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HECS Suit Review: Does It Really Work for Hunting?

HECS Suit Review

Looking for an honest review of the HECS hunting suit? This article will discuss the hunting suit’s overall mechanism, performance, and results from actual field tests.

If you don’t know yet, the HECS hunting suit is a tool designed to defeat an animal’s 6th sense during a hunt. However, there have been many people questioning its actual performance when hunting.

Is it actually effective? We’ll provide you with a thorough explanation and investigation to help you decide if it really works and if it actually is worth your investment.

Major Features

A HECS hunting suit can be worn as an outlet or undergarment. It’s available in 2 versions – Mossy Oak Country and Realtree Xtra.

There are 10 sizes to choose from:

  • XX-Small
  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large
  • XXX-Large
  • 4X-Large
  • 5X-Large

For the detailed measurement of each size, please visit HECS Stealthscreen’s official website.

The HECS hunting suit includes pants, shirt, and a head net. The pants can cover everything from the ankle to the waist. The shirt goes from the neck to the wrists and then overlaps with the pants.

The head net goes under the hat and overlaps the shirt.

The HECS hunting suit also includes HECS stretch-fit gloves, HECS socks, and HECS hat to completely conceal you from head to toe.

You can also consider having some good hunting boots that go well with this suit.

How Does The HECS Hunting Suit Work?


Science has found that animals can pick up on minor electrical changes in their environment. Through heart race and muscle movement, humans create electrical fields that alert the animals.

When the animals get close, they can sense another living being. That’s when their other senses are alerted and they run away from you before you can approach them.

The HECS (Human Energy Concealment System) hunting suit comes in as a solution to this.

This video shows this perfectly:

You can read on progressive reloading press to learn more about this.

If you look closely at the inside of the suit, you will see an electrically conductive carbon yarn that is woven in a grid pattern. This is since the HECS hunting suit applies the Faraday Cage Principle, a concept that centers on controlling electromagnetic fields.

Thus, the HECS hunting suit can shape to block the electrical energy that is created by our body. And by blocking the electrical fields, the suit prevents you from being noticed and recognized by target animals.

Does the HECS Hunting Suit Really Work?


Does It Really Work

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The short answer is yes. But you might want to know to what extent? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of its performance below.


Majority of people who’ve used the HECS hunting suit have reported positive reviews. Some even said that wearing the suit enabled them to approach the animals closer than ever.

Even though most people were skeptical about its actual effectiveness, their doubts were soon gone the moment they wore the suit and saw impressive results while hunting.

  • The HECS hunting suit is most commonly praised for its usefulness with whitetail hunting. It makes hunting game much easier.
  • Some bow hunters who still lack skills and experience enjoy this suit because they don’t have to rely so much on the performance of the bow.
  • With this suit, there’s a higher chance of shooting accuracy.
  • HECS hunting suit also offers comfort when worn. It’s lightweight and breathable because it’s made from HECS Stealthscreen fabric. This material consists of more than 85% polyester and is machine-washable. This also makes it easy to pack for hunting trips.
  • The overall design of the suit was a big plus point for users.
  • The adjustable head cover is lightweight and comfortable, the top has cuffed neck and sleeves with a thumbhole, and the bottoms have a premium elastic waistband with an internal drawstring.


  • The price of the HECS Hunting Suit averages around $150 which may be quite expensive to some users. Hunters have the tendency to switch to other camouflage suits that offer more affordability.
  • There are also some negative reviews on the size and the thickness of the suit. Most users complained about the fitn of the shirt and some even said that the HECS hunting suit is paper thin.
  • Some negative comments about the quality and performance of the HECS hunting suit have been received as well. Though those comments were probably brought about by overly high expectations for the suit.
  • As mentioned, the HECS hunting suit prevents animals from recognizing a hunter’s presence. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the HECS hunting suit will blind the target completely.

Because of controversy on its performance, the HECS hunting suit has suffered from a great amount of skepticism. In fact, even though there are a lot of positive reviews, the handful of negative reviews on the HECS hunting suit have put people off.

As a bonus, here’s a video to help you see the HECS suit in action:

HECS Hunting Suit Field Tests

Field Tests

Many field tests can be seen on YouTube. Most of them are done with bears, deer, turkeys, geese, and even small birds.

What’s common among all of them is that the HECS hunting suit actually makes a big difference when used for hunting mid-sized game animals.

And even though there is also considerable controversy over the field test videos, there are a lot of praises for the HECS hunting suit that you can easily find on Amazon or eBay as well. It’s most effective for hunting the fields for turkeys and geese.

Can You Still Hunt Successfully Without The Suit?

Can You Still Hunt Successfully Without It

Yes, it’s still possible to hunt successfully even without the suit. If we’re being completely honest, you’ll still be able to hunt well even if you never try the HECS Hunting Suit.

This is because all that the suit does is enhance your stealth and discretion during a hunt. It won’t really completely shield you from the senses of your prey.

But what the HECS Hunting Suit does offer is added immediate concealment. Though you might not ever be able to fool the noses and ears of the animals, you can still fool their eyes.

Therefore, we still highly recommend the use of this suit because it will increase your chances of scoring game and also speed up the hunting process.


Perhaps the biggest takeaway you can get from this article is that a human’s heartbeats give out much stronger electrical signals to animals than any other organ or biological process does.

The HECS Hunting Suit is designed to make the sound of your heartbeats less noticeable to your prey. They’ll also help you blend in with the environment better.

We can therefore conclude that yes, the HECS Hunting Suit really does work well for hunting animals. A purchase will definitely be worth it!

FINAL HUNTING TIP: You can check out our Guide on Essential Hunting Gear for First-Timers to make sure you have everything you’ll need for a good hunting session.



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