How far can a .223 bullet travel

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The .223 Remington was first launched in 1963 with the Remington model 760 pump – action rifle. And it was considered as a varmint cartridge. Then, the.223 was used in the US Military as an experimental cartridge in 1964. Like the NATO military cartridge (5.56x45mm), the .223 Remington Magnum is also commercial one. This is one of the most popular rifle cartridge with Americans, and it also highly receive appreciation. Why does the .223 Remington have the big influence like this?

There are two main types of rifles. The first category is varmint rifle which is bolt action, and they have 1 – 12 – inch rifling twist for bullets from 2.5 to 3.9gram. The second is semi – automatic rifle category which you can find in twist rates such as the 1 – 7 – inch, the 1– 8 – inch or the 1– 9 – inch. Most of people live in the US often use this category for varmint hunting, their self – defense, home defense, and for law enforcement. The semi – automatic rifle category appears in the AR – 15 and the Ruger Mini – 14.

The .223 has about 50 grain varmint bullets, so you can hunt various ones such as gophers, ground squirrels and prairie dogs in 400 yards. For larger impediment like rock chucks and ground hogs, if you shoot in 300 yards, you may not get the right target because of the higher impact velocities. However, you could hunt deer in 150 yards as the higher impact velocities are high enough to apply.

The 1 – 14 – inch is too slow for the 55 – grain bullets when you load it initially. Most barrels of the .223 has a slow rifling twist in the 1 – 12 – inch. With this rate, it is suitable with the most bullets that has 55 grains or lighter. However, some shooters recognize that the 1 – 12 – inch twist could not stabilize heavier bullets for good accuracy. Although it could not be great accuracy, twisted barrels in the .223 still has become the most popular one.

With the style of tactical bolt – action rifles, the twist rate is 1– 9 – inch. On the one hand, the twist rate of some ARs and other .223 rifles are 1 – 7 – inch. This type made for long – range and for targeting. Why do you need to realize those twist rates? Because it is extremely important to find out your own .223 Remington, and you have to know how far does a .223 bullet travel.

There is a simple rule to draw close attention. First of all, if you want to shoot in the heaviest bullet is under from 50 grains, the 1 – 12 – inch of twist is an accurate option. Secondly, you want to shoot bullets from 60 grains, you need to choose the 1 – 9 – inch of twist. The 1 – 9 – inch is a good choice to stabilize the grain bullets (from 35 to 40) in order to meet some groups and little targets. If you want to hit in long and heavy bullets, you should get the 1 – 7 – inch or the 1 – 8 – inch of twist.

There are some minor differences most people does not aware. To play deer – sized game, you need to care the twist rate. If you want to load by hands, you could stick with fast powders with burn rates between Hodgdon’s Varget and Alliant’s Reloader 7. Alliant is a new powder designed for ARs and the .223 Remington. It also called AR Comp.

In the popular modern rifle cartridges, the .223 Remington is the least expensive. Shooters can use it for higher target, especially in three gun matches or in the service rifle category. Moreover, we can use the .223 Remington as a survival rifle.

For those who are newbies and they want to learn the foundation of shooting, the .222 is the best option. For those who experience shooters, you can choose the .223 to increase the bullet’s path. With the .223 Remington, they will improve the ballistic coefficients, bullet drop, wind drift, accurate ammunition, handloads and accurate rifles. They also practice the marksmanship skills. Furthermore, other hunters also gained benefit from huge variants of the .223 Remington which have been made in many years.

You can review the table of comparing in the range of the ammunition of handgun

Caliber Weight/Type Muzzle Velocity (ft/s) Maximum Range (yards) Velocity at Impact (ft/s)
.22 Long Rifle 40 gr RN 1255 2000 300
.223 Remington 55 gr SP BT 3240 3875 545
30 – 06 Springfield 180 gr SP BT 2700 5675 800
9mm Luger 124 gr RN 1120 2400 350
45 ACP 230 gr RN 850 1800 330
44 Magnum 240 gr RN 1760 2500 350

Several shooters estimate the .223 Remington is an excellent cartridge to support in their job. The.223 Remington is one of America’s incredible cartridge. If you have only a rifle for one cartridge, you could choose the .223 Remington. You can take part in various forms of competition such as varmints and deer, etc. It is not difficult to load and shooting. However, you need to understand their rules and its limitations of the .223 Remington. On the other hand, it also depends on how you handle in the battlefield, and your gun skills. In fact, the .223 Remington can reach at 3875 yards. This is a long progress for shooters to fulfil, and it takes time to climb every step in the journey.

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