What is the best red dot under $100/$200 in this season?

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You watch some movies and see how great people shoot at the right point without making a mess. You think that they have excellent skills to do that. The fact is that they often get a special tool to help them reach their expected targets. They need to use a red dot sight.

Do you want to buy this to improve your performance like them? You can do it when you select the high-quality scope, but as a new user, you should choose a product with a lower budget only. And this is the reason you should figure out the best red dot under 100 as soon as possible.

Best red dot under 100 in this hunting season

1. Tacticon Armament Predator V1 Red Dot Sight

Primarily, Tacticon Armament Predator is an excellent red dot sight with an aluminum alloy for all hunters. It has waterproof and fog proof in its layer, so it will never get stuck in water and fog condition while you are shooting.

This product could be modified to red or green point relying on what level of light you are choosing one. There are 5 different brightness adjustments for green and red colors. Extra batteries and lenses cleaner also have in your purchase.

Do not bother to use this optic whether you have the Winchester, Remington, Colt, or Picatinny Rail Rifle. Furthermore, the elevation and windage are also completely changeable and easily adjust. You enable to get a right zero point.

Some people do not believe that this product has a reasonable price with great quality, but the truth is that Tacticon Armament Predator is rated one of the best red dots under 100 these days.



  •        Ease of installing and use
  •        Economical price tag
  •        Great limited warranty
  •        Clear dots and lenses
  •        Sturdy construction
  •        High-quality material
  •        Accurate sight


  •        Difficult mounting
  •        Not good quality in the lens covers

  2.  OTW Red Dot Sight

OTW red dot sight has total 5 brightness levels for each green and red dot in different light conditions. This can make the performance is so perfect in the black light condition as well as on a sunny day.

When it comes to durability, OTW is rated one of the best red dot under 100 with accurate shooting. Moreover, it has quick centering with a parallax-free red dot to make the optic stay focused on the target. Additionally, it is so simple to mount with MIL-Std 1914 Picatinny 20mm weaver rail base and CR1632 battery as well.


  • Well-built optic
  • Clear sight when putting on your rifle
  • Solid construction
  • Diverse brightness levels
  • Durable and affordable product


  • Not good at the green dot at all
  • Old-fashioned red dot sight

3.  MidTen Tactical Micro Red Dot Gun Sight

MidTen Tactical Micro is a lightweight and durable red dot for all rifles that you should not miss out. I love this one because the layer can protect the inside part from water, shock, and fog. Also, the coating has been sealed with nitrogen filled as well.

The product also has several layers with scratch resistance and amber lens to improve the image lucidity. MidTen has a rubber bikini cover to protect the lens from abrasion and dust.

Hunters and other shooters will feel comfortable to get the reflex scope because the movement of the user’s eye is flexible thanks to the parallax-free design. It means that you can stay focused on the target while diminishing other unnecessary things.

MidTen Tactical Micro enables to offer any light condition due to 11 brightness levels by adding CR2032 battery only.


  • Well-made optic
  • Diverse brightness settings
  • Economical price point
  • Strong construction with some outside resistance


  • Short lifetime battery
  • A bit small lens

  4. Ozark Armament Rhino Tactical Green & Red Dot Sight for Rifles

For those who do not have much time to view all points about Ozark Armament Rhino, you can take a quick look at specifications.

  •        Objective lens: 28mm
  •        Magnification: none
  •        Reticle: 4 MOA Red/Green Dot  
  •        Battery life: up to 3000 hours (on medium brightness level)
  •        Mount height: 1.41 inches (from rail to the center of sight)
  •        Battery: CR2032
  •        Weight: 9.07oz with Mount
  •        W/E Click Value: ½ MOA
  •        Adjustable range: +/- 40 MOA
  •        Waterproof or fogproof: yes

Though this is the most reasonable product (in price) that does not mean it is not the best red dot under 100 for hunters. When Ozark Armament Rhino was made, durability is also the first authority. This optic is designed with a rugged design to withstand the hardest of conditions.

To help protect the scope, 2 flip down covers are built in this package. The scope easily climbs up to most rifles with its comfortable cantilever mount. Thanks to the customization, you may select between red and green reticles.  


  •        An accurate point when shooting
  •        Affordable price
  •        Attractive lifetime guarantee
  •        Diverse brightness settings


  •        Something wrong in the red dot

   5. Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot

Dagger Defense DDHB provides some great functions and allows reticle customization with an economic package. Along with reticle customization, the scope offers the selection between a red dot and a green one. It also gives 4 different shaped reticles.

This optic is also rated one of the best red dot under 100 with an endurable product as well. Thanks to the aluminum, you do not have to concern about the material. You just need to maintain the product to use it longer.

Furthermore, the product has wide space to keep other attachments on your rifle.


  •    Well-made red dot
  •    Affordable price point
  •    Good quality of the material
  •    Solid construction
  •    Easy to install
  •    Clear and crisp image when aiming
  •    Great lifetime guarantee


  •    Not good in the plastic lens

6. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 can help you play your game easier than you may suppose. Unfortunately, several hunters do not find out how good the product is when performing in the hunting site.

This hit the target and creates a success shot rapidly. This is a fabulous red dot with a 25mm objective lens. When open the box, you will have various different heights for both AR height rifles and your low profile mounts as well.

Therefore, Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 often gets the best red dot under 100 lists on the market no matter people use guns or rifles to catch the target point.  


  •        Great deal for the red dot
  •        11 brightness settings
  •        Easy to use and control
  •        Simple design
  •        Strong construction
  •        Long battery life for using several hours
  •        Great product in all weather conditions
  •        Capable see and aim the target in the sunny days


  •        Lack of elevation movement
  •        A little big of the dot
  •        A bit darker in the glass

7.  Sightmark SM26008 Ultra Shot Plus – Best Red Dot under $200

Sightmark SM26008 is a wonderful product from the conventional red dot optic. The Sighmark does not use a tube-based design. It gets a square-shaped window for viewing.

Several users agree that this red dot is quicker than a traditional tube design. When you use both eyes, you will boost peripheral vision which provides you with a full field of view. The Ultra Shot Plus is a great choice for using AR-15, AK, PCC, shotguns, and more weapons.

It is quite hard to get the abuse of powerful riles and is well-built for home defense as well. Sometimes, you also take this optic to forget fun only! It is easy to use to get the suitable zeroed, you will strike papers like a champ!

The scope comes with a QD mount which makes it versatile with any basic Picatinny rail. The product has an auto turned off the system after one hour to save the batteries. The batteries can last 2000 hours of use from a popular camera battery.


  • Well-made optic
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Several functions
  • Little sight with a reasonable price tag
  • Clear optics


  • A bit hard to turn on the scope

How to use the red dot sight for long-lasting

Like other products, you should know how to use and protect the red dot scope for a while of using.

  •    Be fully convenient with your rifles or your other weapons before matching a red dot sight with these. Thereafter, you should take time to practice a lot. By doing this, you will ensure that you can catch the best overcomes and keep safe as well.
  •    With the best red dot under 100, these are made for aim and shoot only. However, you should learn how to find the right targets.
  •    When you get more confident, you will know that improvement is welcoming you. It means that you can become a fast hunter with accurate shots. Nevertheless, you need to keep learning and practicing to see the top.
  •    A good red dot sight is the place that the rubber meets the street. This is the time to cover all targets you may have. Take lower the rifle and stay ahead on the target. Then, you should raise your rifle to aim to reduce the loss of reaching the target. Your eyes should be concentrated on the target point. The red dot will appear.

How does a red dot sight work?

Well, I think everyone knows what is a red dot sight it; especially hunters and shooters (it just an optic that put on a rifle or a gun to aim the target easier). So, I skip this part to come another to get closer to the part – how to choose the best red dot under 100.

Simply, a red dot scope is a tool to supporting you get the target that you want to. In the basic terms, these devices can work on an illusion technique well. An angled piece of glass sends back an LED screen with enough brightness settings that you will observe the dot in any light condition.

Should you use a red dot for your weapons?

If you are using a rifle, then you will need to attach a red dot sight. This will help you come closer to the target even if you are not staying there to make a shot.

Of course, there are various models and styles along with different performance points as well as costs. This makes you need to do the homework beforehand like how to choose the best red dot under 100, what happens when I take a red dot sight with low price, etc.

Is it easy to select the best red dot under 100?

Basically, you should consider some main factors such as adjustable size, reticle size, kind of firearm, the mounting room, battery, and power, etc.

Reticle and adjustable size

This scope has various reticle size and some even have adjustable size as well. Make sure to think of how much room you should have on your weapon as well how big a reticle you will need. Some products also have crosshairs too!

Please note that dots will not generate clear and sharp in a reflex sight. So, you should look at a dot with an eye only. Then, take another eye.

They will look different from an eye to another and this point also happens from users to others. Some people will find out dots are a bit fuzzy, but it is not a dangerous thing to mind. When choosing a red dot sight, do not concern about the sharpness of the reticle.

Power and batteries

Some users will miss out this point when they are in the market for a high-quality red dot sight. You may get lighted reticles without power at the black point, but you need to receive energy for a red dot sight by using batteries. Batteries also refer its quality when it comes to a red dot sight.

Additionally, you should make more backup plans to keep the lifespan of batteries. If not, everything in the batteries will be collapsed. Do not forget to turn these off when you are not in use.


The tube design red dot sight is traditional type your parents or grandfathers may see. Today, modern hunters probably buy opened designs in their journey. The materials could be aluminum, stainless steel or any kind of material to protect the layer from harsh conditions.

Bottom line

When the hunting season is coming soon, you should take into account some red dot for your rifle; especially the AR-15. By doing this, you do not lose your target and get a true season. Now, it is your turn to purchase the best red dot under 100!

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