scope model at first. Instead, they were part of Crosman air rifles.

Eventually, the scope brand expanded, selling only a few models. Then the number of scopes increased, and each model increased in quality.

The Crosman rifle scopes became the CenterPoint scope line we know today.

What Is CenterPoint?

The CenterPoint line is Crosman’s official scope line. The brand is also unofficially called CenterPoint.

And not every model is a riflescope; the model with the most raving reviews is the crossbow model.

The CenterPoint is budget-friendly and reliable enough to be a featured scope line in Walmart.

Are All Crosman Products Made in China?

Crosman does rely a lot on Chinese factories.

Aside from its CenterPoint scopes, the spring piston and gas ram break-barrel models are from China.

Though CenterPoint scopes are manufactured in a Chinese optical factory, they still have the standards of the USA company.

What About The USA?

Crosman designs most products in-house in their USA facilities. Their US facility in Crosman Airgun Factory in Bloomfield, NY, manufactures many parts, too.

Meanwhile, many BBs and airguns are manufactured in the US facility – not just designed. Their oldest model still used today is the 760 Pumpmaster multi-pump air rifle.

Some other US-made products of theirs include barrels, breeches, and pressure tubes.

Now that we know the CenterPoint scope background, there’s, of course, that question.

Is CenterPoint Worth Buying?

Scope and ammo

CenterPoint scopes are remarkable, considering each scope is usually less than $100. Some scopes are even less than $75!

Still, even if China brands get a bad rap, every CenterPoint model is worth the money! CenterPoint scopes are great if you’re looking for a basic, no-frills scope model.

CenterPoint scopes are great for the BUDGET-MINDED shooter!

If you’re not looking for the top-of-the-line scope but don’t want to go with naked hunting gear, then a CenterPoint scope might be for you.

Decent and Reliable

CenterPoint scopes are usually precise and reliable basic scopes. They feature fully multi-coated lenses.

Plus, the parallax of many of its scopes can focus down under the 50-yard mark.

Many CenterPoint scope models also have precision lock turrets with zero resetting capabilities. These scopes are SHARP at CLOSE RANGE and are easy to hold zero!

Low Costs Come at a Cost

If you feel CenterPoint scopes are too good to be true, then we need to emphasize that a CenterPoint scope is GREAT for ITS PRICE.

Simple economics tells us you can’t get an incredibly high-quality scope at $100.

Issues With CenterPoint Scopes

A CenterPoint model is a hit-or-miss (buying-wise – no pun intended). The quality is decent but can’t be compared to major brands like Vortex, Burris, and Nikon.

Bad Lens

Plus, not every scope of theirs has the clearest optics. That can make it a nightmare at long range!

Many CenterPoint glasses become blurry at high magnifications with their thick reticles.

Eye Relief Issues

Another common criticism from reviews is the low eye relief. You’ll have to keep your eyes close to the scope to see.

At best, that can make hunting with it a hassle.

CenterPoint Scope Recommendations

If you want to see the best the CenterPoint line offers, here are their top three scopes.

1. CenterPoint Archery Crossbow Scope 4x32mm (Model LC432ERG2)

CenterPoint Archery Crossbow Scope 4x32mm

The crossbow scope of the CenterPoint line is universally loved! It’s accurate at even a range of 60 yards.

It features clear glass and adjustable, illuminated brightness.

You won’t even have a problem with low light at its highest power, making it great for cloudy days, early mornings, and late evenings!

The crisp dot reticle (red, blue, or green) becomes a small circle at around 20-30 yards. But some reviews claim that this is a FEATURE for them, making target acquisition easier.

One of the few issues that some reviewers found is the position of the illumination zero mark.

It’s at the east where the rear scope ring covers it, rather than the north where it’s expected to be.

For many, that seems to be a non-issue, so we highly recommend this model if you want to replace your crossbow’s red sight.

It’s one of those great quality scopes at a LOW cost!

2. CenterPoint TAG BDC 4-16×40 mm Rifle Scope (Model LR416AORG2)

CenterPoint TAG BDC 4-16x40 mm Rifle Scope

This rifle scope is Walmart’s second-best scope in the CenterPoint line and has the best reviews in Walmart for its features.

The scope comes with a side focus adjustment and rings that make parallax easily adjustable. It also holds zero well and is easy to install!

With the mil-dot reticle on clear optics, sighting in at 10x is easy with this riflescope. Target acquisition is a breeze!

It’s durable enough to take some action and last a long while in your hunting ventures. This scope is an EXCELLENT addition to your air rifles.

However, it’s not the best quality; it has poor eye relief with 12-16x magnification. But being around $60, this model is a huge bargain.

3. CenterPoint TAG 6-20x50mm Rifle Scope (Model LR620AORG2)

CenterPoint TAG 6-20x50mm Rifle Scope

This CenterPoint rifle scope features a bullet drop compensating reticle for long-range hunting.

You can EASILY calibrate this model to any combination of bullets or load.

Reviews praise this scope model for shooting out of 300 yards, though its description claims to accommodate shooting up to 600 yards.

But if you’re willing to pay for top-of-the-line quality scopes, you might want to skip this.

It’s not the most durable or longest-lasting scope, and the adjustment abilities for a high range aren’t the best.

Still, you can’t find rifle scopes like this model that can work for more than $70.

What is the CenterPoint Scope Warranty?

Holding rifle with scope

Many gun enthusiasts know that the warranty of a scope is a great way to determine whether it’s a high-quality scope.

If the business is confident enough in its wares and scopes, then it will be sure enough to guarantee that every scope in its line will last well and long.

Let’s see what CenterPoint warranty has to say.

Basic Limited Warranty

All the CenterPoint scopes have the SAME limited lifetime warranty. That means you can call customer service to replace the scope that came broken.

However, a limited warranty also means you can’t request a new scope model if it breaks from wear and tear.

Only If It’s Shipped That Way

You can’t request a new scope model if it breaks from wear and tear.

If the scope breaks from recoil from shotguns or doesn’t last a year, the warranty is expired.

Incidental or consequential damages won’t get repaired. Not giving routine maintenance to your beloved scope also voids the CenterPoint warranty.

  • Consequential damages are damages to a product because it’s poorly made.
  • Incidental damages are when your CenterPoint accessories break because they were bounced around in a transportation truck or dropped in a cardboard box after all the packaging.

That’s right; there’s no guarantee the CenterPoint scope won’t break.


If your old hunting buddy gave you a CenterPoint scope he bought, and it breaks, you can’t call customer service to repair it.

Only the ORIGINAL purchaser can benefit from the warranty and get the scope repaired or replaced. In this case, it’s your hunting buddy Rick.

Unnecessary Charges

If you’re shipping your CenterPoint to customer service, make sure the warranty still applies

If it doesn’t, and you send it to customer service, you might have to pay more than you expected (i.e., incidental expenses).

Local Laws

Remember that some of your warranties might differ depending on where you live! Laws being local and all, your specific legal rights depend on what state you live in.

Not What You Expected?

If CenterPoint doesn’t work as you expect, we’re sorry, but that’s on you.

CenterPoint disclaims any implied warranties.

They also don’t have limitations on implied warranties, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

DIY Issues

And if you try to repair your scope by disassembling it?

Or if you wanted to modify it yourself? Like many other products, modifying your scope will void your warranty.

How would businesses know if your modifications are why their product is broken?


Soldier looking through scope

Sure, CenterPoint is made on an assembly line in China, and not every CenterPoint scope is great. But it’s not at the extremely low quality – it’s decent enough for hunting.

If you’re part of its ideal market (i.e., a hunter who needs a decent scope), a CenterPoint scope is worth your money.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who makes the CenterPoint scopes line or whether it’s Walmart-sold or US-made.

What matters is whether the scope is good enough for you and your wallet!

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