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How Far Can a 30 06 Shoot Accurately and Effectively?

How Far Can a 30 06 Shoot

30-06 is a type of Springfield cartridge that all gunners know because of its high quality and light finish. It was also used popularly around the world.

In case you are not familiar…

30 stands for the bullet’s caliber or diameter (308 inches or 7.8 mm), and 06 stands for when it was adopted in 1906. It replaced 30-30 Lee Navy and 30-40 Krag. 

It is a PERFECT production of the United States, which was adopted during the war.

Since then, many innovations have improved the accuracy of the 30-06, making it a high-quality weapon.

Here is a quick guide on the distance of the 30-06 bullet and how to properly shoot one!

How Far Can a 30 06 Bullet Shoot?

30 06 firearms

Nowadays, assuming you’re using a rifle, a modern 30-06 with a grain of 150-180 has a maximum range of up to 3500 yards.

I’ve been able to use it for hunting at a maximum effective range of 500 yards, making an optimal choice for hunting large animals.

In 1906, M1906 was the examination done by 1800 yards (1650m), but it was not a totally correct statistic.

In 1918, the maximum range of 30-06 was 3300-3400 yards (3020m, 3110m. By 1926, it was much higher; its full range was 5500 yards(5030m).

However, it was used by machine guns so that the scope would be better than a firearm.

Besides being designed for use in machine guns, I’ve also adopted the 30-06 as one of my first rounds to practice with when I was a beginner.

This ammunition also can respond to the demand for more guns.

Although the number of ranges for a firearm is lower than a machine gun, it is still an admiring number. 

How far can a 30-06 shoot for the firearm?

It can do about 150-800 yards and even up to further than 1000 yards. 

Surely it will be shorter than the machine gun, but it is always an expression number, which is surprising because of the scope.

Factors That Affect Shooting Distance

Man practicing aiming

Many reasons affect the scope of 30-06, such as bullet weight, diameter or round, rifle, wind, mass, quality of the gun, and the bullet condition.

It still has different characteristics that reduce the distance of the 30-06.

And the spirit of gunners is one factor that roots directly in the maximum range of 30-06.

Usually, each ammo has a different weight because they will get different scopes.

According to ammunition production of many factories, the weight of 30-06 is from 1.7 to 14.3 grams (109.6-220.7 gr).

30-06 is the lower weight, meaning its maximum effective range will be FARTHER.

For example, a Federal-Ammo manufacturer produced many kinds of 30-06 with different weights.

Thus, you can interpret that the distance of the 30-06 depends on this factor.

Qualification of the gun also directly affects the distance. If your gun has rust, then, of course, you can’t shoot at maximum effective range.

The wind will change the purpose of your ammunition when it flies from the gun.

Ammo flies following an arc and not a straight line, so there’s a big difference when the wind is strong.

Getting Good Sight When Using a 30-06 Bullet

Here are some tips that have helped me land more accurate shots with 30-06 bullets.

I always start by practicing in flat terrain so the trajectory is as straight as possible.

The diameter and weight of the bullets can change the scope of the 30-06. LIGHTER will get you to reach a HIGHER result in the big or small game.

I also check if my firearm’s condition is good as well. You can expect better aim with better–quality guns.

In my case, that’s always been true!

It goes without saying to PRACTICE EVERYDAY, especially for long-range shooting.

Lastly, it will help if you store your weapon and ammunition in a safe environment.

Why Should You Choose a 30-06 Bullet?

This ammo is appreciated because it does NOT stop to reform day by day.

I can use 30-06 both of woodland and clear flat. It remains in its highest quality in any situation.

30-06 can shoot a thousand yards, and there are many bullet weights to choose from. 

This ammunition has the right level because it was designed for many purposes like deer hunting and long-range target shooting.

Bullets on carpet

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30 06 Bullet Manufacturers

Some big ammo manufacturers that I personally trust Winchester, Remington, Federal, and Hornady.

There is ammunition with individual calibers and purposes.

In fact, some manufacturers will even give you tutorials and recommendations when you buy.

Just be sure to find ammunition carefully and meticulously!


Nowadays, there are plenty of bullets traded in the market. Nevertheless, choosing good ammo fit to purpose is not always easy.

Thus, all of the information above will become useful to all of you whether you want to take it or not.

I expect that this article has provided all of the information you need to figure out if the 30-06 bullet is best for you.

The choice really depends on your preference, so choose wisely!

If you want to expand your options, check out this guide on the .223 bullet!

FINAL TIP: For an even better understanding of this bullet, you can also check how the 30-06 compares to the 7mm.

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