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6 Best 300 Win Mag Rifles for Hunting: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best 300 Win Mag Rifle

The .300 Winchester Magnum is one of the most popular hunting cartridges ever developed. Until now it remains a staple of hunting culture.

If you’re a part of that culture and want the best shooting experience, this article is for you.

Looking for the Best 300 Win Mag rifle that fits you? Allow us to help you decide. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced. Our goal is that after you read this, choosing will be easier than ever.

Today, let’s take a look at the best 300 Win Mag rifles on the market and make your next hunting trip or long-range shooting session a memorable one.

Best Value
Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker
Best Overall
Winchester Model 70 Super Grade
Budget Pick
Mossberg Patriot

6 Top Picks for the Best 300 Win Mag Rifle

1. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade


Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

Barrel Length: 26 inches | Cartridge Capacity: 3+1 rounds | Weight: 8.375 lbs.

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Up first is the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade bolt-action rifle. It’s the best overall choice for either hunters or target shooters when it comes to 300 win mag rifles.

This model is aesthetically pleasing with its classic walnut styling and ebony forearm tip. Its barrel and wooden parts also have their own unique finishes.

Aside from looks, this weapon is very accurate too. What makes it accurate is not only its 26-inch barrel. This rifle offers a gold mine of useful features you can use when hunting:

  • The Model 70’s hammer-forged barrel is free-floated and the MOA trigger system gives it a precise trigger pull.
  • Its steel receiver has an integral recoil lug preventing the bolt from shifting at all.
  • The stock has a solid steel piece for enhanced stability and rigidness.
  • It’s convenient how this rifle’s drilled and tapped for scope mounts so you can attach your favorite optics.
  • The Model 70’s steel receiver and controlled round feeding and extracting mechanisms make it a reliable weapon.

Despite its upsides, the Super Grade is on the pricier side and has a lower capacity.

That doesn’t understate how its quality shines, though. It strikes a great ratio between quality for its price. As for its range of use, it excels in situations it’s brought out for.

It’s a great rifle you can count on when you’re out hunting in the woods.

  • Multiple factors contribute to its accuracy
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Very high quality at just the right price
  • Limited capacity

2. Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker


Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker

Barrel Length: 26 inches | Cartridge Capacity: 3 rounds | Weight: 6.813 lbs.

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This next 300 Win Mag rifle is a rifle by Browning, a reliable brand you can count on.

The Stainless Stalker is a fairly affordable 300 Win Mag rifle and weighs only a bit under 7 pounds. This makes it the SECOND-LIGHTEST 300 win mag rifle on this list.

It has a matte finish on its stainless steel receiver and a stainless steel barrel and sports a non-glare finish on its stock.

What does that mean for you?

These touches prevent glare or reflection from giving away your location while hunting. Imagine doing things stealthily.

Pretty cool, right?

But wait! Because there’s more…

It features a feather trigger mechanism allowing you some crisp and clean trigger pulls.  The center-fed rotary magazine and soft recoil pad make every shot a little more comfortable.

All these combine to offset the Stainless Stalker’s light weight.

A light weight means LESS overall mass and more potential recoil felt. So all the above features actually help you get MORE SHOTS on target.

The Stainless Stalker is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Your favorite optics are easy to add. The magazine that’s easily detachable allows for a quicker reload.

Given all the upsides, this weapon may not shoot sub MOA out of the box. This means it’s not as accurate compared to its pricier counterparts. It doesn’t lessen its usefulness much though.

Overall, it’s one of the best 300 win mag rifles for either beginners or experienced hunters. We’d personally choose this our go-to hunting rifle too.

  • Lightweight compared to others
  • Soft, recoil-absorbing stock
  • Good choice whether you're a beginner or an experienced hunter
  • Great value for its affordable price
  • Not as accurate as pricier counterparts

3. Mossberg Patriot


Mossberg Patriot

Barrel Length: 22 inches | Cartridge Capacity: 3+1 rounds | Weight: 6.5 lbs.

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This rifle is perfect for you if you’re new to the world of 300 Win Mag rifles. It’s also the best option if you can’t afford a top-tier weapon.

For the 300 Win Mag platform, the Mossberg Patriot has a unique price point. It does minimal damage to your bank account and is about ¼ of the standard rate for a mainstream production precision rifle out of the factory.

The Mossberg Patriot is also a bolt-action rifle made with a high-quality configuration and the right magazine capacity.

Its synthetic stock makes it lightweight. This weapon is also built to be slim. Its weight of 6.5 lbs. makes it the lightest weapon on this list. It won’t be tiring to carry this around on long hunting trips which could make all the difference in your hunt!

Its 22-inch barrel also gives you an accurate shot at a long-range despite the gun’s price and lighter build.

Given the very low price point, this model has less attention to detail and lower build quality than its pricier counterparts.

  • Very inexpensive precision rifle - gives you room to spend for attachments
  • Lightest rifle listed
  • Still accurate
  • Less attention to detail
  • Lower build quality

4. Browning BAR Mark III

Browning BAR Mark III

Barrel Length: 24 inches | Cartridge Capacity: 3+1 rounds | Weight: 7.11 lbs.

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For the Browning BAR III 300 Win Mag, we’re excited to share with you that it is a semi-automatic rifle. It’s a great option for a field rifle if you’re looking for one.

It has a traditional look and a simple design. It also has a detachable magazine that makes reloading easy.

Its single-stage trigger gives it a smooth, consistent pull from start to finish.

The Browning BAR Mark III also offers something others cannot. What is it? It’s a combination of the following:

  • Fast follow-up in a traditional hunting build
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Lightweight total structure

See this gun’s specs? We bet you’re questioning the Mark III’s magazine capacity.

Honestly speaking, it’s pretty much okay. A high capacity isn’t necessary in most cases that you’re taking your best shot under controlled conditions. The same goes for its speed.

Overall, the Mark III is one of the best 300 Win Mag rifles if your biggest priority is a high magazine capacity.

  • Quick semi-auto performance
  • Easy reloading
  • Lightweight
  • Limited capacity for a semi-automatic weapon

5. Ruger Hawkeye Long Range

Ruger Hawkeye Long Range

Barrel Length: 26 inches | Cartridge Capacity: 5+1 rounds | Weight: 10.7 lbs.

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True to its name, the Ruger Hawkeye Long Range is a bolt-action target rifle made so a hunter can confidently take their game at an extended range.

Its 26-inch heavy-contour target barrel features a Ruger Precision Rifle Hybrid Muzzle Brake that allows for more accurate and stable shots for long-range shooting.

However, the Hawkeye Long-Range goes waaay beyond JUST accuracy and stability, such as:

  • Has more capacity to avoid the hassle of frequent reloading.
  • Features a two-stage adjustable target trigger for a more crisp and light trigger pull
  • Comes with a bipod to help the rifle stay put while shooting giving it increased stability
  • Finally, it has a three-position safety that’s easily accessible. This feature allows the shooter to lock the bolt or to load and unload the rifle with the safety engaged.

Given its weight, it aids in the stability of shooting from long range and indicates a sturdy build. For its purpose, the weight isn’t an issue.

The value you get from the Ruger Hawkeye, considering its price tag, makes it one of the best 300 Win Mag rifles you can find today.

  • Built for long-range accuracy
  • Good capacity
  • Very good stability while shooting
  • A bit heavy

6. Barrett Firearms MRAD

Barrett Firearms MRAD

Barrel Length: 24 to 26 inches | Cartridge Capacity: 10+1 rounds | Weight: 14.5 lbs.

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The last of the rifles on this list is the best 300 Win Mag sniper rifle on the market. We even consider it as the best of the best among the sniper rifles available. It’s pretty surprising that it isn’t also a custom production.

The Barrett Firearms MRAD is highly specialized and top-tier. So much so that it reaches a level beyond the needs of most shooters and will be the standard sniper rifle for the US Army.

Given its specifications, you know it’s not made for just hunting game. It’s mainly made for use in the following cases:

  • Long-range precision
  • Anti-personnel
  • Anti-material

It has a modular design that gives it an ease of use that’s difficult to match. It has a fit and finish that exceeds mainstream offerings. Its quality and precision are also top-of-the-line.

All that combined…where can you possibly go wrong with this accurate rifle?!

Given its purpose and overall upside, the biggest cons of this 300 win mag rifle are the ridiculous price tag and heavy weight.

  • Modular design and folding stock make it easy-to-use
  • The best in long-range precision
  • Excellent muzzle brake
  • Most expensive rifle listed
  • Heaviest rifle listed

Why the 300 Win Mag? Do You Really Need the Power of a 300 Win Mag?

If you’re hunting big game animals, the plain answer is yes. But that is if it’s not the level of dangerous hunting trips in Africa.

If you’re planning that type of hunting trip, it’s likely that you’re mandated to or you choose to bring something on the level of a .375 H&H Magnum. This round’s slightly bigger in size and much bigger in weight.

We’re straying a bit off the point here though. The main point is that the power of the .300 Win Mag can take care of any large game, within reason.

Within reason meaning it can also take care of game at more than 400 yards and even take care of any intermediate-sized game without destroying the animal. Do note though you have to make proper load changes to avoid destroying the carcass.

In short, the 300 Win Mag is a round with characteristics that make it perfect for hunting medium and large game. Aside from its power, there’s also…

The Versatility of the 300 Win Mag

The 300 Win Mag rifle is a flexible round for big game hunting.

What makes it special is it doesn’t have the trajectory degradation and lack of velocity other rounds suffer from. It’s capable of shooting a heavy grain bullet and still hitting its target without these factors.

You can even shoot big game animals with a lighter grain projectile WITHOUT DESTROYING their carcasses. It’s cool to think about the difference it brings to the hunting experience.

It’s also amazing when you think about how it comes out of the same barrel you just shot a heavy grain projectile from with the same accuracy.

There is so much opportunity to utilize what the 300 Winchester Magnum can offer.

You can use different bullets like a Sabot encased projectile at 55 grains, even shoot a bullet that’s 250 grains as well. All this while also achieving the following:

  • Decent accuracy over a long range
  • High muzzle velocity
  • High target impact velocity

All these are surprises from a gun of this size. Versatility could even be an understatement.

There’s one thing you should take note of though.

You can only enjoy the versatility of the 300 Winchester Magnum if you can handle its recoil. That’s because its recoil is about 30 to 35% more than a .30-06 rifle and more than a 12-gauge shotgun shooting heavy slugs.

If you’re not the type that needs the extreme levels of performance, you can settle for some factory loads that are available.

These guys actually reduce the recoil through a little cunning, making it easier to handle the rifle.

How is it done though? It has to do with the powder charge and the type of powder. This reduces the performance level to something pretty close to a .30-06 Springfield.

This doesn’t exactly make it bad. The .30-06 Springfield is still pretty versatile for field use against several different animal types.

Game Varieties for the 300 Win Mag

Since we’re now talking about animal types, you can expect 300 Win Mag rifles to perform well against a wide variety of animal types. It can do well up to a threshold of about 1500 to 1700-pound animals.

Here’s a shortlist of them:

  • Tough ram and sheep
  • Bighorn
  • Bears
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Other large game

Honestly speaking, the best 300 Win Mag rifle offerings can handle any large game. Now that you know how versatile this weapon can be, let’s breeze through…

The Different Types of 300 Win Mag Rifles

Since the 300 Win Mag is a diverse rifle platform, it makes sense to go through several types of guns, right?

Some of these include the following:

  • A semi-automatic rifle with a traditional hunting configuration, even higher-capacity models. There are models for uses outside of hunting too.
  • Bolt-action rifles perfect for hunting settings. A sniper rifle in the list shows it also has its place in the 300 Win Mag platform too.

To help you choose an excellent rifle that will fit your needs, let us tell you about…

What You Should Consider Before Choosing a 300 Win Mag Rifle

These are all the basic characteristics of Win Mag rifles you need to look at before making your purchase.  This will help you avoid buyer’s remorse as much as possible.

Barrel Length

Barrel Length Icon

The first thing we’d like to talk about is the barrel length. A long barrel ties in greatly with increased accuracy.

This says something given the 300 Win Mag cartridge’s overall accuracy. They’re already known to be a little more accurate than 308 Winchester rifles.

Why? Because, over distance, they maintain their projectile’s velocities thanks to their larger cartridge. Cool, right?

Considering your farthest effective range, barrel length plays a huge role in accuracy.

BUT! There is a tradeoff though.

Longer barrels mean more weight and mass. It’s no big deal, however, since longer barrels are usually better for most of your hunting and target shooting activities.


Capacity Icon

Next on this list is capacity. You should consider the capacity of your 300 Win Mag rifle before making your purchase. Your options would usually have three cartridges per magazine.

Personally, though, three is pretty low if you think about it.

There are some that push this a little further by going up to four cartridges, but this total counts the cartridge loaded into the chamber.

This should be the least of your worries though. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s a matter of convenience actually. A larger capacity allows you to take an extra shot or two before there’s any need to reload.

If you find yourself in situations where every shot counts, this makes a difference.


Materials Icon

The materials that make up any product are important in almost everything we purchase. This same principle applies to your 300 Win Mag rifle.

You’ll notice many first-rate rifles use wood for the stock or grip. It’s great for aesthetics if you like nice rifles. Looks aside though, this also helps with overall durability.

A more common build you can find would be 300 Win Mag rifles made with composite or steel materials. Stainless steel parts don’t corrode easily too which is a huge plus. These materials are great since it gives your rifle longevity, along with a durable construction.

Generally, sturdy components are always an upside when considering your purchase.


Weight Icon

Carrying a heavy weapon for long periods of time sounds like a chore doesn’t it? You could say the same for your 300 Win Mag rifle.

So to speak, chances are a heavier rifle has sturdier components or a higher capacity. Imagine lugging around heavy bolt guns and your other equipment throughout your expedition though.

That would be really tiring.

Weight comes into consideration if you’re the type that goes on hunting expeditions that goes on for many hours. A lighter option might be ideal.

If that’s not the case, a weightier rifle is fine.

Scope/Mounting Options

Scope/Mounting Options Icon

The last thing to consider would be your scope/mounting choices. Does your rifle come with a scope? Does it have any options for optical attachments?

Some rifles come with either of these two kinds of rails:

  • Weaver mounting rails
  • Picatinny mounting rails (Attach image for these two attachments later)

What do these rails do?

They pretty much make it easy for you to combine your rifle with your favorite optical attachment. These are pretty convenient. Some might have more limited mounting systems though. Choosing the right one may make a huge difference for you.

By now, you should already know the basics needed before purchasing the best 300 Win Mag rifle to fit your needs. Let’s wrap things up with our top picks and help you choose your weapon.

The Wrap-Up: Top Picks

Ultimately, these are our top picks compared to the other rifles because of the fine work they do in demonstrating the performance as a 300 Win Mag rifle.

You’ll notice too that all our choices are bolt-action rifles. That’s because they’re already perfect for hunting settings, which is what we’ll mainly use them for.

So here we go.

Best Overall: Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

Out of all the rifles we’ve gone through, we think the Winchester Super Grade stands out the most. This one pushes our buttons, but in a good way.

The sleek aesthetics that go along with its very high-quality build make it our choice for the best 300 Win Mag rifle on this list.

Its features and specs combined make it a highly accurate and reliable piece of equipment. What you get from the Winchester Super Grade will be sure to make it excel in every situation you use it for.

Best Value Option: Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker

We picked the Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker as the best value 300 Win Mag out of all the rifles since it strikes a great balance between the price and the benefits you get from it.

Aside from being lightweight, this 300 win mag rifle also combines features to compensate for the added potential recoil you feel while shooting this weapon.

It may not be as accurate compared to some but, it’s the best hunting rifle choice for practicing beginners or experienced shooters. Its range of use can vary, but it does well in most situations.

Best Budget Option: Mossberg Patriot

Not only does the Mossberg Patriot do minimal damage to your bank account, but it also gives you all the basics you look for in 300 win Mag rifles.

The Mossberg Patriot is light, accurate, and it has a high-quality configuration. You get all the functions you need for 1/4 of the price of a mainstream production rifle.

Its unbelievably low price point gives you enough room to spend money on attachments for your weapon too. If your budget is tight, this is the weapon you place your bets on.

Ready to Make Your Choice?

Glad to hear it! Many factors come into play when choosing a firearm that fits your preferences. Hopefully, we helped you pick the right one. Happy hunting!

FINAL TIP: If you’re looking for more rifle options, we also have a buying guide on 308 rifles that are perfect for hunting and target shooting.

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