Why You Should Use a Prism Scope?

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A prism scope – otherwise known as a prismatic scope, is the next generation of gun sights for your rifle. In addition to better image and optics, prism scopes are known to be more compact, versatile, and easier to use. Today, we’ll look at prismatic scopes in detail and understand what makes for a great prism scope.

What is a Prism Scope?

While standard scopes rely on lenses to magnify an image, the prism scope relies on a special glass prism to create a crisp image. In the case of standard scopes, functionally speaking, the scope behaves just like a telescope. Here, two lenses, the ocular lens, and the much larger objective lens focus the light and magnify the image. Therefore, the objective lens gathers light, and the ocular lens is the one you use to aim down your sights.

The prime difference between a prism scope and a standard scope lies in the fact that it uses a prism, as opposed to lenses, to focus the light passing through the scope. This allows the design of the scope to be more compact than that of a standard scope. Moreover, it allows for a lighter construction as well. Therefore, you can expect to gain a boost in performance when hunting with a lighter and more compact prismatic scope.

What is the Effective Range of a Prism Scope?

While a prism sight offers some magnification, it pales in comparison to the magnification provided by a standard lens is what you should be looking for. Therefore, if you’re shooting long-range, a standard sight will perform better than a prism sight. However, in tactical shooting scenarios, a prism sight offers better accuracy and can help you acquire targets quickly. Moreover, they are perfect for carbines as they are flexible enough for use in close and mid-range with comfort.

Why Should You Use A Prism Scope?

Prism sights offer a few benefits which can increase the productiveness of your hunting trip and improve the experience. Let’s take a look at some of these offered by prismatic scopes.

1.     Magnification

While the magnification offered by a prism scope is limited between 1x and 5x, you get better image quality and sharpness when viewing targets at close or medium range. Therefore, you can quickly lock onto closer targets and take it down.

2.     Etched and Illuminated Reticles

Prism scopes come with etched and illuminated reticles. Therefore, if you find yourself in long-drawn-out hunting trips, you can rely on your reticles even when the batteries go out.

More expensive prism scope variants come with adjustable brightness settings making them perfect for hunting trips that run late into the day.

Finally, the etched reticle on the prism sight remains reliable even during poor weather conditions.

3.     Size and Comfort

Prism sights are often smaller and compactly built as opposed to bulkier standard sights. This is due to the prism used in the design of the scope. Therefore, with a prism scope resting on your rifle, you can have an easier time using your gun and moving it around for faster target acquisition. Moreover, due to the compact design, prism scopes are often more rugged and durable when compared to standard scopes. Finally, because there are no moving parts in prism scopes, you can expect them to last a lot longer as well without worrying about wear and tear.

4.     Astigmatism

Prism sights are a great choice for hunters with Astigmatism as they offer a better and sharper image when looking down sights.

How to pick the right prism scope?

A prism scope is an excellent hunting companion for your rifle. As you’ll be relying quite heavily on the scope you equip your rifle with, it’s important to pick the best one which fits all your needs. The best prism scope comes with the following qualities.

1.     Eye Relief

Eye relief is important if you want to consider your comfort when looking down sights. While prism sights are notorious for providing worse eye relief than standard sights, there are many variants out there where you can expect decent eye relief. Therefore, when picking one out, ensure that it provides sufficient eye relief for prolonged comfortable use.

2.     Image Quality

The best prism sights offer crystal clear images. Therefore, pick out the one which provides the best image quality for you.

3.     Field of View

Prism sights offer a wider field of view, therefore when choosing one, try to strike a balance between the size of the sight and the width of the view it provides.

4.     Speed and Accuracy

The sight should be light enough to allow you to quickly get your targets and fire shots. Therefore, choosing the right prism scope which enhances your precision and accuracy can go a long way towards improving your hunting trips.

5.     Adjustable Brightness

More expensive prism scopes come with adjustable brightness settings. Therefore, if you’re planning to hunt late into the day, you might want to consider a prism scope with adjustable brightness.

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