Compare the 300 Win Mag and the 300 Ultra Mag

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It is a bit hard to choose the 300 Win Mag and 300 Ultra Mag in the Remington brand. This is because each product has its outstanding features. If you are on this brook, then this is the time to distinguish these and find out some benefits between them.

What if when you select the 300 Win Mag

Remington produced the 300 Win Mag in 1999 and this is also the first cartridge of the 30-caliber. For many years ago, this brand gratified customers with Rem. Mag, 7mm Rem. Mag, 350 Rem. Mag, 416 Rem. Mag, and so on. This is also a potential competitor of the Winchester, Weatherby, H&H, Norma, and Dakota.

In general, the 300 Win Mag is an elegant kind of standard-length cartridge like the belted 375 H&H Magnum case.  It is ideal for 30-06 length cartridges. This is a faded brim and short-action round which are suitable in the 308-length rifle actions. It also takes the vital powder volume to determine the shorter length through the further diameter body of 404 Jeffery parent case.

If you have time to look closer to the 300 magnum performance numbers, you will recognize that the Winchester’s factory loads the 300 Win Mag and puts 60 fps of snout speed with 143 f-p kinetic power.  

There is something different between in the MV from shot to shot in the similar box of ammo in many rifles. Moreover, I am pretty sure that those who play any kind of game will realize the different bullet.

How about the magnums? This is an additional comfort of recognizing that you are catching a large stuff with much oomph or not. In fact, this could not make a vast difference when you hunt deer or elk behind the shoulders.

However, it might create a strongly harder suspicion on an injured buck or marked straight at you. The 300 magnum is like the Power Core, E-Tip and AccuBond CT, so you enable to increase the perforation via the hardest muscle, hide, and bone as well.

Another reason for choosing the 300 Win Mag is its velocity. In a laser rangefinder, a trajectory curve with a ballistic reticle can help you shooting at all ranges without much hassle. If you would like to establish the great Maximum Point Blank Range system for rapid targeting at unfamiliar distances, the flatter trajectories of 30-caliber bullets is truly a worthy investment.

Mostly, the Winchester’s 300 Magnums take a large advantage for long range reach. Some shooters love a long rifle with a 24-inch barrel or a short-action one as well. It is just about their taste.

Some hunters will say that you enable to take more stuff on the slimmer 300 Win Mag into a rifle’s magazine. Some also claim that the WSM is a more effective cartridge with a burning powder in a more dense space.

If Winchester’s loads are generating like the MV, you cannot see the difference except you are a hand loader. The 300 Win Mag has not a bid deal unless you begin with your shot as it has more power than other categories.

You ought to select between the 300 Winchester magnums goes down to the weight and the length of rifle you would like. If fast actions and short range are your favorite ones, you will buy the WSM. If the 30-06 length is suitable for you, then you could stick with the 300 Win Mag.

And the 300 Ultra Mag

Unlike the 300 Win Mag, the 300 Ultra Mag is really a versatile cartridge for all shooters with their range. This is also a new version of the Remington. Therefore, it is attracting many fans on the hunting world these days.

Basically, it is bigger than their counterparts. And most Americans love larger ones. The largest improvement begins with smokeless powder in 1890 which is a development in construction, platform, and bullet materials. It is bigger volume situations you may have! Welcome to touch to the 300 Ultra Mag of the Remington.

Here are some commonplace reasons you should not miss out on this product:

For instance, you would like to have an impact on your friends. So, you should not forget to show them your 300 Ultra Mag cartridge and how it could do for the stratagem. Let them perform your rifle with the 300 Ultra Mag to feel the concept at all.

You probably love large thumpers. When shooting a 200-grain bullet at 3,185 fps, this robust magnum will support you have nearly 32 foot-pounds of free recoil power. This rate is higher than the 21 foot-pounds recoil from a 30-06 shooting of a 180-grain bullet in a specific 8-pound rifle.

Of course, you would like to take long shot and more complicated as it makes you feel stepping in the victory.

The 300 Ultra Mag can help you reach 2 inches high at 100 with 2.87 inches low at 300 and 12 inches low at 400. At 500 yards, the bullet can be dragged at 2,543 foot-pounds of power. This is much more wonderful than a 168-grain bullet from 30-06 carries at 100 yards only.

The 300 Win Mag and the 300 Ultra Mg – Which ones are better?

The fact is that each cartridge has different points with lots of advantages. The 300 Win Mag is older, but it is still versatile in your shooting hunting site.

If you want to get more experiences in the shooting range, then you could go with the 300 Win Mag and 300 Ultra Mag. It does not matter! In my opinion, this is an amazing moment you will never regret and forget about the upcoming time. So, let’s take one of them!

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