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Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 Review: A Scope Worth Your Budget?

Simmons 8 Point 3-9x40 Review

If you want a scope with premium features without the premium price, look no further than the Simmons.

Simmons offers high-quality scopes at an AFFORDABLE price, which is a great combination to have, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Today, I’ll be covering the Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40.

Read my Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 review to learn why I think this highly acclaimed budget scope is worth all the praise it receives.

Overview of the Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40

Simmons 8 Point 3-9x40

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  • Magnification: 3x to 9x
  • Objective Diameter: 40 mm
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Eye Relief: 3.75 inches
  • MOA adjustment: 1/4

When I first held the Simmons 8 Point, I could immediately tell how tough and durable it was.

True enough, out on the field, it handled pouring rain and snow with NO problem! 

It’s even recoil-proof, which is something I can’t say about a lot of scopes.

The images I saw through this scope were CLEAR as day, thanks to the fully-coated optics. It’s almost HD quality!

It also has a fast-focus eyepiece and Truplex reticle to help with quick target acquisition.

The Simmons Truplex reticle allows for crisp and clear crosshairs no matter what!

I’d recommend the Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 for varmint shooting, target shooting, and big game hunting.

However, the scope’s dimensions may require high mounting rings.

  • Very easy cleaning and handling
  • Easy to mount
  • Truplex reticle
  • Fog proof, recoil proof, and waterproof
  • Fully coated optics
  • Wide field of view up to 100 yards
  • 1/4 MOA Sure Grip audible click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Ruggedly durable
  • Quick target acquisition
  • Affordable scope
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Doesn't come with a bag or case
  • Doesn't come with mounting rings
  • Short eye relief
  • Possibility of misaligned reticles

Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40: Complete Review

I don’t think you need to burn through your account to get a good rifle scope, and this 8 Point Scope proves just that.

This is such an affordable scope with better quality than other rifle scopes in its price range.

Read on to find out why I gave it such a positive review.

Target Acquisition – 4/5

Target Acquisition icon

This rifle scope features the Simmons 8 Point Truplex reticle, which allows for crisp crosshairs in any shooting situation.

The Truplex reticle is special as it has:

  • A crosshair that reaches all four corners of the lens
  • Crosshairs that thin out as they reach the center
  • A unique design that allows for accurate targeting with ease

You may think that the Simmons 8 Point Truplex reticle and clear glass are enough to guarantee your shot, BUT WAIT, there’s more!

The Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 utilizes the fast-focus eyepiece system, also known as the European style system. Simmons calls this the Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) system.

This system helps you QUICKLY focus the Truplex reticle quicker for positive target acquisition.

It also eliminates the need to adjust too many settings.

However, one issue I’ve encountered is that the Truplex reticle tends to get misaligned after a few adjustments.

Optics – 5/5

Optics icon

Just like all Simmons scopes, this 8 Point Scope has fully coated optics.

It also has Hydroshield coated lens for better image quality with high contrast.

As a result, my images have been outstandingly sharp and clear! I don’t have to worry about damage to the optical glass either!

As a bonus, Simmons equips them with indestructible lenses and cover caps for extra protection.

I didn’t want to lose this cap, so thank you to Simmons for attaching a durable elastic!

Adjustments – 4/5

Adjustments icon

This windage elevation adjustment system ensures that settings remain FIRM at zero.

It also eliminates any worries about having too many settings adjustments.

Each turret comes with 1/4 MOA Sure Grip audible click windage and elevation adjustments for precise adjustments to your shot.

I like being able to do multiple positive clicks with this rifle scope since it gives me more MOA freedom.

However, there can be issues with quality control as some adjustments tend to misalign the reticles.

Parallax Adjustment – 4/5

Parallax Adjustment icon

This Simmons scope has a set parallax setting of 100 yards.

Unfortunately, this sight doesn’t have a side focus or parallax adjustment feature.

It wasn’t really an issue for me as a parallax adjustment system is one of the high-end features usually only found on higher power scopes.

It is really only necessary for magnification above 8x, which isn’t quite necessary with the low magnification power on this affordable scope.

I believe that the factory set parallax setting is more than sufficient, but it’s nice to have the extra adjustment in my back pocket.

Eye Relief – 4/5

Eye Relief icon

This spotting scope offers an eye relief of 3.75 inches.

This doesn’t change regardless of the shooting range, and it’s perfect for my hunting needs.

However, this eye relief can be a little too short for some rifle users.

Durability – 5/5

Durability icon

This is one of the BEST scopes out there in terms of durability.

The Simmon 8 Point 3-9×40 scope can handle any weather and is both fog proof and waterproof.

It is also recoil-proof, so I don’t think you need to worry about any damage coming from the recoil of longer distances.

I’ve noticed it still felt brand new, even after taking it on a rough shooting session. It feels like it has the strength of a diamond!

It can remain durable no matter how much you shoot, use, or abuse it. The Simmons 8 Point Scope is really meant for the harsh conditions of hunting!

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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About Simmons

Simmons logo

Simmons Optics is an American-based company that has established itself as a leader in the optics community.

They’ve produced durable, high-quality binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and even air rifle accessories for over 30 years.

Despite being known for its high-quality products, Simmons Optics is a low-budget brand that has made itself accessible for hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

What to Look for When Buying a Rifle Scope

You can’t just buy any random scope on the market.

What do you have to look at to ensure that you’re getting the right scope to suit your needs?

Let’s find out.

#1 Magnification

I should mention magnification first. Magnification refers to how much you can multiply the naked eye’s vision.

This means that 2x magnification power would mean twice the power of the naked eye. 3x magnification power would mean thrice the power, and so on.

It is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things to look for in a rifle scope.

Magnification is defined in power level increments and is expressed as the first numbers in the rifle scope’s name.

For example, if a fixed scope has a 3×33 in its name, that means that the scope’s magnification is fixed to 3 times what the naked human eye can see.

If a variable zoom scope, on the other hand, has something like 1-5x30mm in its name, that means that the magnification of that scope ranges from 1 to 5x of what the naked human eye can see.

So, how do you know the right magnification for you?

It really depends on your personal preferences and what you’re using the scope for.

If you want to hunt moving targets at ranges below 100 yards, a 3-9x magnification would be the right fit for you.

However, for target shooters shooting at 750 yards, I suggest getting a magnification range of 5-30x.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The higher the magnification setting, the narrower the field of view. If you’re magnified 3x, for instance, then the diameter of your field of view decreases 3x.

#2 Objective Lens Size

The diameter of the lens closest to the barrel (and thus farthest from the stock) of rifle scopes is referred to as the objective lens size.

If the magnification power refers to the first numbers in the name of the rifle scope, the objective lens size is described as the number after the x.

For instance, if a scope is described as a 1-5×30 mm scope, then that scope has a 30 mm objective lens diameter.

This number determines HOW MUCH LIGHT the scope can transmit.

A LARGER objective lens can transmit MORE light and produce a brighter image.

If you want a larger objective lens, I suggest getting ready to get a heavier scope.

However, it will not exactly be lightweight on your scope compared to a smaller objective lens.

When selecting this, you must find the sweet spot between light transmission and weight.

#3 Reticle

The reticle, also known as the crosshair, marks where the bullet should go, similar to lining up a shot with iron sights.

Many reticles come with little scales or posts on the crosshairs. These marks are used to measure bullet drop compensation at larger distances.

There is a huge variety of reticles with different purposes, so how do you choose the right type of reticle? 

It really all boils down to personal preference.

Whenever I pick a reticle, I like to keep my crosshair’s thickness in mind. Its thickness directly affects your shot’s precision:

Larger reticles are easier to use in low-light shooting situations. 

However, they can be too large and cover the target at longer distances where they appear smaller. 

When this happens, I find it can be near impossible to make a good shot.

A thinner crosshair, on the other hand, while more precise (especially at longer ranges), is difficult to use in low light. 

As such, I recommend using a thinner crosshair for hunting at long ranges.

A thicker crosshair, on the other hand, could be useful in close-quarter combat or low-light situations.

#4 Lens Coating

Lens coating is the most important determinant of the light transmission right after objective lens size.

You want CLEAR, BRIGHT images when you look through the scope.

The brightness and clarity of the sight image depend on the amount of light transmitted through the lens.

It also largely depends on the amount of light reflected, which is where optical coatings come into play.

Optical coatings reduce glare and lost light due to reflection.

A general rule of thumb to keep in mind is that MORE coatings usually mean BETTER light transmission.

There are four main types of optical lens coatings:

  1. Coated Optics: At least one lens has a single anti-reflective coating layer
  2. Fully-Coated Optics: Every outer lens has a single anti-reflective coating layer
  3. Multi-Coated Optics: At least one lens has more than one layer of anti-reflective coating
  4. Fully Multi-Coated Optics: All outer lenses have more than one layer of anti-reflective coating

More coatings mean more expenses. Thus, fully coated lenses will cost more than coated lenses.

In my opinion, if you are a beginner and are on a budget, fully-coated optics is a good place to start. You still get clear images AND save money!

#5 Focal Plane

There are two focal planes: The First and the Second. The difference lies in where the reticle is located:

For a first focal plane (FFP) rifle scope, the reticle is at the front of the erector tube. 

Zooming in on the scope zooms in on the reticle, too, resulting in your reticle and target changing proportionally in size. 

This results in ACCURATE marks at all ranges.

A second focal plane (SFP) rifle scope, on the other hand, has the reticle located at the end of the erector tube (near the butt of the rifle). 

The reticle image keeps its original size no matter how much you zoom in or out. 

Just remember: First follows, second stays!

With an SFP rifle scope, the reticle is not proportional to the target and is usually most accurate when the scope is zoomed in to its maximum power.

Additionally, SFP rifle scopes are usually more expensive than FFP rifle scopes.

#6 Tube Size

Tube size directly corresponds to how you mount your scope.

The right size of mounting rings depends on the tube size of the scope. Tubes usually come in two sizes: 30 mm and 1 inch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These sizes don’t really affect the scope itself much other than internal adjustment range and mounting.

If you get a 1-inch tube, you’ll need a corresponding 1-inch mounting ring. In the same way, you’ll need a 30 mm mounting ring for a 30 mm tube.

I recommend carefully measuring your mounting ring to avoid any mistakes.

Getting the wrong mounting ring size can be disastrous if the tube doesn’t fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Simmons Scopes Hold Zero?


Simmons’s patented TrueZero windage and elevation adjustments hold zero even during heavy recoil through their unique locking mechanism system.

Just mount your scope properly, and you’re good to go!

What Is the Range of a 3-9×40 Scope?

3-9×40 scopes are best for close to medium-range shooting up to 200 yards.

When using 9x magnification on a target located 200 yards away, the target would appear as if it were just 22-25 yards away.

Is the Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 Scope Good for Hunting?


This Simmons rifle scope is recoil-proof and perfect for hunting. It’s actually great to use as an air rifle scope too!

The patented TrueZero windage and elevation adjustments on the Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 have a unique locking mechanism. This helps it keep zero in place even with heavy recoil.

This rifle scope also has easy target acquisition of the Truplex reticle and fast focus.

These features on the Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 rifle scope can even help you catch moving targets!

What Firearms Can the Simmons 8-Point Scope Be Mounted To?

The Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 scope is made specifically for the rifle user.

However, Simmons has tested it so that they can effectively market it for all firearms.

I recommend picking the right mounting system before using this Simmons scope for your rifle.

What Kind of Eyepiece System Does It Have?

Simmons uses a fast-focus eyepiece system for quicker and easier target acquisition.

This system is also known as Quick Target Acquisition (QTA).

Final Verdict: Is the Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 Riflescope Worth It?


The Simmons 8 Point 3-9×40 is a great scope with premium features that comes at such an unbeatable price.

Some of these features include fully coated optics and lens, Truplex reticle, multiple zoom settings, easy target acquisition, and a durable matte finish.

Not to mention, they are fogproof and waterproof!

Surely, the Simmons 8 Point is best suited for hunters and target shooters.

In my opinion, Simmons is quite an underrated brand that sometimes gets overlooked in favor of higher-end brands like Leupold or Vortex.

That being said, get your hands on this high-quality scope while you still can, especially if you are a beginner!

FINAL TIP: If you’re looking for more affordable options at a higher price range, you can also take a look at my guide for the Top Riflescopes Under $300.


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