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6 Best Scope Anti Cant Level Devices for the Best Accuracy

Scope Anti Cant Level

If long-range shooting is your hobby and passion, then you’re going to need the BEST and most RELIABLE anti cant devices on the market.

You are sure to never miss a target again, given the accuracy and reliability these anti-cant devices have in store for you.

Luckily for you, this article is a haven for a long-range shooter such as yourself.

Most Accurate
Flatline-Ops ACCU/LEVEL Scope Anti-Cant Device
Best Overall
US Optics Swivel Scope Anti-Cant Device
Easiest to Mount
Vortex Optics Rifle Scope Bubble Levels

6 Best Scope Anti Cant Level Devices: Full Product Reviews

We listed down the 6 best anti cant level devices on the market for your next long-range shooting sessions with your pals.

Some contain unique features, so keep your eye out for those!

1. US Optics Swivel Scope Anti-Cant Device


US Optics Swivel Scope Anti-Cant Device

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First on our best rifle scope anti-cant devices list is the US Optics Swivel Anti-Cant Device.

Overall, the US Optics Swivel is an excellent tool designed to help shooters prevent rifle cant while shooting.

This US Optics anti-cant device is suitable for long-range shots, and we would argue that it’s a necessary item for hunters!

It also has a swivel bubble level manufactured from 6061-T6 machined aluminum.

The following are the features of the US optics swivel anti-cant device:

  • Rail-mounted
  • Type III hard-anodized finish
  • Swivel bubble level

The device contains a threaded metal protective cover that folds out of the way when it’s not in use.

Before taking a shot, it is easy to view from the shooting position, and leveling the scope reticle and weapon is hassle-free. Furthermore, the anti-cant scope level device is easy to see.

Never miss targets ever again with this scope-mounted anti cant device!

  • Excellent for long-range shooting
  • Well-calibrated
  • Rifle pint device accuracy
  • The anti-cant bubble level is just right for use
  • Standard rail mounted
  • A costly anti-cant scope rifle device
  • The scope level could use some work
  • Can have a slope at times

2. Flatline-Ops ACCU/LEVEL Scope Anti-Cant Device


Flatline-Ops ACCU/LEVEL Scope Anti-Cant Device

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The Flatline-Ops ACCU/LEVEL Anti-Cant Device helps you get your lost long-range accuracy back. Never miss a target ever again!

This device is PERFECT for a serious shooter looking for a long-range shooting anti cant device for their rifle scope.

It has a diagonal clamp and dual bolt tension system, so this anti cant device is designed to take the knocks and still hold the balance.

The bubble level is positioned in an offset way, making it easy to see and understand the correction you need to make with your rifle scope.

It perfectly fits left and right-handed setups and can be installed on 25.4mm (1inch) & 30mm scope tube sizes.

  • Durable and high-visibility fluorescent black hard-anodized finish
  • Exceptional accuracy at long ranges
  • Works for left and right-handed setups
  • Expensive

3. Vortex Optics Rifle Scope Bubble Levels


Vortex Optics Rifle Scope Bubble Levels

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Another item on our list of the best rifle scope anti cant devices is the Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Levels.

If you want to achieve ultimate accuracy on every point of impact, then this rifle device is for you. Shooting is now easier given that the range shot position is in your eye line.

Just pay attention when you aim and use the bubble level to ensure your rifle stays vertical. This allows you to meet targets more accurately!

WHAT WE LOVE THE MOST: This rifle scope anti cant device will quickly mount and exceed your expectations — no time is wasted.

If you use this leveler, mounting slowly will be put to an end. This anti-cant scope ensures you that mounting is as quick as possible!

Most shooters would definitely love this since the anti cant device fitted well on their rifle scope.

It’s 100% suitable for hunting and definitely great for your shooting position!

It also comes in different scope tube sizes, so no worries about compatibility here.

  • Excellent quality
  • Provides quick mounting solutions for your rifle
  • Easy to position
  • Holds its position
  • There is a small distance between the bubble and the sidelines
  • Limited to some rifle size only
  • Screws are too large for the hardware of the rifle

4. ACD Rifle Scope Anti-Cant Device

ACD Rifle Scope Anti-Cant Device

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The ACD Rifle Scope Anti-Cant Device is another tool that is excellent for long-range shots.

The patented ACD (AntiCANT Device) is a simple miscellaneous level mounted in an aircraft-grade aluminum bezel. It can be mounted in minutes with no special tools required.

According to the Marine Corps Sniper Manual, cant compensation is essential for accurate long-range shooting:

At 1,000 yards, 6 degrees cant (visualized as 1 minute on a watch face), move the bullet to 55 inches from the aiming point.

Installed on a properly mounted scope or scope, the ACD uniquely equips the shooter to view and remove the cant with 100% safety, 100% of the time.

The ACD has been extensively tested on rifles (no weapon or scope modifications required) and withstands repeated recoil without moving or separating.

  • No modification to scope or rifle is required
  • Best scope level quality
  • Works equally well on pistols or rifles
  • Weighs less than 1/2 ounce
  • Comes with complete instructions
  • Oddball size of screws
  • The position of the rifle anti cant bubble level did not really make a difference in the shooting range

5. Lone Star Precision Rifle Scope Bubble Level Indicator

Lone Star Precision Rifle Scope Bubble Level Indicator

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Simple yet well designed — the Lonestar Precision Level Stabilizer is made of CNC-machined aluminum for the most precise shooting possible.

This rugged, high-quality aluminum scope level indicator attaches directly to your scope tube without having to remove it.

This system aids in the correction of cant error, giving you a dead-on true vertical hold! On top of that, you get a lifetime warranty offered by a proud Texas company.

This level will also indicate whether the player leans left or right, which helps you properly correct your positioning to get the most accurate shot.

  • Compatible with a 1in, 30mm, or 34mm rifle scope tube
  • Mounts quickly and easily to scopes which is great for hunting
  • Easy to maintain a perfect horizontal hold during extreme-range shooting
  • Constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Lifetime no-questions-asked warranty
  • Some have reported that this anti cant bubble level can have some defects upon arrival

6. Wheeler Engineering Anti-Cant Indicator

Wheeler Engineering Anti-Cant Indicator

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When shooting at long range, it can be difficult to keep your scope perfectly aligned. You must have a tool that can help you indicate the exact and repeatable stance of the rifle.

The Wheeler Engineering Anti-Cant Indicator is a good choice for just that!

This scope-mounted anti cant indicator comes in two sizes: 1″ and 30mm. It attaches to any scope easily and can be folded when not in use.

For mounting, it has 1/2″ lock nuts for you to secure it on a Picatinny rail, and it also has a 2″ cantilever extension with flat top rings for leveling.

With the 2″ extension, these mounts allow you to reach further distances out of range while maintaining zero reliability.

Another feature of the Wheeler Engineering Anti Cant Device is the machine indicator scope. This pointer helps the eye naturally line up the bubble level along with the help of the two lines before each shot.

On top of all that, this anti cant device has an adjustable tail light and rugged aluminum construction, making this anti-cant indicator ready for any situation.

  • Durable and constructed with 6061 aluminum
  • 6-hole ring design ensures secure clamping force
  • Features a flip-out, anti-cant indicator that can be mounted on the rear or forward ring
  • Comes with Torx screws and a Torx wrench
  • Covered by a limited lifetime warranty provided by Wheeler
  • The bubble-level arm can move up and down when in the extended position.
  • The scope level is not centered

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Rifle Scope Anti-Cant Devices

There are 6 things to look out for when buying scope anti cant devices if you want to achieve long-range accuracy with every shot.

#1 Quality

Quality icon

When you search for an anti cant device, you should probably look for one that you can shoot with either your right eye or your left eye.

Also, when you choose these devices, it’s important to consider what it is made of.

High-quality aluminum is always an excellent choice, and most, if not ALL, of the products we recommend are constructed with just that.

#2 Precision

Precision icon

In tactical shooting operations, shot accuracy is a major concern for most shooters. There are times when you miss shots and can’t seem to figure out why.

That’s why it is highly recommended to use anti-cant rifle scope gear unless you have scopes specifically made for 1000 yards+.

When you aim for high-precision targets with your scope, you’ll be able to hit the target more accurately.

The more accurate your scope-mounted anti cant devices are, the better your gun performance at long distances will be!

#3 Cost

Cost icon

The price of the scope anti cant device is always something you’ll have to consider.

HOWEVER, just because an anti cant device is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best quality you can get.

Sometimes a cheap one can be much better than an expensive one.

Don’t be blinded by the price of a certain anti cant scope device. Instead, you should pay attention to other unique traits that other rifle anti cant devices can offer!

With little research and patience, you can find the right product for you that aligns with your budget.

#4 Installation

Installation icon

When you get yourself the best rifle scope anti cant device, you’ll DEFINITELY want one that offers easy installation and mounting.

Something you may want to consider is where the bubble level is placed in relation to your vision. This is to ensure that the target is directly in sight and not blocked in any way.

As hunters or shooters, you’ll want to be ready at all times throughout your hunting session. You’ll also want to begin as soon as possible without going through tedious installation processes and adjustments.

You can’t do that if the mounting is too difficult to assemble.

A sleek, low-profile design would be a good choice to get the job done!

#5 Scope Mount

Scope mount icon

It is best to have a tilting device that attaches to the scope because it is a lot easier to use, especially over long ranges. We also recommend choosing one that easily attaches to the bezel.

Anti-cant devices that can tilt are even more convenient because you can move left and right without worrying about slipping. It helps you aim easily, too!

In general, a scope-mounted anti-cant device is BETTER than a rifle scope rail-mounted one in terms of sight alignment and ease of installation.

The only issue some shooters have with a scope-mounted anti-cant device is they can snag or brush on your clothing. This could present an issue for varmint or long-range hunters.

#6 Picatinny Rail Mounted

Picatinny rail icon

Older anti-cant devices that can mount to a rail or Picatinny stand often have a hinge mechanism so that they can rotate for use or fold up when not in use.

They’re great for ARs and other tactical rifles, and they’re easy to set up.

This type of anti-cant device can be attached to a Picatinny rail, often without removing the scope and checking its level. When the bubble level is deployed, it is below the centerline of the range, making it easy to see.

Another advantage of a foldable Picatinny rail anti-cant device is that it is less likely to get caught in something when it is pulled out.

We talk more about this in our Picatinny vs Weaver Mounts Guide.

Do I Need a Scope Anti-Cant Device?

If you are into long-range shooting and hunting, then you NEED an anti cant device or bubble leveler.

With a scope anti-cant device, you can achieve pin-point accuracy with every shot. You’ll notice that the shooting of your gun never loses its stance.

Some of the best rifle scope cant devices can help you perform well on sloped hills, rough terrain, and even flat ranges!

You can even connect them to older equipment to get back that best-in-class performance you might have lost because of any damages and faulty parts.

Anti-cant gear helps you align your shot, improve the accuracy of your rifles and scopes, and compensate for any errors you have with your stance, positioning, and aiming.

There are a lot of high-quality devices on the market, but here are the features we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you keep an eye out for:

  • Optics swivel
  • Picatinny rail
  • Low-profile design
  • Aluminum anodized finish/Type III hard-anodized finish
  • Stainless steel hardware

TAKE NOTE: Some anti-cant devices attach directly to your scope tube, while others directly attach to the rail of your rifle.

Mounting on a rail provides a sturdy connection between the rifle and the level. You can easily screw the base onto your Picatinny rail.

Mounting on a scope tube, on the other hand, won’t be as sturdy, but it is a lot more convenient to install.

What Is Cant Error/Misalignment?

Man aiming rifle

In precision shooting or during hunting, there are many factors that affect the ability of a shooter to hit a target accurately.

One of these factors is the scope cant error.

Cant error/misalignment results from not holding the rifle bore axis and the scope axis in a vertical plane.

Mounting your scope so that the vertical cell perfectly aligns with the bore is critical for optimal accuracy.

But that accuracy won’t be achieved if you tilt the rifle and scope when pulling the trigger. This is why it is important to have a good anti-cant device or bubble leveler installed on your rifle scope.

HOWEVER, there are some models that are so nonsensitive that you can cant-level nearly 3° before the bubble moves.

Be mindful of this, too, as this can affect the preciseness of the anti-cant scope level.

Why Canting Is Essential for Long Range Shooting/Hunting

Sometimes, a scoped rifle is not enough to hit your shots at long distances.

The tiniest movement in your stance or position can alter your scope’s reticle and make or break your success in hunting or shooting.

This is why a bubble level on your canted rifle is a MUST to help you hit your mark or land a critical shot.

An anti-cant scope level or bubble level attached to your scope will drastically help your aim at longer ranges.

If you want to get the BEST out of your scopes, you should look for devices with a precise scope level with viscous fluid and a vortex level to ensure the anti-cant indicator will remain stable under any circumstance.

How to Install an Anti-Cant Device Properly

Here are 3 steps to properly install your anti-cant device:

Man shooting from ground

Step 1: Ensure the Stance of the Reticle Crosshairs

Make sure that the reticle of your scope lens is at a 90-degree angle to the bore (barrel of your rifle).

This is essential from the get-go, as getting the correct reticle stance is often a trial-and-error process of shoulder to shoulder, looking through the lens, and adjusting until you get the stance right.

Step 2: Tilt Anti Cant Scope Level Prevention

During this adjustment period, you’ll likely end up overlapping the tilt with your gun’s hole.

There is a simple solution for this.

Hold your gun steady using the balancer before aligning the box to your target.

Step 3: Level the Scope Out in the Field

When you’re out on the field, you are likely to use a tree branch or a stone for support. While these surfaces may be sturdy, they are generally not leveled.

This can also cause a cant error. Look for a perfectly leveled plane of reference (it may be horizontal or vertical) and level your gun accordingly.

If you use a bipod, you might have a better chance of being level from the get-go. However, if you place the bipod on a rocky surface, you will end up not being level and needing to adjust as outlined in Step 2.

TAKE NOTE: The best way to mount a level is to place a colored string and a plumb bob downrange a short distance.

And whatever you do, make sure and check your scope’s alignment before installing and calibrating your new anti-cant device.

Final Words

Dealing with cant or tilt error is likely when shooting on rough, hilly, or sloped terrain. If the background in your line of sight is also tilted, the tendency is to tilt the rifle slightly in the same direction at the same time.

So to get good shots at these distances, you need to have excellent equipment, ammo, technique and even more technique.

The best anti cant device or a bubble level indicator is just what you need to help you from guessing the shot and hitting your mark!

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