Best Reflex Sight under $100/$200 for the money

Best Reflex Sight under $100/$200 for the money
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When it comes to rapid target acquisition and quick shooting, a reflex sight could help you in the hunting site. This tool supports you get a wider field of view and the quickness to realize unexpected risks.

Although the reflex sights are commonplace on the market, it is necessary to spend the time to find out the best reflex sight under 100 in the first place. Buying an ideal sight is a worthy investment for your hunting performance.

Consider the best reflex sight under $100 for your rifles

1. Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope – Best reflex sight under $200

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope surpasses than other medium ranges where rapid target acquisition and speed is of the necessary.

The prism has a compact system that it does not sacrifice the optical quality. All lenses are coated with anti- regretful layers provide bright views in every light conditions. An option of a red illuminated reticle or the green one has 5 intensity levels to fit the conditions.

The reticle is depicted straightly on the prism assuring shooters have an efficient point of a target at all times thanks to illumination. A quick focus eyepiece can change the reticle in a sharp concentration.

A diverse height mount system in the Vortex Optics Spitfire helps to increase 30mm and 40mm mounting heights. Dual pica tinny encloses in the product allow the optic could be sited on an offset auxiliary reflex sight.

The device has a shockproof construction, it may withstand recoil when nitrogen cleansing with O-ring sealed. This also gets the waterproof and fog proof performance.


  •    Well-made reflex sight (clear sight in all light conditions)
  •    Solid construction with some vital resistances such as waterproof and fog proof
  •    Ease of install, mount, and use
  •    Easy to use the scope in the humid weather due to the nitrogen gas on the lens
  •    Long-lasting battery
  •    Great lifetime warranty


  •    Not suitable for some users with higher requirements
  •    A little heavy for those who have small hands

2. Feyachi Reflex Sight – Best cheap reflex sight for they money

Feyachi Reflex Sight has 4 different styles in one sight only. You can select for your option. They are Dot, Circle/Dot, Crosshair/Dot, and Crosshair/Circle/Dot combinations. A 33mm lens offers rapid acquisition with a large field of view to keep situational awareness.

Feyachi Reflex Sight is rated one of the best reflex sights under 100 with a solid construction and safe rail mounting system. It means that the product is more durable and it is hard to fall apart.

The device has unlimited eye-relief, so you can aim the target easier along with the bullet and the parallax corrected.

Feyachi is also a good product for those who cannot bring a heavy one in hand and they enable to fit on their weapons at any time. The construction features waterproof and shockproof.

When opening the box, you will have:

  •    1 x 4 Reticles Reflex Sight
  •    1 x Rubber lens Cap Cover
  •    1 x Cleaning Cloth
  •    1 x CR 2032 Battery
  •    2 x Wrenches


  •    Well-built construction with waterproof and shockproof resistances
  •    Ultra-lightweight flexes sight
  •    Good quality for the money
  •    Strong mount
  •    Fairly good parallax


  •    Lack of on and off switch

3. GERO Tactical Green and Red Dot Sight – Best reflex sight under $200

GERO Tactical Green is also the best reflex sight under 100 with accurate sighting in the hunting site. You are able to keep zero for long periods of time with more rounds than other sights.

The construction enables to resist direct hits on the glass by paintballs around 300 feet per second (.68 caliber) without making a mess.

The tool has different reticle settings and adjustable brightness, it gives amazing eye relief and a good sight as well. It is inexpensive but it does not mean the quality is so cheap. You will receive a great flex sight with high-quality.

The product is made for ease of mount and use as well as excellent material for waterproof as well. Additionally, it has a shockproof layer so that you do not have to worry about the outside friction and all climate conditions as well.


  •    Solid frame (built-in Picatinny mount base)
  •    Waterproof and shockproof included
  •    Lightweight enough
  •    Diverse reticle patterns
  •    Good eye relief
  •    Ease of mount and use
  •    Perfect sighting
  •    Long-lasting battery
  •    Affordable price tag
  •    1 limited year warranty


  •    Too large green dot and red dot

4. Tactical Scope Reflex Stinger 4 MOA

Tactical Scope Reflex Stinger 4 MOA has dual-illuminated green dot and red dot reticles with brightness handle. The design has the cantilever PERR mount for a small Picatinny or Weaver rails (about 20mm). So, I am not surprised that I can get a fast rail attachment design.

Though the construction is made of metal material, it has some essential resistances such as weatherproof, shockproof, and fog proof. In other words, the tool is endurable for a while of using.

Another great point in this product is that it features removable spring loaded flip lens wraps. Users do not have to take time to deal with this stuff.

Now, I do not surprise the reason why Tactical Scope Reflex Stinger 4 MOA is the best reflex sight under 100


  •    Wonderful sighting under any circumstance
  •    Well-made construction with excellent materials
  •    Looks great for the best deal
  •    Nice packing
  •    Quick delivery time
  •    Strong cover
  •    Available reflex sight for short guns


  •    Not durable in the glass
  •    Hard to adjust in zero

5. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical “CQB”

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical “CQB” has dual reflex sight (red and green one) with Integral Weaver-Picatinny Rail Base. The material is aluminum, so the construction is a high-quality aircraft with some great resistances such as shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof.

Furthermore, it has 4 different reticles for any tactical solution with 6 brightness settings (3 red and 3 green). In the package, you also see the lithium battery and thermoplastic lens cover as well.


  •    Excellent construction with good material (plastic lens)
  •    Good price for your budget
  •    Good-looking design
  •    Ease of mount, use, and change the battery
  •    Great reflex sight (visible green reticle in the daylight and the red one in the dark condition)


  •    Not accurate sighting at all
  •    Not long-lasting battery (when you forget to turn it off)
  •    Not good enough in the parallax compensation

6. CVLIFE Tactical Gun Sight

CVLIFE Tactical Gun Sight may keep the recoil and zero perfectly regardless of waterproof and shockproof.

The model has loop-top to avoid the loss of elevation adjustment. Cantilever will also mount in the tool which matches the 20 mm rail and you enable to install the product without much hassle.

With full of 5 illumination intensity, you can freely take time to get the right kind to meet your need. The reflex sight also has removable and spring lens cover to make it the best reflex sight under 100.


  •   Strong construction with a full of metal material and resistances (waterproof and shockproof)
  •    Flexible eye relief
  •    Long-lasting battery life
  •    Unbeatable price point
  •    Easy to mount and adjust
  •    Some attachments included (lens cover, lithium battery, cantilever mount, Allen wrench, cleaning cloth)


  •    Not easy to hold up in the mount

7. Ade Advanced Optics Crusader

Ade Advanced Optics Crusader has 8 types of a reticle, rapid detach weaver mount and 5 adjustable brightness settings. In other words, you can change the reflex sight easier.

Do you concern about the first time of using? With a rapid detach mounting system, you can set up and use the sight in a couple of minutes only.

How about the cover of the tool? I want to say that it is so solid with metal protection! The number of eye relief is a lot and these are flexible too!

The tool is well-suited with magnifiers and NVGs as well. Also, the graphics figure on the manual is inbuilt in the product with evaluation adjustments.

The battery is also fabulous as the rechargeable category has to charge indicator light and cable.


  •    Ease of mount and use for all novices
  •    Rechargeable battery (to use it easier)
  •    Great scope for the money
  •    Tough construction enough
  •    Many different options of a reticle
  •    Diverse brightness settings


  •    A bit hard to use in the dark condition

Reasons for purchasing a reflex sight

In fact, the reflex sights are the electronic sight category apart from holographic and laser sights.

Sometimes, you can hear the red dot sight for the reflex sight in some experienced hunters. It makes others think that reflex sight and red dot sight are twins!

A reflex sight is simply a dot through the reflecting glass which shows an illuminated projection of the target in your view. The red dot uses LED which offers a bright aim picture.

The device can help you get the target acquisition faster and you can figure out your surroundings. This is because you are able to use both eyes open. Most people often choose this regardless of this point (when they cannot own both good eyes).

The unrestricted eye relief probably enhances your shooting accuracy aside from targeting abilities by many notches. With a reflex sight, you can aim your target in the low light conditions and at night.

It is outstandingly helpful in close quarter sighting when the distance is minor than 100 yards. However, they are still great at 300 yards with lesser issues with its accuracy.

One thing you should know about the reflex sight before buying is that it does not include any magnification power.

Reflex sights are even more endurable and movable than other scopes. They are simply portable in their shape and size. The construction is also tough that militaries can use in tactical situations.  

How to choose a reflex sight

If you need a tool which probably offers you with unlimited eye relief, then a reflex sight could become a great option for you. Basically, it is not difficult to pick the right one for your rifle

Rail size

Rail size enables to support you decide which sight is suitable for your gun. In the rail size, you will know the number of inches and dimensions smoothly.


Aperture might support you which sights will provide you the best field of view. It also ranges on these types of sights from anywhere from 30 to 35mm. Spend time to take into account which one is the best red reflex under 100 for you.


Why does the weight of the sight may impact on the way you choose a reflex sight? It can determine how better or worse the sight can match on your rifle and the way you shoot.

If it is so heavy, you are tired to control your weapon and your mind cannot stay focus on the main target. Instead, you should choose a product which has a true weight for your hands. Do not just hear other users!

Field of view

The field of view is a specification that you can see via the optic. This is a great point to support you observe the prey easily. Also, you enable to adjust the width of the reflex sight.


Waterproof is a first standard point to check the quality of a reflex sight. In some current brands, the product also has other resistances such as shockproof, fog proof, weatherproof, etc.

Battery life

For each reflex sight, the battery life is one of the most crucial criterions to consider. You should be aware of how much the battery can last with continuous use. Most flex sights use LED with minor energy consumption can last more than 1000 hours. You enable to bring a spare battery when using a new reflex sight.


Mostly, customers love warranty while looking for a product. A guaranty is also a good symbol for the manufacturer to prove the quality of product and a marketing method as well. As a wise buyer, you should check the warranty policies.

Final Words

Purchasing the best reflex sight under 100 is improving your hunting performance because your accuracy, shooting potential, and situational awareness could be greater.

You will get lost when you do not have a reliable review to get a solid understanding about a reflex sight; especially when the product has an affordable price. Hopefully, my above recommendations will help you select your suitable product.

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